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Medical Records Management

Many healthcare organizations are now turning to electronic records rather than paper records as this approach improves their operational efficiency. Efficient medical records management ensures that healthcare companies can run smoothly. Today, electronic medical records play an important role in treating patients, and maintaining and keeping track of their wellbeing.

The healthcare records management system covers everything from clinics to doctors. For patients, it includes their personal background, clinical and diagnostic results, medications, and even any signs of improvement. 

Genamet software helps: 

Providers (Doctors)

Doctors can now see the benefit of using Genamet and they are reaping the rewards. Genamet is cloud-based electronic medical records software and many healthcare organizations prefer it because it is both user-friendly and cost-effective. In fact, it satisfies every doctor’s requirements, including optimizing patient care and improving productivity.

The Genamet software enables users to practise effective time management. As a result, doctors can focus on providing high-quality patient care with an EHR system that supports them.  

Genamet offers functional but easy-to-use features. The records management system ensures that physicians can comply with the current regulations. It has specific EHR solutions that will enable medical organizations to provide the most appropriate and comprehensive healthcare possible.   


The Genamet system will simplify a clinic’s medical records management and improve the doctors’ productivity. With more available time, they will be able to focus on providing high-quality patient care at an even lower cost. This will in turn result in patients having positive experiences with their doctor and healthcare organization. 

Software Features

A clinic’s healthcare system should focus on:

  • Curing illnesses
  • Prolonging human life
  • Enhancing society’s health

By utilising Genamet’s advanced health information technology, doctors can offer better patient care at a nominal price.

Genamet also offers a medical records management feature that will enhance:

  • The quality and use of clinical documentation
  • Information sharing among physicians and staff

Furthermore, Genamet’s management solution will improve the accuracy, relevance, completeness and timeliness of clinical documentation.

Healthcare providers are well aware that the loss of documentation can impair the delivery of excellent patient care. With this in mind, the Genamet system helps clinics maintain the accuracy of their medical and billing records.

Of course, running an EHR system requires significant financial resources. The Genamet software helps doctors and clinics keep their operational costs down and achieve positive investment returns. Medical organizations and healthcare practitioners will enjoy:

  • Savings on medication expenditure
  • A reduction in diagnostic errors
  • A streamlined billing process
  • Fewer billing issues

We also offer other significant benefits to both clinics and doctors, including the following features.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

The Genamet software offers more than an effective medical records management system. It also provides an excellent booking and scheduling tool which will ensure that a doctor’s diary is always full. As an added bonus, doctors and clinics can even personalize this feature. This user-friendly service includes reliable customer support to both physicians and patients. Simplicity is the main advantage of Genamet’s appointment booking process.

Patients can book appointments online but also with the clinic staff. Once booked, doctors and patients will receive an appointment confirmation via email, SMS or both.

Physicians can also use online calendars such as Office 365, Outlook, iCloud and Google to keep track of their appointments. The Genamet software can automatically update these calendars for you and this will make it easier for you to send email and SMS booking confirmations to your patients.

Our system also enables clinics to manage appointments with multiple physicians who work in various locations. Patients will just need to click on a link to check their doctor’s availability.

Genamet makes it easy for patients to set their own appointment schedule. Even if a patient wants to make an online booking, there will be no need for them to log in.

EHR HIPAA-Compliant

Every healthcare organization and practitioner needs to ensure that their medical records management system complies with both local and national regulations. The Genamet EHR system is the perfect tool for safeguarding information and ensuring its confidentiality. 

All physicians should have a secure EHR system that they can access 24/7 so they can provide patients with their medical expertise. 

With Genamet’s stringent security protocols, you can store all your data in one place, including:

  • Appointment and booking schedules
  • Prescriptions and drug plans
  • ICD-10 codes
  • Patient information and diagnoses

Our software uses a powerful AI feature which ensures that you will meet all the necessary regulatory requirements. Physicians can also access their electronic medical forms and templates. Once the documents have been finalised, users will be able to quickly scan and upload them.

With Genamet, healthcare organizations can assure patients that their electronic health records are secured and confidential. Remember, trust is critical in the economic survival of any company. 

Patient Portal

The Genamet system incorporates a Patient Portal which gives easy access to authorized users. Healthcare organizations that allow patients to access their own electronic medical records promote a sense of transparency. Patients are also bestowed with a sense of accountability in terms of monitoring their own health conditions. As many patients worry about potential data leaks, providing access to their health records can help reassure them about the security of your electronic system.

The Genamet software also allows patients to check other personal information, such as:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Doctor consultations
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Diagnoses and investigations

Patients will be able to see their online payment options, including their invoices and receipts. They can also use the system to update their information when necessary, including their health status, and social and family background. With its time-saving features, the Genamet system also enables healthcare professionals to better manage their diaries. In addition, doctors can provide specific content to their patients through the use of appropriate questionnaires.

Practice Management Software

By using Genamet’s medical records management feature, doctors will be able to identify patients through various details, such as their:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Registration number

Genamet is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant system that enables doctors to:

  • Reduce the number of data entries
  • Incorporate their favourite operations
  • Reduce the number of mouse clicks

This is made possible by choosing from a list of frequently used encounters, drugs and templates. 

