Medical Records Management

At present, in a doctor’s clinic, paper records are making way for electronic records and the accompanying efficiencies they can deliver. Medical records management is the aspect of records management that connects to the functioning of a healthcare practice. It is the domain responsible for managing records across their lifecycle from development, receipt, maintenance, and delivery. Medical records management is an upcoming field; it comprises everything about a clinic and a patient, including, but not restricted to, a patient’s background, clinical results, diagnostic test outcomes, patient improvement, and medications..

Doctors gradually prefer cloud-based Electronic Medical Record Systems, such as the Genamet system, which is easy to use and cost-effective. The Genamet system supports a doctor’s various requirements, including optimization of patient care and productivity improvement. De-stressing through effective time management will enable doctors to enhance professional excellence. With the assistance of Genamet, doctors can focus on their practice without worrying about their EHR system. Using a dynamic Genamet system is relatively simple; once doctors get used to the intricacies of the system and its functionality, they can offer comprehensive healthcare because of specific EHR solutions. Genamet ensures physicians achieve their compliance goals.

Health Information Technology

A health care system’s focus must be on curing illness, prolonging human life, and enhancing society’s health. With the aid of an advanced health information technology such as Genamet, healthcare professionals collaborate to offer excellent patient care at a nominal price.

Documentation and EHR System

Electronic documentation tools are vital to enhance the quality and use of clinical documentation, improving information sharing amongst physicians. A doctor practicing in a clinic must be responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness, and timeliness of the health information incorporated in the documentation.

As electronic health records (EHRs) increase, there is an opinion amongst healthcare stakeholders that any loss of documentation integrity might impact patient care effectiveness. The Genamet system supports the correctness of health records. At the same time, doctors must ensure billing compliance.

Data available for analysis through the documentation is beneficial; documentation must cater to a practice’s clinical and operational needs. Only if physicians achieve optimal clinical outcomes, adhere to quality standards, and deliver a positive patient experience can they expect higher referrals and improve profits.

Economic Advantages of EHR

Doctors practicing in a clinic can achieve their cost control goals through Genamet’s EHR system; the system guarantees positive returns on investments. Physicians can save on medication expenditures, reduce diagnostics errors, streamline billing processes reporting, and decrease billing issues.

A Positive Patient Experience and EHR

Through the Genamet system, patients access records instantaneously. Once doctors improve their practice productivity, they can focus on delivering high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

Patient Portal

The Genamet patient portal is useful for patients accessing their health records; using the system, patients display greater accountability for their overall health. Patient engagement and compliance outcomes are interconnected. Patients are wary about the data leak. The Genamet system is appropriate for patients to access information on consultations, drug prescriptions, and investigations. The appointment booking process provided by the Genamet system is user-friendly. Besides the online payment option available with the Genamet system, patients can also manage invoices/receipts. Patients can access the Genamet system to alter their health status, social & family background. Healthcare professionals can manage their time better and use resources judiciously. Physicians must demonstrate a deep commitment to maintaining patient-relationships. For future business, a practice must provide excellent patient care, which would improve patient outcomes. Retention and referral rates also impact business and profits.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

An intuitive system such as Genamet helps doctors in convincing patients to demonstrate more commitment in their wellbeing. Patients can review medical data, prescriptions, invoices & receipts, and doctors’ summaries. Making changes to patient backgrounds and demographics online is more accessible through Genamet.

  • Authorizing new appointments by doctors
  • Possible to handle current appointments
  • Future appointment information can be accessed
  • Online payments for appointments is viable
  • It is feasible to view and print prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Changes to data regarding allergy, personal details, social and family background is feasible

Patients should get an insight into utilizing time-saving tools for having a positive patient experience; Genamet is the idle system for this. Trust is the underlying factor for a positive patient-doctor relationship. Patients are not only anxious about the treatment plan but other aspects – appointment confirmation, diagnosis, test outcomes, follow-ups, etc.

Genamet considers the addition of new features - health updates, patient availability, and information processing via email/SMS, preventive check-ups, and immunization/vaccination alerts; it will have a good impact on patient outreach. Doctors can provide specific content for different patients. Tapping the system, patients can complete questionnaires and manage customized education.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

An appointment booking and scheduling software like Genamet supports doctors in filling their schedules round the clock. The Genamet system offers personalized features – diligent, user-friendly, and swift support to physicians and patients’, ensuring the appointment booking is a simple process. For patients, online booking of appointments is possible. Alternatively, they can correspond with the staff at the clinic. Doctors and patients will be informed about the appointment via email or SMS. Using Genamet, physicians can automatically update their existing calendars automatically - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365. Healthcare professionals will be able to send detailed emails/SMS verifying any booking to the patients.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

Appointment bookings for many physicians across multiple locations are possible through the Genamet software. A click of the mouse is all it takes for a patient to monitor a physician’s calendar.

