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Powerful features to support every step of the patient journey in clinics and hospitals

Website creation

Secure, responsive website for patients to reach you.

A powerful, personalized website that runs on a powerful content management platform so we maintain and keep your site updated. Read more

We build great, personalized, secure , responsive and SEO optimized websites to ensure your mobile visitors get a visually and functionally pleasing experience. We offer free HTTPS certificates for sites hosted on our platform and automatic renewal of certificates. You do not have to worry about your certificates expiring again.
Your website can be setup in more than one language so patients can connect with you in the language that they are comfortable with. This also helps with SEO as users can find pages from your website when they match the language of their search. This provides a better audience connect.
Using our powerful Content Management System, we keep your website alive with your relevant, updated content long after it goes live. You can update the content on your website easily or just send it across to us so you can focus on what really matters to you!
Part of what makes Genamet flexible is its extensibility. You can seamlessly integrate Genamet’s “Book Appointment” functionality into your website and help patients connect with you anytime, anywhere.
Genamet takes great pride in being as secure as possible. Your website will be powered by a CMS that is based on the ASP.NET Core framework which has a host of security features !

Appointment Booking

Manage your schedule independently integrated automatically with your website.

Create services and manage your availability. Send automated booking notifications and reminders. Read more

Our powerful, customizable Appointment booking application allows you to set up and manage consultation times, services offered, fees for single/multiple doctors across single/multiple locations. You can manage doctor and location information , update “Time-off” to block availability whenever needed – all changes will be reflected on your website immediately.
You can manage your online, phone and walk-in appointments seamlessly using our Appointment Booking application. You can also “overlap” appointments, so there are multiple appointments during a timeslot.
You can send as many text or email reminders, so patients do not miss appointments. Text and email alerts are sent to doctors when patients book / cancel their appointments and when they arrive at the clinic.
Patients can check doctor’s availability and make bookings online anytime, anywhere through the website without having to call the clinic.
Seamless payment gateway integration can be implemented so payment could be collected either before or after the consultation. This can be self configured and managed, so payment could be collected before consultation for Teleconsultation appointments and after consultation for in-clinic appointments.


Secure video consultation that seamlessly integrates with your practice.

Chart and save your patient’s health records even during consultation. Read more

Our Powerful safe and secure Teleconsultation feature is seamlessly integrated with our platform so patients can book appointments online through your website or call up the clinic to book an appointment. Consult with your patients anytime, anywhere through your mobile or laptop
Your patients can book an appointment online or send an appointment request so consultation can be done outside the timeslots available
Seamless payment gateway integration that allows you to collect your fees before consultation for Teleconsultations.
You can chart , update and save the health record of a patient even during Teleconsultation.

Electronic Health Records

Save your patient’s records in the format you choose.

Securely save and retrieve your patient’s records anytime, anywhere. Read more

With our intuitive, powerful, and easy to use charting feature you can record and save health care records of your patients easily. You can select the template of your choice from our list of predefined templates to suit all specializations. If you want to use your own template, we are happy to design custom templates for you.
You can view any record of the past visit of patients. This includes treatment plans, prescriptions, investigations, clinical notes, and billing information. You can save charting time by copying the clinical notes from the past visit of the patient.
A Machine learning tool comes bundled with your charting tool and learns as you chart. It helps you cut down on charting time as it recommends investigations, diagnosis and prescription based on the symptoms recorded. By searching and analysing your past clinical notes where there are similar symptoms, it lists all the matching records that you could refer
Clinical notes which includes prescriptions, investigations, invoices and bills can be printed and also shared over email or text. You could also keep the notes private or share it with the front office. Private notes will only be visible to you.

Data Insights

Draw intelligence from your health care records.

Map patient’s profiles to understand patterns and trends from your case notes. Full text search using a powerful search engine that can quickly search thousands of records. Read more

With our easy to use, powerful insights feature you can get invaluable information to analyse trends based on aggregation of patient data records.
You can gather information that you need based using our powerful Faceted Search to refine data. Through Fuzzy Matching, Autocomplete, Synonym based searches on your keyword, we help you search all your electronic health records and patient data .
You can even deep dive and drill down to a specific visit. Improve patient care by studying trends of similar conditions. Analysis of the impact of medications and investigations can also be done using our powerful Insights feature

Pharmacy Management

Seamlessly Integrated with Clinic Management Software.

