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Data Insights and Search

As a medical practitioner, you can now manage and transform your patient data into timely and accurate information that aids decision making. Your data is an asset that is critical to use it for yourself. Analyzing and aggregating your own data can help you make informed decisions for further analysis, study and research. You can study trends, intervene early, provide answers to problems, finetune medication and gain new insights from hidden information – all to improve patient experience, wellness and clinical outcomes. As a client of Genamet, you will be able to mine unstructured and structured data.

The powerful Enterprise Search Platform enables you to search for what you need from all the patient data that resides within your EHR and Clinic Management Software. In other words all aspects of a patient’s medical record can be searched such as age, gender, medications prescribed, symptoms, allergies, medical history, social history like smoking and alcohol consumption, co-morbidities, investigations and diagnosis, among others. One may choose to search by keywords. Boolean searches AND / OR / NOT searches are supported .

The Search engine in Genamet supports faceted navigation. Unlike traditional search techniques, faceted search allows users to narrow down search results by applying multiple filters. It supports the classification of each information element along multiple explicit dimensions, called facets like an ecommerce or retail site. You can filter the data down to specific criteria that you choose. You can refine data using these facets to understand what works better for your patients. Needless to say, insights from your data are exclusively available only for you.

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