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Hospital Management System

Scalable, reliable, customisable, comprehensive and integrated covering all aspects of hospital operations

Why Genamet Hospital Management System?

Transform quality of patient

care by streamlining processes

Adapt to changing patient

expectations with the ability to customise

Improve transparency

by tracking every single detail

Digitally transform the

hospital from appointment booking to discharge

Boost patient value with

patient centred and value-based care

Maximise efficiency by

tracking every patient touchpoint

Appointment Booking

Integrate with Website & Instagram

page supports multiple locations

Customise services for each

Provider ensure optimal time utilisation

Offer “pay now” or “pay later”

options accept payments online easily and securely


Reduce patient no-shows

SMS and email reminder alerts 

Patients can book appointments

anytime display real-time availability of Providers

Inpatient Management

  • Integrated patient centred care from admission to discharge
  • Maximise bed turnaround by reducing time to discharge
  • Improve staff morale and motivation through intuitive and easy user interface
  • Powerful user-based access to information for better controls and patient privacy
  • Manage clinical records effectively to reduce medication & adverse interactions errors

Outpatient Management

One stop solution from patient

 registration to physician consultation & billing

Integrates seamlessly  

with teleconsulting to address needs of patients remotely

Effectively manage outpatient

charting using standard and custom forms

Better and timely consultation

through Instant access to patient medical data

Integrates with Pharmacy, Lab

and Radiology seamless information flow for timely care

Charting and Documenting

  • Charting using standard & custom forms to fit each Provider’s workflow
  • Providers can easily access records of patient’s clinical and medical history
  • Minimise multiple clicks & multiple screens to reduce non-value-added time
  • Spend more time with patients with efficient medical charting
  • Machine learning driven documentation to reduce charting time drastically

Pharma and Laboratory

Dispensing and billing made easy  

bill directly from e-prescriptions

Manage costs and improve

customer experience with pharmacy specific features

Lab and Radiology integrates

seamlessly with walk-ins, outpatients, and inpatients

Manage stocks, payables &

receivables across multiple store locations

Integrated sales billing with

walk-in, OP & IP to improves experience across touchpoints

Data Analytics

  • Deep insights on performance to drive better patient outcomes and metrics
  • Focus on operational efficiency through centralised administration
  • Reduce costs and improve hospital KPI’s with real-time insights into key data
  • Drive improvements in Practice processes by tracking data across critical touchpoints
  • Staffing and capacity planning made easy with insights from data analytics


  • Balaji
  • 9 March

Why do Hospitals need a good Hospital Management System?

  • Balaji
  • 9 March

Improving patient care by implementing a robust Hospital Management System

  • Balaji
  • 9 March

How can a Hospital Management System help in leveraging data analytics?

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