Everything to make your practice operations efficient

Improve operational, clinical, and financial parameters through real time data

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Everything to make your practice operations efficient

Consultation timeline

Review snapshot of patient previous visit history

Consult other specialists

Refer patient clinical details to colleagues and seek their opinion

Fast and convenient billing

Easy, flexible, and accurate billing options to improve patient satisfaction

Digital wallet for an improved payment experience

Manage transactions electronically in a secure manner. Streamline patient payments and speed up the checkout process

User based access to system privileges

Ensures adequate controls and patient privacy


Some Questions Answered

Providers can easily search for patients using name or registration number or telephone number. Read More
Providers can readily access real time clinical, financial and appointments related practice data setting the stage for gains in productivity & profitability and better patient outcomes. Read More
Providers, staff and patients can book appointments. Read More
A snapshot of the previous visit history of a patient is available to the provider. To see how it looks, click here.

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