Provides inventory management, supplier module, billing – for walkins, outpatients and in-patients. Read more

E-prescribing made easy. Seamlessly integrates with your Practice Management system, so drug availability is visible to the provider. Prescriptions can be viewed instantaneously in the Pharmacy portal.
Customizable, user friendly modules for Supplier Management, Purchase Orders, Inventory management, Payables and Receivables with a User-friendly dashboard. Can be integrated with bar code applications.
Metrics can be tracked in real time through stock availability report, sales and VAT reports.
A user-friendly dashboard provides highlights on sales, trends, and payments. Reports provide alerts regarding expiring inventory and low availability stocks.

Patient Portal

Improve patient engagement.

Records of all visits can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Patients can securely upload reports that become visible to the doctor instantaneously. Read more

Your patients can access all their records here – this includes their diagnosis, prescriptions, billing information, medical certificates and investigations information of all their visits by logging into their portal. They can also upload their reports through the patient portal, and all uploads are visible to the provider.
Patients can manage their profile and update their health status in the patient portal. All updates are visible to the provider. This provides a smooth experience and improves transparency.
Patients can book their appointments easily through the patient portal.

Practice Management

Manage clinic operations easily.

Add staff to your team as it grows, securely share clinical notes within your clinic, manage services and billing easily. Read more

Our powerful, user-friendly application provides you with real-time data on appointments, clinical parameters like medications prescribed and projected revenue anytime, anywhere
You can manage your online, phone and walk-in appointments seamlessly using our Appointment Booking application. You can also “overlap” appointments, so there are multiple appointments during a timeslot.
Patient history details are saved so you could view the snapshot of all the visits even before a consultation. This covers trends of vitals, co-morbidities, case summary notes, diagnosis, investigation reports etc.
You can refer case notes of a patient with other doctors in your clinic, whenever you need to seek their opinion. Patient case notes will become accessible other doctors during patient consultation.
Our powerful, flexible and easy-to-use application enables convenient billing that minimizes errors and also allows you to add additional service and discounts, whenever needed . Your clinic address, signature and logo are automatically added to the header of your prescriptions, invoices and receipts.

Reports & Analytics

View real-time data and trends of patients, appointments, and prescriptions.

You can analyze the data from your appointments, clinical notes and patient profiles that are made searchable through the powerful search engine. Read more

Our application provides you with trends and breakup of appointments by source and booking agent
You can understand the distribution of patients by gender, age, smoking history, alcohol intake etc.
You can view a graphical snapshot of the drugs and diagnosis over a selected period.

Inpatient Admissions

Easy patient admission

Update patient profiles , view bed & room availability and manage billing. Read more

Access to real time bed availability information helps your administrative staff allocate beds as soon as they are ready, improving bed usage and reducing patients wait time.
Access to real time billing information helps your administrative staff speed up the billing process reducing patient’s discharge time.
Seamless integration with Provider , Pathology, Radiology, Pharmacy and Nutrition modules. Doctor’s can recommend patient for admission through their portal. Patients can then be admitted by the Admission Manager through their portal and become inpatients. As inpatients, their details are available to the Duty Doctor.

Radiology Management

Inpatient and Outpatient queues managed smoothly.

Upload test results and billing is added to Statement of Accounts. Read more

Tests ordered by providers for both outpatients and inpatients are automatically added to the queue to be processed. These are seamlessly integrated with the billing module, dramatically improving patient and provider experience and efficiency.
Ability to provide integration with 3rd party providers
Tests that are ordered by Providers can be viewed in the Radiology Portal. Reports uploaded from the Portal become available to the providers for inpatients and outpatients.
When test reports are uploaded, billing information is automatically updated into the Statement of Accounts for inpatients, thus improving accuracy, transparency and reducing errors.

