Electronic Health Record System

An Electronic Health Record System enables the amalgamation of a clinic's electronic health records; doctors using an EHR system will find it easier to monitor the progress of effective patient care. In other words, an EHR system is a digital version of a patient's paper chart. EHRs are real-time patient-oriented records that ensure information is available instantaneously and securely to approved users. An EHR system must go beyond primary clinical data accumulated in a doctor's clinic and consist of a broader view of a patient's care. EHRs are a crucial aspect of health IT.

Genamet is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record System; it optimizes patient care and improves workflows; its design is in line with clinics' specific requirements. The benefit of using an EHR system is that doctors will be able to spend more time on patient care than get anxious about their EHR. Genamet is easy to navigate; an efficient doctor will optimize the EHR productivity since the intuitive and user-friendly software is naturally dynamic. As a result, in the long-term, once doctors get used to Genamet, they will derive higher job satisfaction through personalized EHR solutions. Genamet also ensures doctors comply with regulatory requirements.

Health Information Technology

A health care system assists in curing diseases, extending lifespan, and improving society's well-being. Through health information technology such as Genamet, medical professionals can coordinate to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and safer patient care.

Documentation and EHR System

Electronic documentation tools provide several features that improve the quality and use of clinical documentation, enhancing information sharing amongst healthcare providers. Established processes must ensure all the documentation related to the health information is accurate, applicable, absolute, reliable, and timely.

With the continuous progress of electronic health records (EHRs), there is an increasing concern that a probable loss of documentation integrity could compromise patient care. Genamet system supports the correctness of health records. Doctors must also ensure that their clinics have established policies and procedures that ensure billing compliance.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Genamet's appointment booking and scheduling software are prominent for extending online assistance to doctors, operating 24/7 to fill their schedules. Genamet system has several customized features – dependable, user-friendly, and swift assistance to physicians and patients during the appointment booking process. A significant benefit for patients is that they can easily make appointment bookings online; alternatively, they can call the clinic to schedule an appointment if required. After scheduling an appointment, the doctor and the patient will receive a confirmation through email or SMS. Again, doctors will be able to update the current calendar automatically - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365 by Genamet; it becomes easier for doctors to deliver specific confirmation emails/SMS to patients.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

With Genamet, overseeing appointments across multiple areas and doctors is a simple process; instead of going through a tedious process, just one click of the mouse will enable a patient to access the doctor’s calendar.

  • Multiple locations and various doctors
  • HIPAA Compliant system – safeguards patient data
  • The system is not complicated to handle (It can be easily navigated even by a non-tech savvy doctor)
  • AI-powered system has a significant positive impact on usability and efficiency
  • It will be feasible to send an instantaneous notification to doctors and patients

Through the Genamet system, patients can, within no time, confirm the availability of many doctors across different locations; the system also supports the self-booking of appointments by patients. Online booking option is also available in the Genamet system; it would be possible for patients to book appointments without logging into the system.


It has become very important for doctors to have a good telemedicine feature that is secure and easy for patients to use. Since the call happens remotely it is important that doctors to obtain the payment from patients before the teleconsultation. Genamet offers the ability for patients to book teleconsultation appointments online in addition to providing doctors with the ability to collect the consultation fee when the appointment is being booked. This offers a new and growing avenue for doctors. Integration of teleconsultation appointments with the appointments booking process and the payment gateway is a feature that doctors should look at. They can literally beat the pandemic!

EHR HIPAA Compliant

One of the advantages of the Genamet EHR system is that doctors will be able to maintain the integrity of the medical records; physicians will now find it easier to protect information confidentiality. A doctor's work schedule is hectic; success in delivering comprehensive patient care needs a complete array of medical expertise, optimal usage of an EHR system, and accurate data about a patient's health. A doctor's availability has a significant bearing on health care costs and is a critical factor in the patient-doctor relationship. At Genamet, we understand the big picture and know that resources must be optimally used only for absolute medical necessity. Hence, the Genamet system design focuses on supporting doctors in dedicating their time to comprehensive patient care.

