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03 Sep 2019 5 min

Importance Of A Strong Web Presence For Practices

Importance Of A Strong Web Presence For Practices

Web presence is vital for all sectors, including Healthcare. In an era where the Internet is such an effective communication medium, lack of a website or online presence could result in patients moving away and finding some other practice.

 Here are few reasons why developing and maintaining a strong web presence is crucial for practices.

Market Your Services

Ensuring all the information is available in one place is the best way to inform the patients about yourself, your practice, and services you offer. Often patients use Google or some other search engine to search for the information. They would prefer to explore deeper into your website to get an insight into the services and procedures before making a call. By placing relevant information on your website, you increase the prospects of potential patients visiting your clinic. Including the correct address and contact details on your page would be appropriate.

Create A Profile Section

Familiarizing patients with your qualifications and why you are best suited to perform specific procedures gives them the assurance that they are in safe hands and have come to the right place. They would definitely want to know who would be involved with their treatment. Hence, having a profile section which provides details about your qualifications, recognition, and achievements is the best method to introduce yourself to prospective patients.

Update Your Information Often

It is vital to keep updating the site often. Your website must be updated with relevant information as often as possible. If your visitors view outdated information, they would assume that, either you are not in business or you are not concerned about your business.

An Effective Website

An aesthetically designed website could provide the instant impact on the visitors to your website, but unless your website is generating revenue for your practice, your investments would not have the expected returns. A search engine-friendly website along with social media optimization should be mandatory for any effective website. An effective website would increase the patients faith in your services and improve the ROI.

Mobile Responsive Website

If you wish to retain existing patients and drive new patients, their first point of contact would be the website, especially when they are browsing on a smart phone. Hence, it is important to ensure an engaging experience for the smart phone users. Additionally, Google’s algorithm is not favorable towards websites that are not mobile-responsive. By ensuring your website is mobile responsive, you connect with the highly engaged patients.

The Relevance Of Testimonials

If your existing patients value and recognize your outstanding service, then ensure you get their feedback and use to as a promotional medium for your practice. Innovate methods to integrate patient reviews into your website would be helpful.

The Power Of Blogs

Blogs are a very effective tool to demonstrate your expertise and enable potential patients to identify you amidst the competition. Once a visitor lands on your website, make it user friendly for them to receive blog updates through email and the blog posts should be easily shared via social networks by incorporating social share buttons. Blogging provides extended marketing benefits for a practice.


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