Billing & Invoicing

Customized , transparent and integrated billing application.

Real time billing updates from Consultation fees, Radiology, Pathology, Investigation, Pharmacy modules reduces patient wait time and improves efficiency. Read more

Billing of walk-ins, outpatients & inpatients through seamless integration of Provider, Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy portals etc. improves transparency, efficiency and reduces chances of errors.
Doctor profiles can be configured easily along with their services and rates, availability, signature, logo etc. The information provided is used for billing purposes.
Services, room and bed rates can be configured easily, and this information is used while generating Statement of Accounts. Itemized discounts can be provided.
Referral information is captured during admission, and the powerful user management process provides role-based access to users.

Patient Registration

Quick patient registration process .

Supports walk-ins and on-line patient bookings. Read more

One time collection of patient information. A unique MRN number generated for each patient allows access to all the patient’s records anytime.
Appointments can be booked for walk-ins. A Booking calendar provides real time information about doctor’s availability to the staff. This provides information about wait times and improves patient experience.
Information collected and saved is accessible at any time, providing secure and role-based access to patient’s records. Doctors have complete access to all health records of patients (including their prior outpatient records) , thus improving patient care.

Patient Charting

Maintain clinical notes of in-patients.

Secure role-based access to patient records and medical history. Read more

With our powerful, flexible and easy to use templates that can be customized to your requirement, you can dramatically reduce your charting time. We have forms for multiple specializations to choose from.
If you have a form that you are comfortable with, we are happy to create a personalized one for you. View data of all the previous visits of the patient.
Our case sheet provides you with the ability to update your case notes, add prescriptions, diagnosis, suggest tests that can be picked up by Radiology, Pathology . You can also view reports and recommend patients for discharge through your portal. Case sheet summary provides a snapshot and log of all the updates to the patient’s records that can be used for analysis .
Secure access to enable doctors to view patient’s case sheet, refer and add clinical notes. Clean user interface that allows doctors to recommend blood tests, lab investigations and view all the patient reports in one place.
Doctors can recommend a patient for admission through the Provider Portal, they can be admitted through the Admission portal, once they are admitted they are listed as Inpatients and accessible for viewing in the Duty Doctor/Nurses portal. Tests that are recommended by the doctors are accessible to the Radiology and Pathology Portal. Billing related information is updated into the Statement of Accounts which is accessed by the Admin Manager during Discharge.


Inpatient and Outpatient/walk-in queues managed smoothly.

Upload test results and billing is added to Statement of Accounts. Support for 3rd Party LIMS integration. Read more

Convenient ordering for walk-ins, outpatients and in patients. Integration between the different portals ensure transparency and minimize chances of errors and confusion.
We are happy to integrate with 3rd party LIMS so requests can be sent to them, and we receive the reports that are available to the provider.
Requirements from walk-ins, outpatients and in-patients are handled seamlessly so there is clarity and transparency. Wait times are reduced sharply. Integration with provider portals ensure smooth and error-free information flow, requests from providers are available in the dashboard of the Lab portal and reports are available in the case sheet of the patient for the provider to view.
Statement of Accounts is updated on a real time basis when billing is done in the Lab portal.

Outpatient Consultation

Improve patient experience.

Manage walk-ins, online booking for consultations and provide transparency through booking calendar. Read more

End to end functionalities that include Appointment booking, Provider consultation and Billing are all integrated. This provides a better patient experience.
We provide support to handle multiple doctors in different specializations and in different locations. We provide support to walk-ins, out-patient and in-patient consultations.
Our easy to use, customizable, and flexible application allows the doctor to follow any style that they prefer to record data. We understand every doctor is unique and they would like to follow their own style. We are happy to build forms to suit the requirement of any doctor. Doctor’s can change their template anytime they want.
Doctors can refer to the old records of patients anytime. Data is saved automatically and the health records are visible to the doctor for reference at any point of time.
Integration with Pharmacy, Lab and Radiology modules helps in reducing wait times and minimizing errors.


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