Salient Features of the Genamet EHR System

Using Genamet EHR software, doctors will be able to store various data in one place – treatment plans, and drug information, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, patient appointments schedule, and information about each patient. It will be feasible to view all information on a single screen.

Genamet's AI-powered wide array of tools delivers mandatory requirements expeditiously, and most practically, it is feasible for doctors to scan and upload documents swiftly. Doctors can also make use of medical forms and templates for their clinic.

  • Establishing a feasible workflow for the practice
  • The system has been designed for a doctor practicing in a clinic
  • Doctors can quickly complete the documentation process
  • An astute dashboard

With the Genamet system's help, doctors can easily tag forms and templates as favorites; it would be possible to complete the overall documentation without wasting any time. Physicians can access patient data 24/7 across different places using the Genamet system.

Through the dashboard, doctors will be able to retrieve clinical data on appointments, financial information, and drug data about any disease.

Hospital Management

Detailed hospital management software helps hospitals to improve patient care and achieve a positive patient experience. Genamet will launch a comprehensive hospital management system that would be in line with a hospital’s diverse requirements.

Patient Portal

Genamet’s patient portal helps manage personal health records; doctors can empower their patients to have an active role in their overall wellbeing. If patients have greater involvement in their health, it will result in better compliance outcomes. Genamet allows patients to safely access information about their consultations, medications, and investigations. Genamet simplifies the appointment booking process for patients; they can also make payments online and easily retrieve invoices/receipts. Another benefit of Genamet is that patients can make appropriate modifications to their health status, social & family history, and other personal information, which only results in better time management for a doctor. Doctors must introspect and ask themselves if they are doing enough to sustain patient-relationships? There is enough evidence from a medical perspective to suggest that a positive patient experience does play a significant role in attracting new patients. Also, better retention and referral rates will help clinics in business expansion and revenue growth.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

Genamet is an intuitive system; doctors will be able to make patients a faithful stakeholder in the complete treatment process, which can only result in positive patient outcomes. By using Genamet over a more extended period, patients will be able to demonstrate genuine concern in their wellbeing; they can retrieve medical records, prescriptions, invoices & receipts, and doctor summaries. The process of updating information concerning history and demographics online becomes more accessible through Genamet.

By using Genamet over a more extended period, patients will be able to demonstrate genuine concern in their wellbeing; they can retrieve medical records, prescriptions, invoices & receipts, and doctor summaries. The process of updating information concerning history and demographics online becomes more accessible through Genamet.

  • Doctors will be able to confirm new appointments
  • The present appointments can be managed with accuracy
  • Future appointments information can be accessed
  • The system also supports Online payments for appointments
  • It will become easier to view and print prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Any information connected to allergy, contact details, and social & family history can be changed as appropriate

Using the Genamet system, patients can improve their overall health because they can access time-saving tools. A positive patient-doctor relationship hinges on trust; as patients engage actively, their trust also enhances. A patient’s medical journey is not only to do with the treatment of a medical issue but also with other aspects - appointment booking, diagnostic tests follow-up visits, etc.

In the near-future, Genamet plans to offer several other features – health reminders, patient identification, and messaging them specific information via email/SMS, preventive reminders, and immunization/vaccination alerts; as a result, patient outreach would become more efficient. Doctors will be able to offer personalized content on each patient portal soon; the system will support patients in finishing questionnaires and access customized education.

Plans & Pricing

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Reports and Analytics Data

Through Genamet dashboards, doctors can easily view basic clinical, operational, and management performance parameters; its unique reporting features support the creation of customized reports. AI produces real-time data and provides tailor-made reports. Data assessment has a positive impact on patient results while also improving effectiveness and productivity.

With the support of Genamet's broad spectrum of reports, doctors can access insightful data on the clinic's performance; in-depth data analytics supports in directing better care results across the population over and above the patients consulting in the clinic. Physicians can apply the findings of data analysis to improve clinical and financial results.