Doctors can personalize the software according to their specific practice and requirements. Moreover, the system’s documentation process is easy to understand. Meanwhile, patient information is accessible 24/7 from any location, thus enabling doctors to make quick but well-informed decisions.

The ease of access to patient data also provides clinics with improved productivity and enhanced profitability. The dashboard includes attributes such as search functions with clinical, financial and operational metrics. With Genamet, physicians can increase the number of patients and offer excellent care at an affordable cost. Clinic staff can also use the software to generate and print invoices and prescriptions for patients. 

Reports and Analytics Data

The Genamet system enables doctors and healthcare organizations to view important clinical and operational data and generate reports. The software also includes an AI feature that can help users interpret the data in order to improve patients’ health.

Genamet has a vast collection of reports that can help doctors with their data reviews. Our software also uses powerful data analytics that can help deliver meaningful results to patients. Physicians can then come to a well-informed conclusion based on the system’s data evaluation.

The Genamet system has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It provides a quick response whenever physicians need to create reports about their patients’ health and wellbeing. Through the use of charts and graphs, our software helps:

  • Doctors analyze information based on patient history, illness patterns and medications
  • Clinics assess financial and other data from appointment schedules, collections and receivables

Healthcare organizations and clinic owners can use the Genamet system to review and assess a doctor’s performance in relation to patient care. You can also check and use any data that can help improve your clinic’s administrative and financial operations. The software can send this information to your mailbox on a regular basis.

Online Web Presence

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has had to evolve quickly. Doctors and patients are now able to meet virtually through telemedicine and teleconsultations. More and more patients are choosing the online option. Offering this service will enhance a doctor’s online presence so they can attract more patients and increase the revenue stream for their clinic.

You can also distribute relevant medical information online, which will reinforce your clinic’s online presence. Furthermore, patients can send useful feedback to help improve a doctor’s practise and the clinic’s operations.

Doctors and clinics often use aggregator sites in the hope of attracting more patients. However, this strategy may not deliver the desired results. Aggregators can charge a high fee for every booked appointment. Furthermore, they may be able to view confidential details whenever a patient makes an appointment. Once you stop paying for the listings, your clinic may notice a reduction in the number of patients.  

About Teleconsulting

In India, teleconsulting and telephone consultations are hardly a new phenomenon. Many Indian doctors use the telephone to treat patients who live in remote locations. However, the growing popularity of cellphones and the internet has made teleconsultations acceptable in both urban and rural settings.

The Genamet software offers a teleconsulting feature that is both user-friendly and intuitive. It enables doctors to reach out to patients quickly and conveniently.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, teleconsulting has become an accepted way of treating patients. For example, travel restrictions may prevent some patients from going to see the doctor in person while others may feel apprehensive about entering a clinic or hospital environment. There is also a risk of infection whenever one visits a healthcare facility, especially those which admit COVID-19 cases. Although doctors and healthcare organizations are taking every precaution possible, this may not be enough to dispel the fear felt by some patients.     

With teleconsulting, you eliminate the fear and the risk of infection. There are also other benefits. Doctors can see and treat patients regardless of their geographical location. This widens the reach of clinics and healthcare practitioners. Teleconsulting and video appointments are also possible after regular working hours. 

The Genamet software integrates remote consultations with a patient’s online booking process. In addition, the system incorporates a payment gateway that will ensure the prompt payment of fees, thereby keeping your receivables to a minimum. 

Furthermore, doctors will be able to document their case notes and charts simultaneously with their video consultations. They can send/receive the charts and other notes via email and SMS. Patients can also receive real-time prescriptions and a doctor’s summary by the same method. 

Even after the epidemic, video consulting will still be a popular option for patients. They will see it as a convenient alternative compared to the hassle of having to travel in heavy traffic and large crowds. Many patients will choose an online consultation because it saves time, money and effort. On top of these primary considerations, the chance of infection is nil.     

Patients can even send images of a wound or a particular health problem. The doctors will then upload these photos for examination and charting purposes. It is also now easier for patients to obtain a second opinion or a consultation with another doctor. While video consulting cannot replace a face-to-face meeting, it is certainly the next best thing.


Genamet is available in four (3) pricing tiers:

Genamet Professional Plan

Professional Plan

₹1,200 per month

/Doctor/month billed monthly
  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Standard minisite
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited appointments/month
  • Drug-allergy-food interactions
  • Rs 1,200/month for every additional doctor
Genamet Professional Plan

Premium Plan

₹ 1,400 per month

/Doctor/month billed monthly
  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Minisite with multiple pages
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited appointments/month
  • Drug-allergy-food interactions
  • Rs 1,200/month for every additional doctor
Genamet Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan


  • More then 5 staff accounts
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unilmited sms
  • Unlimited appointments/month
  • Suitable for clinics with multiple doctors with different specialisations
  • New website design and development
  • Drug-allergy-food interactions

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