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Clinic Management Software

Integrated and comprehensive system that meets the needs of practices & clinics


Why Genamet Clinic Management Software?

All Patient data saved securely and digitally

Manage Patient appointments inclinic, walk in and telephonic

Leverage machine learning to minimise charting time

Analyse your data and draw insights

Easily share digitally prescriptions with patients

Real time data on clinic financial performance

Website Build

Improve professional reputation, credibility & trustworthiness

Credible source for patients and refreshing doctors

Let patients find you easily and book appointment

Patients expect to find your practice online

Appointment Bookings

  • Appointment booking plugin for online appointment booking
  • Backend to manage walk ins, telephonic and online appointments
  • Integrate with payment gateway to collect payments
  • Customised services, time slots, fees for enhanced customer experience

Electronic Health Records

Customised charting for a better experience

Leverage machine learning to minimise charting time

Easy access to patients medical history

One screen to complete charting, prescriptions, invoicing and others


  • Secure and convenient for remote consultations
  • Appointment outside consultation haws as well
  • Collect payment online during appointment booking
  • Track patient progress for improve care outcomes

Practice Management

Financial, operational and clinical metrics

Easy triaging for better patients outcomes

User based access for a safe & secure experiences

Convenient and easy billing and invoicing feature. Digital wallet to streamline patient payments

Data Insights

  • Continuous evidence based improvement
  • Enterprise search platform for an enhanced search experience
  • Easy data display using faceted navigations
  • Draw meaningful insights from your patient data


e-prescription to eliminate paper

Seamlessly manage stocks and payables

Optimise inventory management to eliminate over/understocking

Cater to both walk-ins and outpatients

Reports and Analysis

  • Realtime clinic metrics for better decision making
  • Trend analysis for practice management
  • Data in appointments medicines prescribed and supply collections
  • Demograpic data to understand social parameters

Patient Portal

Patients take responsibility for their own care

Improve patient engagement to improve care outcomes

One place for patients to retrieve their records

Patients can upload health documents for doctors to analyse


  • Balaji
  • 9 March

Why do Hospitals need a good Hospital Management System?

  • Balaji
  • 9 March

Improving patient care by implementing a robust Hospital Management System

  • Balaji
  • 9 March

How can a Hospital Management System help in leveraging data analytics?

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