Physician Practice Management

At present, doctors operating a successful practice have to deal with the demands of a challenging environment. It is difficult to focus on patient care and also dedicate the required time for business operations. It will be appropriate to outsource the non-medical work functions – billing, administrative work, etc. to a management service organization (MSO); seeking administrative assistance would be the right approach. Such collaborations will allow the MSO to oversee the business activities of the practice, while doctors commit their time and energy on patient care. An MSO is also known as a physician practice management company (PPMC). With the Genamet system's support, doctors can practice in their clinic on their terms while also expanding their business successfully.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

A powerful appointment booking and scheduling system offer online support to doctors; with the help of the Genamet system, physicians can fill their schedule 24/7. Some of the features provided by the Genamet system are – robust, user-friendly, and immediate support to doctors and patients; due to the system, the entire appointment booking is a hassle-free process.

Now, patients can leverage the online appointment booking option; patients can also call the clinic's personnel as appropriate. After the appointment confirmation, the physician and patient will receive an email/SMS.

The Genamet system is an excellent choice for doctors to automatically change their existing calendars - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365. If doctors wish to send correct emails/SMS verifying the booking to the patients, they can do so.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

The Genamet system is appropriate for appointment bookings covering varied doctors across locations. Through a single click of the mouse, a patient gets to know the doctor's availability.

  • Doctors located out of several areas
  • A HIPAA Compliant system is an excellent choice for safeguarding patient data
  • Physicians who are not tech-savvy can also use the system
  • AI-powered system has proven capability to bolster performance while being user-friendly
  • Physicians and patients will get instant notifications

The Genamet system is appropriate for self-booking of appointments; the system also features the online booking option. Patients can complete the process without having to log into the system to verify appointments.

Health Information Technology

A health care system must be effective in treating diseases, extending human life, and boosting the community’s well-being. Using sophisticated health information technology like Genamet, doctors coordinate to deliver comprehensive patient care at a nominal price.

Hospital Management

An innovative hospital management system is beneficial for hospitals in increasing patient engagement. Genamet plans to bring a robust hospital management system to the market that fulfills a hospital’s specific requirements.

EMR HIPAA Compliant

The integrity of the medical record is vital from a compliance perspective; with the help of the Genamet EMR system, doctors can protect data while ensuring its confidentiality. Doctors must leverage comprehensive medical expertise, effectively utilize an EMR system, and evaluate patients’ health status to thrive. Doctors must continuously improve their time management skills to lessen health care expenditure and maintain patient-doctor relationships. The Genamet system design considers a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare environment; utilization of resources must be for medical necessity. A Genamet system helps physicians improve patient care. Through the Genamet EMR software, doctors can easily store multiple data in a single location – consultation schedule, drug plan, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, patient appointments scheduled, and patient-related information. Doctors can access all information on a specific screen for supporting decision making.

Salient Features of the Genamet EMR System

The AI-powered tools that are a fundamental facet of the Genamet system offer all crucial requirements. The Genamet system is useful in scanning and uploading documents; doctors can apply medical forms and templates for their practice.

  • A streamlined process for the practice
  • The system is beneficial for doctors working from a clinic
  • Doctors can oversee the complete documentation process
  • A robust dashboard

The Genamet system is also helpful in tagging forms and templates as favorites; the documentation process is beneficial. The Genamet system is convenient for physicians to retrieve patient data round the clock.

The dashboard is useful for doctors in identifying clinical information on appointments, financial facts, and drugs for diseases.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are the digital conversion of medical charts; EMRs have exact notes and specific information collected by healthcare professionals. A cloud-based Electronic Medical Record System such as Genamet caters to the requirements of doctors operating from a clinic. Genamet is easy to install in a clinic; it is an intuitive system that enables doctors to enhance their EMR efficiency. Genamet system ensures doctors accomplish their compliance objectives.

Patient Portal

The intuitive nature of the Genamet system helps physicians enhance retention and referral rates and confirm new patient visits. The Genamet system ensures patients demonstrate better engagement in their wellbeing. Patients can retrieve prescriptions, health information, physician summaries, and invoices & receipts. Using the Genamet system, patients can apply time-saving tools to enhance their wellbeing. Patients are concerned not only about their welfare but also regarding other aspects – consultation and diagnostic evaluation. In the near future, Genamet will introduce new attributes – health alerts, patient availability, information sharing via email/SMS, updates on preventive measures, and immunization/vaccination alerts; it will enhance patient outreach. Physicians will be able to provide appropriate content on each patient portal.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

  • Confirming new appointments are possible
  • Physicians will not face any difficulty in managing current appointments
  • Information on forthcoming appointments can be processed
  • Online payments feature
  • Supports the printing of investigations, prescriptions, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Information on allergies, personal information, community & family status

Reports and Analytics Data

The Genamet system is useful for physicians in reviewing essential clinical, operational, and governance parameters. It is also possible to use the reporting features to create reports. Through AI, deciphering data is viable, which will help in improving patient outcomes.

