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Clinic Management Software

Get visibility and manage your practice with our cloud-based, customizable clinic management software. Spend more time with patients and less time on charting using our machine learning driven charting tool.

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How can Genamet Clinic Management Software help your practice?

Get all you need to run your clinic efficiently

Easily manage appointments, chart effortlessly and smoothly manage patient interactions.

Engage patients at every interaction. Spend less time on charting.

Our unique machine learning application improves the quality of medical documentation. It learns as you chart.

Leave nothing to chance. Let your data drive your decisions

All aspects of patient data available for you to improve medical quality and patient care outcomes.

The Genamet Clinic Management Software Advantage

All-in-one Clinic Management Software on the cloud that allows online appointment booking, easy charting and much more – everything customised for your Practice

Genamet Platform

Integrated solution for your Practice. Nothing extra for add-ons

Showcase your Practice

Help patients find you easily. Build a powerful digital presence

Patient Engagement

Start accepting appointments immediately. Patients get the convenience of a Patient Portal

Easy Set-up

Getting started is very easy. Four steps and you are all set

Scales up on-the-go

Data is securely stored on high availability AWS cloud servers


Our team will work with you on getting the best out of our solution

End-to-end Clinic Management

Give your undivided attention to your patients. Leave the rest to our solution

Customisable to meet your needs

Ability to customize application as per your needs. One size does not fit all

We will build your website to give your Digital Presence a BOOST

Your website is the gateway for patients and clients to reach you. A powerful website is essential for practitioners. We design, build, and maintain websites that are mobile responsive, and SEO optimised. The website is built on a powerful content management system that is secure, reliable, and scalable. We manage your website content updating as well at no extra cost. All these at a very nominal monthly cost.

  • Patients and clients can easily find you
  • Mobile responsive & SEO optimised website
  • Integrated with Genamet Clinic Management Software for an end-to-end experience
  • Reduce dependence on aggregators and listing sites
  • Free mini website that complements your website.
  • Maximise conversions – appointments booking software handles online, walk-in and phone appointments

Please email if you would like to discuss further or just select a package below and place an order.

Build to Suit

We are happy to customize Genamet to meet your specific needs. No matter how complex (or simple) your requirement is, we are happy to collaborate with you to build it on Genamet exclusively for you. Some examples of bespoke development include incorporation of payment gateways, integrating IOT devices, ability to manage health packages and discount coupons, integration with specific Lab Information Management Systems, adding your specialty related questionnaires and of course building a website among others

  • Tailored to meet your business needs
  • Bespoke feature development
  • End-to-end responsibility for development
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Competitive pricing

Please email if you would like to discus further.