Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are nothing but a digital translation of medical charts; EMR comprises of detailed notes and specific information collected by doctors in their clinic. EMRs have significant value compared to medical records; doctors can easily monitor data over a period, determine patients for preventive visits, assess patients, and deliver high-quality healthcare. By executing EMRs, doctors can assess every patient's condition regarding specific requirements such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings. Each patient will have a single electronic chart, which can be accessed by different clinics using EMR software.Physician practices are increasingly looking at cloud-based Electronic Medical Record Systems, which are relatively easy to implement, and provide tremendous cost-savings.

Genamet is also a cloud-based Electronic Medical Record System; its design caters to an office's diverse requirements, including enabling a doctor to optimize patient care while improving work functions. Doctors are always under pressure; effective time management will help them in improving professional excellence. Using Genamet, doctors can, without having any concern about their EMR system, concentrate more on ensuring a patient's experience throughout the care delivery is positive. Navigating the naturally dynamic Genamet system is very easy; it's a very intuitive system that helps doctors optimize their EMR productivity. Gradually, as doctors understand the system's functioning, they will be able to deliver a positive patient experience due to customized EMR solutions. Another benefit derived from using Genamet for doctors it ensures they comply with regulatory standards.

Health Information Technology

A health care system must help in treating illness, extending human life, and improving community health. Using health information technology like Genamet, physicians ensure the coordinated delivery of high-quality and cost-effective patient care within a safe environment.

Documentation and EMR System

Electronic documentation tools provide several features that improve the quality and use of clinical documentation, enhancing information sharing amongst healthcare providers. Established processes must ensure all the documentation related to the health information is accurate, applicable, absolute, reliable, and timely.

With the increasing demand for electrical medical records (EMRs), there is a growing concern that a potential loss of documentation integrity could harm patient care. The Genamet system ensures the accuracy of health records. Doctors must incorporate within their clinics, policies, and procedures that confirm billing compliance.

Sufficient documentation offers guidance for relevant management decisions and assessment of the treatment process; the data secured from the documentation is invaluable. Excellent documentation must meet a practice’s clinical and operational requirements.

In the long-run, the doctors with the optimal clinical and cost-effective care results, the most effective quality assurance outcomes, and the most significant patient satisfaction level will witness maximum referrals and hugely profitable business.

Cloud Computing Is Transforming the Progress of the Healthcare Domain

The integration of cloud computing with health care has resulted in a positive transformation; doctors can deliver outstanding and cost-effective services to their patients. The effect of cloud computing on patient care is forecasted to be more consistent in the near future. Genamet helps doctors leverage trusted and robust cloud competencies to deliver better experiences, insight, and efficient care.

Financial Benefits of EMR

By implementing Genamet's EMR system, doctors can witness a reduction in overall expenditure in their office. There will be a positive return on financial investments. Providers will achieve significant savings on drug expenses, greater efficiency in diagnostics, modified reporting of billing processes, and lesser billing inaccuracies.

Patient Satisfaction and EMR

Genamet system ensures patients can in quick time retrieve their records. As the office's efficiency increases, a doctor is in a better position to ensure continuity of patient care.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

A valid appointment booking and scheduling software offer online help to doctors; using Genamet's software can fill their schedules 24/7. One of the Genamet system's best features is that it has many customized attributes – robust, simple, and quick support to doctors and patients, making the appointment booking a convenient process. Patients will benefit immensely by making appointment bookings online; they can also speak to someone at the clinic to book an appointment. The details of the appointment would be sent to the physician and patient through email or SMS. With Genamet, doctors will not face any issue while updating their existing calendar automatically - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365. If doctors wish to, they can send specific emails/SMS, confirming any booking to the patients.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

The Genamet system facilitates appointment booking for several doctors located in diverse areas. All it takes is a single click of the mouse for a patient to understand a doctor's calendar.

  • Multiple doctors based out several locations
  • A HIPAA Compliant system ensures protection of patient data
  • Even a doctor who is averse to technology can navigate the system
  • AI-powered system enhances productivity while being user-friendly
  • Doctors and patients will receive instantaneous notifications

Patients can use the Genamet system to verify the availability of different doctors across multiple locations; they can also undertake self-booking of appointments. Online booking is viable through the Genamet system; patients need not log in to the system to make appointments.

Reports and Analytics Data

If physicians wish to observe simple clinical, operational, and governance parameters, then the Genamet system can quickly help them. Developing a wide array of reports is possible using its reporting features. AI delivers easy to interpret data and useful reports. Deciphering data will result in enhancing patient outcomes and overall performance.

Genamet’s comprehensive suite of reports is useful to physicians in observing accurate data about the clinic’s business; again, data analytics effectively facilitates positive care outcomes for the community members and patients booking appointments in the clinic. As and when required, doctors can use the inferences from data assessment to enhance clinical and financial results.

