Data Security and Privacy


All Practice and Patient data is secure while providing 24*7 access to authorized users. Our entire focus is on ensuring scalability, reliability and a superior user experience. Genamet is a wholly owned product of Wisdomleaf Technologies Private Limited, an ISO 27001 organisation.


All data at rest are encrypted. Data in use is protected using multiple levels of encryption. All Genamet APIs accept encrypted transport. Data in use is secured by using SSL AES 256-bit encryption which corresponds to the highest level of encryption that is currently available. We host on AWS and use Services that allow access using endpoints that accept encrypted transport (HTTPS)

Strong application level access control via Roles and Permissions

Users within a Practice have role based access and permissions. A user designated as a staff has no access to patient medical records (visits/encounters) or any financial data.

Separate Patient and Provider user authentication pools

Separate patient and provider pools helps in enabling different authentication and security rules / policies for patients and providers. The same identity is carried across devices and single sign-on.

API authentication uses AWS Cognito

Account details are stored securely with access being enabled via email and phone number verification, and multi-factor authentication.

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