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Genamet for Patients

Whether you are a single Provider Practice or a multiple Provider Practice, Genamet is the ideal choice for you as the practice owner. Every aspect of managing the practice and the patient has been thought through at Genamet. Genamet has been designed keeping Providers and their patients at the core with easy usability, intuitiveness and minimal clicks as the three key pillars. Every aspect of patient care and treatment has been kept in mind – appointment scheduling, documentation, drugs interactions, billing and followup. Our leading edge AI driven chatbot - Genabot supports the providers in easily completing tasks with a simple command instead of a series of clicks.

Genabot for Providers

  • Open patient porofile
  • Shows vitals of patient
  • Checks Provider availability

Drug Interaction

Drug to Drug

Drug to Allergy

Drug to Food

Drug to Disease

Anytime Anywhere

Works well on
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Best-in-class Search

Search by
  • Patient Name
  • Patient Tel Number
  • Patient Registration Number

Engage with Patients

Outcomes improve when patients are engaged in managing their treatment.

Appointment Booking by New Patients from Provider Minisite

Appointment Booking by Existing Patient from Patient Portal

Robust Reports

Reports on financial, clinical and appointments helps in optimizing Practice Performance.

Practice Presence on the web

Build your own custom minisite to improve presence on this internet. Post article, blogs and pictures of your practice. Patients can book appointments from your minisite.

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