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Frequently asked questions

Genamet aims to be known for the unmatched value it brings to providers like you while being transparent and trustworthy. The section below should answer most of the questions that you have about Genamet. If something is unclear or you need more details, please write to us at

Subscription related FAQ’s

Will the prices charged or the contractual terms change midway through a subscription?

Genamet will make every effort to ensure that prices do not change for a period of 12 months after the commencement of a subscription. In rare cases the pricing may be revised before this period after providing you with a prior notice of 60 days. In the event of any price revision after 12 months of subscription commencement, prior notice of 30 days would be provided.

Can any of the features that you provide be made unavailable during a subscription?

A prior notice of 6 months would be provided in the event of Genamet discontinuing any material feature in the application. This notice period will not be required if the feature would cause Genamet to violate any legal / compliance requirements or is technically or commercially unviable for Genamet or poses a security risk or contravenes any intellectual property law.

Can customers use the free version of Genamet forever?

Yes, absolutely. Providers can use the free version forever.

Patient data and fees

Will Genamet return my patient data if I want?

Your patient data belongs to you and no one else. We want you to use our product because of the value it brings to you and not because it has your patient data. We would provide all your data at any time irrespective of the plan you choose.

Do I have to pay for every appointment that is booked using Genamet Appointment booking and Scheduling feature?

There are absolutely NO FEES payable to Genamet for every patient who books an appointment with you using our application. Aggregators normally charge 20-25% of the consultation fees for every patient (whether new or existing) who uses their application to find you. Patients can find you online and book a consultation using the Appointments and Booking feature in your Genamet minisite.

Who owns the patient data?

You do! Data ownership of patients vests with the doctor. We want you to use our product because of the value it brings to you and not because it has your patient data. We would provide all your data at any time irrespective of the plan you choose.

Do you use patient data to promote any pharmacy or diagnostic centre?

Data ownership of patients vests with the doctor. We want you to use our product because of the value it brings to you and not because it has your patient data. We DO NOT use your data to promote any pharmacy or diagnostic centre. If you wish, we can send bulletins, alerts and messages to your patients (charges apply).

Is the data of patients safe?

Data ownership of patients vests with the doctor. Our entire focus is on ensuring scalability, reliability and a superior user experience. All data at rest are encrypted. There are multiple levels of encryption. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches.

Getting started

Will Genamet help me in getting more patients?

Genamet gives you the ability to establish a strong online presence on your own without undue dependence on aggregators who are more interested in monetizing their database. Besides, they charge for every appointment booked using their application.

Using Genamet’s minisite patients can find you online and learn more. They can read the articles and blogs that you have written. They can also book appointments using the Genamet’s appointments and scheduling feature. Your staff can use this feature to book appointments when patients call in. Genamet therefore allows patients to find you online and book appointments without any sourcing fee being paid to aggregators.

Will Genamet help me in migrating my data to your application?

Yes, we will! Genamet will be happy to facilitate the migration of your practice data from your existing application.

Why does Genamet not allow patients to rate and review doctors?

At Genamet we believe that every doctor works in the best interest of the patients. Ratings do not necessarily reflect the competence of a doctor as many extraneous factors can impact that.

Do you boost the rankings of some doctors in your results?

We strongly believe that we should not boost the search results of doctors unlike some aggregators who do. Doctor minisites appear in search engines based on the quality of the content in their minisites. Genamet does not artificially boost the search rankings and instead focuses on fairness and transparency. Doctors should build their own brand instead of depending on aggregators.

On-going operations & Training and Support

How frequently do you update your application? Does that happen automatically?

Genamet keeps innovating all the time and bringing powerful features to the application. These compelling features are built keeping usability in mind. New features are added frequently, sometimes more than twice a month. All updates happen automatically with minimal disruption to the operations of your practice.

How fast do you resolve any issue that your customers face?

At Genamet, we thoroughly test the application before any upgrades are pushed to live. In the event of any issues that you or your staff face, please feel free to immediately get in touch with us at or give us a call at 9845699672/9986396021. We will strive to resolve your issue at the earliest.

How can my receptionist and front officer person learn to book appointments?

We are happy to train your staff and front office executives on how to book appointments and get the best from Genamet.

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