Clinic Management System

Enjoy Better Clinic Productivity and Patient Outcomes with Genamet With Genamet, managing your clinic is a breeze. Let us make things easier for you so you can provide better healthcare and improve patient outcomes! This intuitive and user-friendly software is more than just a tool to help you manage your practice. It helps ensure the success of your clinic by allowing you to build a robust online presence at no extra cost. You can create and share blogs, pictures, and videos with your patients. At the same time, your patients can easily schedule appointments online via your minisite on Genamet or your website.

What is Genamet?

Designed by doctors for doctors, the Genamet platform is created to take clinic management system to the next level. It offers versatile and straightforward management solutions to doctors and professional healthcare providers, allowing them to manage and care for new and returning patients with ease while ensuring the growth and success of their practice. Genamet promotes accurate and comprehensive documentation through intuitive and user-friendly solutions. At the same time, it allows patients to access their medical information anytime and anywhere.

Provide top-notch healthcare services anywhere and anytime

With Genamet, you can access patient data whenever and wherever you are. You can view information about your patients on all devices, whether on your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. This allows you to provide the medical assistance your patients need regardless of the time or your location. You can also communicate easily with them through video calling or chat.

Rest assured that your patient and practice data are safe. Genamet utilises sophisticated technology to keep your data safe and secured.

Streamline your practice and improve quality of care

Take the first step towards revolutionising your practice by using Genamet. With this clinical software, you can reduce your expenses since you don't have to pay for referrals.

At the same time, it boosts the competitiveness of your medical practice. You can avoid and reduce errors efficiently, thanks to Genamet's integrations with the drug database, giving you valuable information on drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-disease interactions in real-time.

How Genamet Can Help

Genamet is created specifically to make it more convenient and easier for doctors to provide and patients to receive quality health care. Here's how this revolutionary software can assist you.

Health care providers advantages

This clinic management system offers health care providers many benefits that can help you take your practice to the next level.

Digitise your practice

Genamet makes healthcare smarter and more convenient. It gives you faster and easy access to the information you want and need, such as complete patient records and histories. This enables you to make better and timelier decisions, contributing to the improvement of your patients' health and wellbeing.

Digitising your practice makes for a more efficient and organised workplace. You get to eliminate papers from your office, which not only reduces clutter but is also more cost-effective and safer to the environment.

Access the drugs database anytime

With Genamet, you can have access to the drugs database 24/7, which helps prevent you from making medication errors. It allows you to detect potential medication conflicts by ensuring that your patients are not allergic to the medicine you're prescribing. This will result in improved patient outcomes.

Quick and easy booking and management of appointments

Genamet's Provider Portal allows you to quickly and easily manage patient bookings, including recurring appointments.

Patients Benefits

Because the patients' convenience and wellbeing are essential to us, too, we make sure to design Genamet in a way that will make it easier for them to obtain the medical services and solutions they need.

When patients and healthcare providers work closely together, the best results are achieved. The software's Patient Portal promotes patient engagement, ensuring that patients will receive prompt and effective treatment. It allows them to access and manage their health records quickly and obtain the information they need.

Aside from that, they can also enjoy the following advantages:

  • Book and schedule appointments online.
  • Fill up a detailed profile that will help providers learn more about their social and family history.
  • View upcoming appointments.
  • View and print prescriptions, investigations, immunisations.
  • Access bills, receipts, and doctor summaries of previous visits.
  • Receive personalised messages, articles, and reminders from their healthcare providers.
  • Link the medical records of family members to theirs.
  • Pay their medical bills online.

Software Features

Genamet has a wide range of features that make it unique from other similar clinic management solutions available today. Here are the qualities that make it different from similar software

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Genamet's appointment and scheduling system work 24/7 to help boost the efficiency and competitiveness of your practice. It offers quick, consistent, and user-friendly support that makes it easier for both providers and patients to schedule, view, and manage appointments. When an appointment is made, the software will send a confirmation on your email address and mobile phone. It will send one to your patient, as well. If you're using a calendar app, such as Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365, Genamet will automatically update it so you won't miss any appointment. Also, it gives you the option to send custom confirmation messages to your patients' email/SMS.

EHR HIPAA Compliant

Maximising every minute you spend with your patients can help improve their condition or wellbeing. This is why you'd want to spend more time on your patients rather than on getting your patient data and office documents in proper order.