With the Genamet system, patients can initiate self-booking of appointments. The Genamet system supports online booking. At the same time, patients’ do not have to log into the system for making appointments.

  • Physicians based out of many areas
  • Protection of patient data is better through a HIPAA Compliant system
  • Doctors who are not comfortable with technology can also use the system comfortably
  • AI-powered system bolsters the effectiveness
  • Healthcare professionals and patients will get immediate notifications

One big advantage is that your practice would remain unaffected even if the front office assistant reported sick or failed to report. Your dependence is minimized!

Practice Management Software

For a doctor, identifying patients through information like registration number, contact number, name, etc. is feasible with the help of the Genamet practice management system. A cloud-based HIPAA compliant system such as Genamet enables doctors to reduce data entry, incorporate favorites, and lessen clicks by choosing from a list of routinely used encounters, drugs, and templates. The Genamet system also offers the online appointment booking option to patients. Upon confirmation, patients receive an email/SMS. Doctors can enjoy a hassle-free personalization of appointments, timings, and locations; they can easily create invoices and payment receipts. Patients can also view and print invoices & receipts online. The personnel at the clinic can enhance productivity based on alerts, to-do lists, and reminders.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Genamet has been designed to suit each doctor; hence, personalizing the Genamet system for a practice’s specific requirement is not difficult. Process efficiency improvement is the key, and the system supports it. The entire documentation process is easy to understand. Patient data can be interpreted by doctors 24/7 from any location for informed-decision making.

  • Patients can derive value from a cloud-based HIPAA compliant software
  • Doctors can operate from any location round the clock
  • Instantaneous information about the schedule is available
  • Information regarding the availability can be validated
  • Online booking option is present
  • The system supports the printing of invoices and payment receipts

Clinical, commercial, and appointments related data can be retrieved by doctors, ensuring a productivity improvement, and better profitability. The dashboard consists of attributes like search and drills down along with clinical, financial, and operational metrics. Genamet assists physicians in increasing patient visits, decreasing costs, and offering excellent patient care. The Genamet staff portal supports the printing of receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

Teleconsulting or Video Consulting

Why teleconsulting will change the way doctors practice?

Teleconsulting is not a new phenomenon. Consultation over the phone has always been within the realm of practice in the past. This has always been used when doctors have sought to treat patients in distant and remote corners of India. The advent of inexpensive cell phones and the internet has certainly made this more acceptable from both the patient’s and doctor’s perspectives.

Teleconsulting at Genamet

Genamet offers an easy-to-use, intuitive and robust teleconsulting feature that doctors can use to reach out to patients. Teleconsulting has a number of advantages for both doctors and patients.

How does teleconsulting help doctors?

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the way doctors treat patients. Successive lockdowns have ensured that patients cannot travel to doctors clinics simply because they were not allowed to use any kind of transport. There is also a huge fear factor due to which patients are very apprehensive about going to a hospital or clinic. They fear getting infected at the clinic as there might be patients that are affected by the virus. While doctors have been taking maximum precautions to keep any chance of infection at bay, patients are simply fearful. Some of the best practices that doctors use include:

  • Insisting that there is no overcrowding at the clinic. Genamet facilitates this because only one appointment for a timeslot can be booked from the frontend at any time. Doctors may choose to allow some buffer time to sterilize the clinic after every patient visit.
  • The temperature of every patient and attendant is checked upon entry to the clinic. Patients running temperature are referred to a fever hospital.
  • Allowing only one attendant along with the patient to minimize risk of infection.
  • Hand sanitizers are kept in the clinic to ensure that patients sanitize their hands.
  • Entry to the clinic is permitted only with masks. Insist on mask covering both the nose and the mouth.
  • Sanitizing and sterilizing the clinic after every patient is attended to.
  • Patient/attendant are encouraged to not touch any unwanted surface in the clinic.

While risk of infection is minimized due to teleconsulting, there are other major benefits too for doctors while adopting teleconsulting/video consulting. Patients from the immediate geographical vicinity are definitely a yes, however teleconsulting also allows for patients outside the immediate vicinity to also consult. There are no geographical barriers. Doctors can continue to treat their patients even when either or both are abroad. Time is also a consideration as video-consulting can be done even outside normal clinic working hours. Integrating online bookings with a payment gateway ensures that a fee is also collected upfront rather than later. Receivables can thus kept minimum. At Genamet, doctors can document the case notes and carry out charting in the EHR even as they conduct the video consulting. We have integrated the charting with email and SMS. Patients can instantaneously obtain their prescriptions and doctor summary via an email and SMS. It is all so easy that we expect video consulting to remain popular even after the end of the pandemic. The dependence on a printer or front office assistant is not there, truly paperless.

