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Genamet Patient Healthcare Software

For Patients

The best results are seen where providers and patients work together. Improving patient engagement can lead to prompt and effective treatments leading to better patient outcomes. The patient centric patient portal just does that. The Patient Portal ensures that patients have access and can manage their own health records. Records of all Providers attending to a patient are available in the patient portal.

Patient record

Advantages for Patients

The signup link is available to patients after booking an appointment. Patients can create a detailed profile that would give Providers with sufficient information about their social and family history besides demographics. Patients can use the portal to:

  • Fill-up their profile prior to an appointment which makes it easy for the Provider
  • Schedule appointments from the Patient Portal
  • View upcoming appointments
  • View and print prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, bills & receipts and doctor summaries of previous visits to Providers.
  • Patients can receive personalized messages, articles and reminders from Providers
  • Patients can link medical records of family members
  • Pay Online
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