By using Genamet, doctors can develop reports about patients' health. The user interface is not only intuitive but also user friendly with quick response times. Multiple reports - appointments, diseases break-up, drugs use, collections, receivables, and patient demographics are available in the form of easy to interpret charts and graphs.

If an owner wants to monitor the doctor's efficiency in the clinic, Genamet supports the owner by generating reports that provide an insight into the doctor's performance. If required, reports encompassing appointments, clinical and financial performance can also be accessed. The mailbox will get the reports at fixed intervals.

Practice Management Software

With the help of Genamet practice management software, doctors will be able to identify patients through various details - registration number, contact number, person’s name; it will be possible to practice at any place at any time. Genamet is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant software; doctors can substantially decrease data entry, add favorites, and lessen clicks by choosing from a list of regularly used encounters, drugs, and templates. Genamet assists patients in making online appointment bookings; they can also call the clinic if required; patients will receive confirmation through email/SMS. Doctors will find it easier to customize schedules, timings, and locations; thus, the overall appointment booking process will become active and user-friendly from a patient's perspective. Doctors will not face any issue in generating invoices and payment receipts; patients can also access them online for viewing and printing if required. Alerts, to-do lists, and reminders assist personnel in enhancing their efficiency.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Genamet has been developed based on the fact that every doctor's requirement is different. Hence, if required, Genamet can be customized for the specialty's specific needs; the system's goal is to improve productivity and efficiency. Genamet is state-of-the-art software that improves documentation efficiency and facilitates the retrieval of patient data anywhere and anytime. Doctors can analyze the latest patient data to make informed decisions.

  • A cloud-based HIPAA compliant software offers significant value
  • Doctors will be able to practice from different locations and at any time
  • It would be possible to access real-time information about the schedule
  • Online booking is viable
  • The system allows invoices and payment receipts to be accessed

Doctors will almost instantly be able to access real-time clinical, financial, and appointments related practice data; setting the framework for better productivity, improved profitability, and outstanding patient results. The dashboard includes features like search and drills down along with clinical, financial, and operational metrics. With Genamet, doctors will find it easier to improve patient workflows efficiency, diminish operating costs, and enhance patient satisfaction. Genamet's staff portal is for administrative personnel; they will be able to print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

At present, App-based delivery services are revolutionizing the healthcare environment; patients will be able to communicate with doctors through their mobile devices from diverse locations 24/7. Genamet is in the process of creating an App-based health care service delivery that can be accessed by its customers very soon. These will be available both in iOS and Android to give a smooth and seamless experience to doctors. As a progressive medical professional, it is time for you to get started. Book a free demo to discover how Genamet’ EHR system helps clinics to deliver a positive patient experience.

Online Web Presence

In recent times, the healthcare sector has gone through a transformational journey as telemedicine gains grounds, and digital technology makes significant progress. More and more patients are accessing online for their medical needs; it would be helpful for doctors to maintain a robust online presence; they can boost their clinics' visibility and attract new patients. By disseminating relevant medical information online, doctors can bolster their online reputation; good online feedback about a doctor/clinic will lead to business growth. Doctors can also diminish in no small extent, the unfavorable impact of misinformation or fake medical news by sharing evidence-based information via many social media channels.

There is an opinion among doctors that by listing their clinic on an aggregator site, they will be able to direct significant patient traffic; the reality, on the other hand, is different. Usually, aggregators charge excessive fees from doctors for any given booked appointment. Again, aggregators can easily monitor the flow of appointments for a specific doctor listed on their site. If the paid listings arrangement is canceled, doctors will witness a steady decline in patients' appointments.

Genamet's application solutions suite is an excellent option to consider by doctors if they want to build their clinic's strong online presence; doctors will witness an increase in profit and develop professionally. At Genamet, we believe, doctors must cost-effectively optimize their Web presence. Boosting your Web presence will enhance retention and referrals.

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