Advantages for Patients

Patients also benefit tremendously due to video consulting. They do not have to undergo the hassle of travelling in crowded traffic to reach the doctor for consultation. It is cheaper and saves a lot of time in these times when both time and money are premium attributes. Patients can also rest assured that there is no chance of infection. They can receive their prescriptions over email and SMS - which helps a lot as patients can purchase their medication immediately. There is no need to fax or scan. They can book appointments at a time that is most suitable for them. Regular follow-up is also easily possible. Patients who need to regularly consult with their doctors find video consulting a boon. A second opinion or a consultation with a doctor in a different location becomes easy and comfortable. Patients can photograph their wounds or condition and send them to the doctor who can upload there images during the charting process. While video consulting cannot replace face-to-face consultation, it is certainly the next best thing for patients to consult their doctors.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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EHR HIPAA Complaint

The integrity of the medical records is critical from a compliance perspective. The Genamet EHR system is an excellent option for physicians to safeguard information while ensuring its confidentiality. Being a physician is not easy; doctors must apply varied medical expertise, optimally manage an EHR system, and continuously review a patient’s health to increase patient visits.

Time management is critical for a successful practice; there exits a correlation between doctors’ availability with medical expenses & the patient-doctor relationship. The Genamet system has been designed based on a holistic perspective of the healthcare domain; optimal use of resources is necessary for medical necessity.

Genamet software allows doctors to deliver outstanding patient care. Through the Genamet EHR system, physicians can maintain various data in one place – consultation schedule, prescription plan, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, patient visits, and patient information. The Genamet system allows doctors to review all the information from one screen.

The AI-powered tools that are an integral aspect of the Genamet system offer all mandatory requirements; it is easy to scan and upload documents. Physicians can access medical forms and templates for their practice.

The Genamet software assists doctors in tagging forms and templates as favorites. Healthcare professionals can access patient data at any time and from any location by using the Genamet system. Through the dashboard, physicians can confirm clinical data on appointments, commercial information, and drugs for diseases.

Salient Features of the Genamet EMR System

  • Establishing a progressive process for the clinic
  • The system has been designed to suit the requirements of a physician practicing in a clinic
  • Doctors can manage the overall documentation process
  • An easy to use dashboard

Online Web Presence

The healthcare sector has undergone a significant transformation due to progress in telemedicine and digital technology. Patients are more comfortable with online options for their patient care. Only if doctors are successful in bolstering the clinic’s online presence would they be able to generate more business. By distributing relevant medical information online, doctors can boost the clinic’s brand visibility. Useful feedback about the practice also improves business growth. An aggregator site need not always deliver positive results for a doctor. Aggregators charge high fees from doctors for every booked appointment, and they can view any patient appointment booking to a given doctor. Non-availability of paid listings will result in a reduction in patients’ visits.

Reports and Analytics Data

The Genamet system helps doctors to view basic clinical, operational, and governance parameters. Report generation through the reporting features is also viable. AI is useful in interpreting data and reports for improving patient results.

Genamet’s vast array of reports helps doctors in reviewing data about the practice. Data analytics is useful in delivering effective care results for members of society and patients visiting the clinic. Physicians can use the conclusion from data evaluation to improve clinical and commercial outcomes.

Using the Genamet system, physicians can create reports about patients’ health; a user-friendly and smart user interface ensures a quick response. Analyzing information on appointments, illness patterns, medication, collections, receivables, and patient history based on charts and graphs is feasible.

For an owner of a clinic, the Genamet software helps to review the doctor’s effectiveness regarding patient care; reports on appointments, clinical, and business outcomes are available. It is possible to access reports on the schedule from the mailbox.

Hospital Management

An effective hospital management system enables hospitals to boost patient engagement. Genamet will be bringing out an innovative hospital management system that would suit a hospital’s unique needs.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

The health care sector is changing drastically due to app-based service delivery. Patients can get in touch with physicians using their smartphones from any location around the clock. Genamet will launch an App-based health care service delivery that will be available to the customers at the earliest.

For a forward-thinking doctor, there cannot be a better time to get started. Kindly give us a call and book a free demo to get a first-hand experience on how the Genamet’s system supports effective medical records management. Genamet is 100% Indian owned and there is no Chinese investment. All patient and doctor data resides in servers within India.

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