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Everything that Cardiologists need in clinic management software for their private practice

  • Custom forms for your practice
  • Document complaints, HPI, and family, allergy, and social history
  • Data insights that transform patient care
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Clinic Management Software for Cardiologists

Comprehensive reporting to improve clinic performance

Strong focus on clinic performance parameters such as patients, appointments, and financials

Customised to meet your needs

Build your brand presence on the web and offer custom services. Use custom forms and templates.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

All-in-one solution that minimises clicks and provides greater flexibility

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Powerful mini-website, a digital front door to your practice.

Mobile and search engine friendly mini-website. Showcase your practice and convert more visitors to clients.

Stay organised by taking control of your schedule.

Provide your clients with a simple and secure method of booking appointments. No need to call the practice.

Charting no longer needs to be stressful

Minimise clicks and maximise client face time. Focus on your client, not documentation.l

Charting made easy, simple and accurate using machine learning.

Automate your practice and deliver personalised healthcare. Gets better with tine and minimises charting time.

Engage with patients/clients anywhere. Deliver excellent practice quality, anywhere.

Offer convenience and flexibility. Integrated with the platform. Manage time better. Hassle free and secure.

Harness the power of your data to improve the health of your patients and clients.

Obtain patient and care insights using the enterprise research platform. Realtime data at your fingertips to support evidence based care and robust decision making.

Seamless patient experience for practices dispensing medication or with attached pharmacy.

Ideal for practices dispensing medication or merchandise. Manage inventory and suppliers. Robust reporting capabilities.

Recommending diet and nutrition charts made easy.

Streamline documentation relating to diet and nutrition. Provide your clients and patients with easy to understand meal plans.

Robust engagement to improve patient experience.

Patients have access to visit summaries, prescriptions and lab results for superior patient experience.

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