Doctors can generate specific reports about patients’ wellbeing through the Genamet system. A simple and intuitive user interface delivers swift response times. Processing of information on appointments, diseases break-up, drugs use, collections, receivables, and patient demographics through charts and graphs is possible.

For owners, the Genamet system provides support in measuring the doctor’s effectiveness; reports are also available on appointments, clinical and financial results. Accessing reports in the mailbox as per schedule is feasible.

Video Consultation

These are difficult times. The Covid 19 pandemic has hit the healthcare segment as well across the world. Patients have been reluctant to consult with doctors due to apprehensions over the risk of infection. Out-patient and clinic consultations have been impacted due to the lockdown across India where patients and doctors alike have found their mobility restricted. Doctors have also been busy fighting the virus and helping the public recover when infected with the virus. Circumventing the need for physical visit is the greatest advantage of tele medicine. Medical advice, prescription and treatment can be obtained similar to that of a physical visit. While it has been used in the case of follow ups, the current situation has made it necessary for both doctors and patients to adapt themselves and use video consultation or teleconsultations even in the case of first time visits.

Benefits for patients:

Teleconsultation is certainly better than not consulting a doctor at all in the current situation where Covid-19 takes a front seat in medical parlance, numerous patients suffer from a host of other medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure among other conditions that requires

  • No travel time. Cost and risk of infection minimized.
  • Can be scheduled at a convenient time even outside normal clinic hours.
  • Can reach specialist doctors outside the immediate vicinity.
  • Low / no waiting time leading to better patient comfort.
  • Less physical discomfort for patients.

Benefits for Providers / Doctors:

urgent medical consultation. Video consultations aid in adjusting prescriptions / dosages, exercise regimens, reordering medication in the case of regular patients besides other medical advice. Audio and video calls have become more affordable and the pandemic has accelerated the acceptance of telemedicine as the alternate solution for a physical visit.

  • Improvement in productivity as doctor practice at any convenient time.
  • Risk of infection from patients / attenders minimized.
  • Can reach patients across a very large geographical areas. literally, no boundaries.
  • Patients records are readily available.
  • Consultation fee are normally paid upfront.

Genamet offers a secure teleconsultation / video consultation feature that allows patients to consult with doctors remotely. Even after the pandemic passes, teleconsultations will be very useful to doctors as it is now more widely accepted by patients than in the past.

EMR HIPAA Compliant

Maintaining the integrity of the medical record is a crucial compliance requirement; the Genamet EMR system helps doctors in the protection of information while ensuring its confidentiality. A doctor’s professional life is extremely challenging. To succeed in delivering effective patient care, doctors have to apply diverse medical skills, productively use an EMR system, and effectively monitor a patient’s health. Time is a critical consideration for any medical professional; doctors’ consultation time impacts health care expenditure and the patient-doctor relationship. Based on the understanding of the bigger picture, Genamet system design takes into consideration that resources must be judiciously used only for medical necessity; using the Genamet system, doctors can spend more time in comprehensive patient care. With Genamet EMR software, doctors will be able to store various data in one place – treatment plans, and drug information, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, patient appointments schedule, and information about each patient. It will be feasible to view all information on a single screen.

Salient Features of the Genamet EMR System

The AI-powered tools incorporated in the Genamet system offer necessities; documents can be scanned and uploaded. Medical forms and templates are also available, which can be used by doctors in their clinic.

  • Developing a practically sound work process for the clinic
  • The system design takes into consideration the requirements of a doctor working in a clinic
  • Medical practitioners can handle the complete documentation process
  • A user-friendly dashboard

The Genamet system is also helpful to doctors in tagging forms and templates as favorites; the entire documentation process is simple. Doctors can monitor patient information round the clock across locations based on the Genamet system.

The dashboard helps doctors in identifying clinical data on appointments, financial information, and medication for illnesses.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Online Web Presence

The path-breaking achievements in telemedicine and digital technology have radically modified the healthcare domain. Patients are increasingly looking at online options for their healthcare. Doctors must sustain an active online presence to continue in business; they must bolster their clinic's presence and secure new patients. Through the distribution of appropriate medical data online, physicians can improve their clinic's brand image; positive reviews about the physician/clinic also increase business growth. Physicians can play a crucial role in negating any demerit of misinformation/fake news through accurate, evidence-based information by using social media avenues.

Doctors generally trust aggregator sites and are convinced that listing their clinic on these sites will result in better patient visits; it is not necessarily true. Aggregators demand exorbitant fees from physicians for a specific booked appointment, and they also oversee the patient visits to a concerned doctor. Without the presence of paid listings, physicians will have to cope up with a gradual decrease in patients appointments.