Genamet’s entire gamut of reports assists physicians in analyzing data about the clinic’s operations. Data analytics supports the delivery of excellent care outcomes for those in the community and patients confirming their appointments at the clinic.

With the help of the Genamet system, doctors can generate reports about patients’ wellbeing; an effective user interface facilitates a swift response. Using charts and graphs, doctors can evaluate information about appointments, disease types, medication, collections, receivables, and patient history.

A clinic’s owner can leverage the Genamet software to evaluate the physician’s performance about patient care. A doctor can access reports about appointments, clinical, and business results. The process of retrieving reports on the schedule from the mailbox is straightforward.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Teleconsulting/Video Consulting

The world has changed a lot for both doctors and patients alike since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Q1 2020. We have seen a lot of countries and regions impacted adversely due to the crisis. We have seen patients not being able to visit doctors and hospitals even for regular check-ups and follow-ups. The underlying fear of catching an infection means that patients are extremely hesitant to visit hospitals. Patient footfalls has fallen down as a result. Doctors have also been wary of having patients visit them in their clinics as there are chances that the patients may have the infection. Overall it has become a very difficult proposition for both patients and doctors. This is where Teleconsulting or Video Consulting has come to the rescue of the patients.

Teleconsulting has replaced the need for physical presence of patients especially where there is need for follow-up action or regular check-ups. Psychiatrists have found it very useful while attending to new as well as existing patients. Speaking on video to do a follow-up helps in patients keeping in touch with their doctors. At Genamet, Teleconsulting is done over secure video which means that the patient can talk to the doctor in confidence. Once the teleconsulting appointment is booked, the patient receives an email and SMS with the link and credentials for joining the call. The doctor has the option of re-sending the link and the credentials in case the patient has misplaced the link.

The Genamet EHR is integrated with the video consulting feature. The doctor can chart the patient treatment plan and prescribe medication even as the tele consultation is in progress. The doctor has access to all the patient records at any time. The patient can also send images to the doctor that can be uploaded as part of the consultation. After the conclusion of the session, the doctor can send the summary, treatment plan, list of investigations ordered, prescription and the receipt for the fee paid as a link over SMS and email. The patient can download and print all the documents as required. This can be especially useful where patients want to order their medication from pharmacies online. The whole process is made totally seamless and simple. The pandemic does not mean that all patient-doctor interactions have to end. Instead Genamet becomes the gateway for patients to consult their doctors without running the risk of any infection, from the comfort of their homes. The whole consultation can happen from their mobile phones or computer. Travel costs and travel time is close to nil: a huge saving for patients. Doctors can also schedule the call at a time that is mutually convenient for both doctors and patients.

Practice Management Software

Physicians will find the Genamet practice management system useful for patient identification based on registration details, contact numbers, names, etc. Since Genamet is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant system, it decreases data entry, integrates favorites, and reduces clicks by selecting from a series of regularly used encounters, drugs, and templates. Patients can use the Genamet system to make online appointment booking. Once it is confirmed, an email/SMS is sent to the patients. Healthcare professionals will not face any hurdle during customization of appointments, timings, and locations. It is not difficult to create invoices and payment receipts. Patients can observe and print invoices and receipts online. Staff at the clinic can boost effectiveness based on alerts, to-do lists, and reminders.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Doctors can customize the Genamet system for the specific requirements of their practice. Through the system, process improvement is feasible. The complete documentation process is not difficult to comprehend. Doctors can decipher patient data round the clock from any area; it helps in informed decision-making.

Clinical, business, and appointment data is accessible for doctors; it results in improved efficiency and profitability. The dashboard comprises of features such as search and drills down along with clinical, financial, and operational metrics.

  • A cloud-based HIPAA compliant software is beneficial for patients
  • Physicians can work from any area 24/7
  • Information about the schedule is immediately available
  • Doctors availability can be verified
  • Possible to make an online booking
  • Printing invoices and payment receipts are easy

Genamet supports doctors in boosting patient appointments, reducing costs, and delivering outstanding patient care. The Genamet staff portal is useful in printing receipts and invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

Online Web Presence

The healthcare domain has witnessed a paradigm transformation mainly due to advancements in telemedicine and digital technology. Patients are increasingly looking at online options for their patient care. Doctors must develop a strategy to improve their clinic’s online presence; it will increase revenue. Any feedback about the clinic will also enhance business growth.

An aggregator site will not always be beneficial to a physician. Aggregators charge excess fees from physicians for each booked appointment; they can observe patient appointment booking to a specific physician. The absence of paid listings will lead to a decrease in patients’ visits.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

The healthcare domain is making rapid progress because of app-based service delivery. Patients can communicate with doctors through smartphones from any location 24/7. Genamet is going to bring to the table an App-based health care service delivery.

For a progressive physician, it is an excellent time to get started. Please call us and book a free demo to understand how the Genamet’s system supports physicians in practice management.

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