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Digitizing your Practice

Our Clinic Practice Management Software makes healthcare smarter and convenient by allowing faster and efficient access to exactly what you want as a provider. See more patients without adding to your stress levels. Would it not be good to eliminate papers from a doctor’s office by digitizing all workflows? Providers can make better decisions with complete patient records and histories available to them. Integration with ICD-10 codes, custom clinical templates and role based access to various users, useful dashboards, e-Prescriptions and billing & invoicing makes Genamet a compelling choice of Practice Management Software for doctors. Our endeavor is to digitize all communications between the doctor and the outside world.

Features of Genamet CMS

Appointments Booking &

Scheduling (across multiple locations)

Patient Registration

Outpatient Consultation

Patient Charting

Inpatient Management

Billing & Invoicing

Laboratory Management

Radiology Management

Pharmacy Management

Analytics & Dashboards

Easy booking of appointments

Our Provider portal allows for easy booking of appointments including recurring appointments. Our Practice Management Software makes appointment booking simple and quick for both patients and doctors.

Transform your Practice

With Genamet Practice Management Software, you get excellent usability, performance and reliability at the fraction of the cost of such software applications available elsewhere. Screens, workflows and templates are fast and flexible. Get complete access to appointments, patient histories and your notes. Mirror your existing processes. Our Practice Management Software adopts to your practice and accommodates multi-specialty groups within a clinic. Genamet enables you to focus on patient care while optimizing processes and practice management.

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