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20 Mar 2023 9 min

Using clinic management software for storage of patient health records

Using clinic management software for storage of patient health records

Clinic management software stores and processes information required to operate the healthcare practice. The data is maintained in one place and it can be accessed through a computer, tablet or phone. Combining critical information such as client records, an appointment calendar, treatment notes, and invoices, among others, makes activities substantially easier. Healthcare professionals can perform secure telehealth video calls and can present their clients professionally. Also, the system provides comprehensive reports on how the clinic is performing.

The software maintains the complete patient record, including address, gender, age, drug sensitivity, and other records. It can print prescriptions, patient records, billings, diagnostic reports, etc.


Advantages of clinic management software

The system can be used by solo practitioners through large clinics. Clients can handle their appointments through online bookings – it’s a seamless system for appointment management.


Paperless Record System

The clinic software management eliminates manual paperwork. The software includes ‘electronic health records to maintain the relevant documents and information in the system.


Data Management

The software can be used to document, update, and archive critical patient data within the system for access in the future.


Cross Department Coordination

An integrated system of maintaining records enables cross-functional coordination amongst a medical team to evaluate a patient’s condition better.


Improved Efficiency

The system enhances the efficiency of the practice through automation; various elements such as recordkeeping, printing out prescriptions, scheduling patients’ appointments, and billing activities can be streamlined.


Patient Satisfaction

The CMS is of great benefit to remote patients, they can make appointments online 24/7 and can cancel and reschedule appointments. The system decreases the waiting time for patients and stores their prescriptions, thereby increasing patients’ satisfaction.



Electronic health records eliminate the possibility of mistakes since the tasks are automated. The software offers billing modules that decrease complexities in handling the revenue cycle process.


Quick service delivery

A clinic management system saves time in creating prescriptions, making bills, maintaining patient records, and managing appointment schedules. Doctors can interact with their patients and offer quick service.


Data Security

Healthcare data is very critical and to avoid data thefts, clinic management software is the best solution. Based on a user-authorized-access system, only specific users can retrieve data; ensuring the clinic stays secured from unauthorized sources and breaches of information.


Improvement in Decision Making

The software provides key insights through data analysis that can be of immense value for the treatment of the patient.


Revenue Management

Revenue and profitability are critical for any healthcare business and with the assistance of management software, it is easier to monitor the growth of the clinic. Process automation can help decrease the clinic’s administrative expenditures and also the workload of staff.


Advanced Invoice Billing & Cashless Payment

The staff can track billing services such as invoices, payments, outstanding, and advances based on online payment gateway integration. The system provides powerful insights to drive the success of the clinic.


Clinic management software and repeat patients



Clinics have to deliver cost-effective solutions to address challenges related to operations, data management, and other facets of healthcare delivery. Using a Clinic Management System will resolve many persistent challenges. If patients are compliant with your treatment plan, it will help to increase repeat visits. Also, clients witnessing a higher frequency of repeat patients can store patients’ health records and lab reports in the system for future reference.


Ease of Billing

Doctors can manage appointments at multiple locations and the system supports ease of billing. Through integrated billing, a clinic management system monitors the overall treatment of a patient and can create financial records in comparison to stand-alone billing software. It’s easier to track the expenditures and returns of clinics.

Patient self-service using the patient portal

A patient portal supports personal healthcare. It helps patients to monitor their clinic visits, test outcomes, billing, prescriptions, etc.


A patient portal helps:

  • Booking appointments
  • Requesting referrals
  • Refilling prescriptions
  • Modifying insurance or contact details
  • Asking queries



  • Patients can access their secure personal health information and communicate with their doctors 24 hours a day
  • The patient can access all personal health information from doctors in one place. Doctors can view what other treatments and advice the patient is receiving
  • A streamlined patient experience, automated workflow, reduced overhead, and user-friendly online patient portal
  • A mobile-friendly interface helps patients to log in and complete tasks at their convenience
  • The seamless integration of patient-oriented data in the records system decreases the requirement for repetitive functions at check-in
  • Patients can conduct eligibility validation before the scheduled appointment
  • Patients can manage their billing and care processes resulting in a positive patient experience
  • Better healthcare updates and service
  • It results in complete transparency since patients can inspect forthcoming payment dates and the remaining balance
  • Gaining access to healthcare bills and data can result in accelerated payments and decreased patient calls
  • A patient-centred care ensures patients access to their medical records
  • Patients fill out information electronically resulting in lesser errors
  • Facilitates telemedicine, allowing patients to consult with a doctor via a messaging system or video calls


Introduction of online doctor appointment system

A doctor appointment booking system enables patients to effortlessly book their appointment at a specific clinic pertaining to their health issues. People are looking to book appointments with a doctor for treatment. If your clinic has an appointment booking system, it will be beneficial for business.



  • User-friendly
  • Saves time and money
  • Resources optimization
  • Manage appointments and bookings

The Doctor Appointment Booking System

  • The doctor appointment booking system must be incorporated on the homepage of the site. The form must be placed at the top so that a patient can easily book a doctor’s appointment
  • A doctor’s profile must be clear and comprehensive. It must comprise pictures, core competencies, experience, and all the mandatory information to support the patient’s decision-making process. A counsellor can also include consultation fees and treatment expenditures
  • Healthcare professionals can have easy access to patients’ information and they can view various information about a patient such as a name, age, medical record, and treatment plan before handling an appointment
  • Patients must be able to navigate the available dates and time slots within a few steps. Reminders and notifications must be sent to patients before scheduled appointments to decrease unused time slots
  • The e-prescription feature allows patients to request refills and it saves time for doctors and their patients
  • Patients can pre-pay for consultations and treatments which can decrease no-show rates
  • A telemedicine feature will enable to reach patients who cannot attend face-to-face meetings
  • Directions are critical for multi-location clinics


Mining patient data to improve care outcomes

  • Frauds can be detected and organizations can make customer relationship management decisions
  • Doctors can identify effective treatments and best practices while patients can be offered cost-effective healthcare  
  • Systems can be compared, the best treatment approaches can be organized, and clinics can deliver low-cost medical treatments
  • Mining tools are used in deciding when medication has to be given and healthcare data can be leveraged to avoid potentially lethal interactions
  • Healthcare professionals can give more conclusive, evidence-based diagnoses in less time
  • A decrease in the total number of patients admitted to the hospital can lead to a decrease in the number of medical claims
  • Data mining tools improve a doctor’s capability to diagnose and this reduces the potential for error, decreases costs, and boosts the quality of client communication.


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