Genamet's application solutions suite is a useful option for physicians to construct their clinic's robust online presence; doctors can grow professionally and increase their profitability. Therefore, Genamet recommends doctors to strategize their Web presence cost-effectively, which will improve retention and referrals.

Patient Portal

With Genamet’s patient portal, patients can monitor their health records and be empowered to be accountable for their complete wellbeing. There is a correlation between patient engagement and compliance results. Patients are cautious about any information leak. Through Genamet, patients can retrieve information on visits to the clinics, medicines prescribed for an illness, and research. Another advantage of Genamet is that the appointment booking procedure is simplified. Genamet system also offers the online payment option; patients can handle invoices/receipts through the system. If patients wish to, they can use the Genamet system to make suitable changes to their health condition, social & family background, and other associated information. Thus, doctors can have greater control over their workload and manage resources effectively.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

In any profession, learning is a continuous process, particularly in a knowledge-based domain such as healthcare; doctors must assess their efforts in maintaining patient-relationships. In other words, from a medical standpoint, if a clinic needs to secure more patients, the doctor must deliver effective patient care, resulting in patient satisfaction. Again, retention and referral rates also have a bearing on business growth and revenue increase. One of the critical benefits of Genamet from a patient’s perspective is that system is extremely intuitive; using the system, doctors can ensure patients become committed stakeholders in the patient care process. Genamet helps patients have a more significant say in their wellbeing; they can monitor medical information, drug prescriptions, invoices & receipts, and physician summaries. Modifying information about patients’ backgrounds and demographics online is more convenient via Genamet.

  • Verification of any new appointments by physicians is feasible
  • It will be easier to handle existing appointments precisely
  • Any information on forthcoming appointments can be viewed
  • If required, online payments for appointments through the system is also possible
  • Possible to view and print prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Altering data about allergy, personal information, social & family history as appropriate

Patients must learn to use time-saving tools to improve their wellbeing; Genamet supports them in this initiative. Trust is a sensitive issue; it also has an impact on the communication between patient and doctor. Greater patient engagement also improves trust. Patient care is not only to do with the treatment of a disease; but with various facets – consultation, diagnosis, test results, follow-ups, etc.

Very soon, Genamet will also add new features – reminders on health, patient confirmation, and information sharing through email/SMS, preventive reminders, and immunization/vaccination alerts; patient outreach will improve in the long-run. Physicians can offer customized content for diverse patients at the earliest. Accessing the system, patients can respond to questionnaires and handle customized education.

Hospital Management

There is enough evidence to confirm that a properly developed hospital management system is beneficial for hospitals; they can deliver a positive patient experience. Genamet is looking at options for a comprehensive hospital management system, catering to a hospital’s unique needs.

Practice Management Software

If doctors want to identify the particular patient using information such as registration number, contact details, individual’s name, it is possible through Genamet practice management software. Genamet being cloud-based HIPAA compliant software allows physicians to lessen data entry, include favorites, and decrease clicks by selecting from a list of customarily utilized encounters, drugs, and templates. If patients want to complete online appointment bookings through Genamet, it is feasible. Patients can also interact with the clinic personnel if needed; a confirmation email/SMS will be sent to the patients. Physicians will not face any problem during the customization of appointments, timings, and places. Patients will encounter a hassle-free appointment booking process; physicians can quickly generate invoices and payment receipts. Patients can retrieve invoices & payment receipts online for viewing and printing. Through alerts, to-do lists, and reminders, staff can improve productivity.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Genamet’s design factors in the requirement of every doctor; it is possible to customize Genamet for a clinic’s particular needs. The objective of the system is to enhance the efficiency of the process. Genamet is innovative software that streamlines documentation and supports the access of patient data around the clock, from diverse locations. Physicians can make informed-decision through data interpretation.

  • It is beneficial to the patients since it is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant software
  • Physicians can function from any areas at any time
  • It would be possible to access real-time information about the schedule
  • Verifying details about the availability is possible
  • The system also provides online booking option
  • It is possible to handle invoices and payment receipts through the system

Physicians can access real-time clinical, financial, and appointments about data, creating an overall improvement in efficiency and an increase in profitability. The dashboard is useful in incorporating features such as search and drills down and clinical, financial, and operational metrics. Genamet helps medical professionals in increasing consultations, reduce costs, and deliver outstanding patient care. The administrative department can use Genamet’s staff portal for printing receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

Currently, App-based service delivery is transforming the healthcare sector; patients can easily interact with physicians via smartphones from different areas, 24/7. Genamet is contemplating the launch of an App-based health care service delivery that would be available to its customers at the earliest.

For any innovative medical professional, this would be the best time to get started. Please get in touch with us to book a free demo and find out for yourself how Genamet’s EMR system is shaping the delivery of the positive patient experience. As a doctor you can do your bit for India by using Genamet which is developed in India by Indians and has no Chinese or foreign investment.

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