Genamet Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Empower your patients by allowing them to play an active role in monitoring and managing their health. Involvement in managing one’s own health would mean greater compliance. Your patients can securely access details of their consultations, medications and investigations. Patients can book appointments from the patient portal. Patients can pay online and have access to invoices and receipts. They can update their health status, social and family history and other personal information which frees up your time.

Building stronger patient engagement

Building stronger patient engagement As a Provider, are you doing enough to manage patient relationships? It is important to prioritize patient experience. Happy patients mean higher patient satisfaction, retention and referral rates. Making patients as committed stakeholders in the entire treatment process leads to better patient outcomes. There are ways to improve patient engagement and experience. Patients become involved in their own health management when they have access to their medical records, prescriptions, invoices & receipts and doctor summaries. Patients can fill-up history and demographics online.

Benefits for patients

The objective is to give patients with time saving tools to make them healthier. Winning the trust of patients is important. Patient trust improves when there is better patient engagement and an overall good experience with the Provider. Patient satisfaction does not end with the treatment of a medical problem but instead involves the entire patient journey from appointment booking, diagnostic tests and follow-up visits, amongst others. In other words each touch point is important to patient satisfaction.


  • Schedule new appointments
  • Manage existing appointments
  • View forthcoming appointments
  • Pay online for appointments


  • View and print prescriptions
  • View and print investigations
  • View and print immunizations
  • View and print invoices and receipts


  • Update allergy information
  • Update contact information
  • Update social and family history

More features on the way

Some forthcoming features include health reminders, ability to select patients and send them custom messages (email/SMS), preventive reminders, immunization/vaccination alerts – making patient outreach easy. In the future providers will be able to personalize content on each patient portal. Patients can complete questionnaires and access personalized education.

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