Genamet is cloud-based HIPAA-compliant software that allows you to create electronic health records of your patients, from appointments schedule and ICD-10 codes for diagnosis to treatment plans and drug information. When you can access all the information you need in just one place, you can spend more quality time with your patients.

Aside from this, this clinic management system software also lets you:

  • Scan and upload documents.
  • Access and use medical forms and templates made especially for your speciality.
  • Tag forms and templates as favourites for quick and easy access.
  • Get yourself acquainted with Genamet through the practice dashboard, which offers practice clinical data on appointments, financial data and disease drug data.

Patient Portal

As a provider, you must equip your patients with the tools they need to help them save time and better take care of themselves. This will help you win the trust of your patients, which encourages better compliance on their part. With Genamet, you can help your patients take an active role in monitoring and managing their health. Through the Patient Portal, your patients can securely access the details of their visits, medications, and consultations. They can also book their appointments and pay online for maximum convenience. Always remember that patient satisfaction doesn't end with the treatment of their medical problem. Instead, it involves their entire journey, from the moment they book their appointment to the day they visit your clinic for a follow-up appointment. By building better patient engagement, you can ensure optimum satisfaction, which can result in better patient outcomes.

Reports and Analytics Data

Genamet helps you understand your practice better. It comes with a range of reporting and analytics tools that allow you to gauge the readiness and capability of your clinic to respond to the needs of your patients.

Analyse the health of your patients

View reports on your patients' appointments, diseases break-up, use of medication, collections, receivables, and patient demographics amongst many others. These reports come in user-friendly charts and graphs that are quick and easy to understand.

Monitor the performance of your staff

It's vital to track the performance of each of your staff to ensure that your patients are only getting the best services from your clinic. Fortunately, this is something Genamet can help you with. This clinic management system has an intuitive reporting dashboard and interface that can help you determine how active and efficient each member of your staff is.

In the reports section, you can see data on providers' appointments, as well as their clinical and financial performance. You have the option to view these reports either on the system's user-friendly interface or on your mailbox, where they can be sent automatically.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Practice Management

Genamet has everything you need to ensure that your practice is being managed efficiently. Helping improve your productivity and profitability, it allows you to:

  • Search for any patient by simply entering their name, registration, or telephone number in the interface.
  • Obtain patient details anytime, anywhere, and in any device (PC, tablet, or mobile).
  • Minimise data entry and reduce clicks by choosing from a list of templates you use frequently.
  • Access clinical, financial, and appointment data in real-time.
  • Streamline patient workflows.
  • Allow your staff to print receipts, invoices, and prescriptions for your patients to save time and effort.
  • Create alerts, reminders, and to-do lists for better staff efficiency.

We are aware that each practice is unique. This is why we make sure that providers like you can easily customise Genamet to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Online Web Presence

The Internet has significantly changed the way we search and obtain information. Today, more and more patients are using search engines, such as Google and Bing, to find doctors who can help them. It has been estimated that 50% of the urban population is using the Internet to determine where they can find the healthcare services they need. Some doctors and practices rely on aggregator sites to find patients. However, while we agree that these sites can help, there are certain disadvantages to using them. For instance, aggregators could charge you exorbitant fees for every booked appointment. They also have more control over the clinics and practices that patients can see when they search for doctors online. When you stop using their services, the number of patient appointments your practice is receiving could decrease quickly.

Advantages of Online Web Presence

Fortunately, this is something you don't have to worry about with Genamet. This clinic management software offers end-to-end solutions that will give your practice a boost. In addition to the custom EHR, practice management, and appointments booking modules it offers, Genamet can also help you build a more substantial online presence.

Genamet offers a comprehensive bespoke solution to establishing and strengthening your online visibility. Through our clinic management software, you can:

  • Build a custom-made professional and search engine optimised website to give your clinic or practice more online visibility.
  • Create your web domain and content that will help you establish your unique brand identity.
  • Directly provide your patients with authentic and verified information.
  • Engage and connect with your patients so you can establish a stronger and more lasting relationship with them.
  • Share helpful, educational, interesting videos, blogs, and articles with your patients.
  • Quickly modify and update the content of your website whenever you need.

With Genamet, you can enjoy a more prominent web presence without continually spending money on aggregator site listings.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Sound clinic management is the key to a more organised and successful practice. With Genamet, you can provide better healthcare services and improve patient outcomes while making your clinic or practice more efficient and productive.

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