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04 Jan 2023 8 min

How do patients gain when their doctor uses Clinic Management Software?

How do patients gain when their doctor uses Clinic Management Software?

Clinic Management Software

Clinic management software offers various functionalities that make it easier for doctors to handle patient care. They can manage patients, appointments, schedules, etc. Other than specialised clinics, general health clinics in remote areas play a vital role in offering healthcare services. Doctors have to manage a steady stream of patients and it will not be easy to maintain patient records. Presently, there are systems with Android and iOS apps that enable a doctor to view their schedule, while patients can book appointments, manage prescriptions, and receive SMS or email notifications regarding appointments. Overall, clinical management software enables patients to take ownership of their health.

Advantages of using clinic management software

Patient information

The doctor can access the system to know the patient’s personal details such as name, age, gender, contact number, and address. Software-based medicine entry will be more effective than a medicine entry on prescription.

Elimination of paperwork

The most critical advantage of using a clinic management solution is the removal of various types of paperwork. The electronic health record system incorporated within the software manages all relevant documents and information. It assists to set up efficient clinical workflows and removes the requirement for storing huge paper records.

Seamless operations

The patient data is integrated into the software. Hence, doctors from various departments can collaborate and converse about the patient’s case. It enables quicker resolution of the medical issue. Again, an efficient IT solution streamlines daily operations allowing doctors to provide value-based medical care. 

Improvement in data security 

All patient-related data are critical and to avoid data thefts clinical management software is the best solution. Only specific users can access the system. It becomes easy to access patients’ records and other relevant data.

More efficiency in decision making 

Some clinical management software has data analytics features within them. The software examines the patient’s data and offers insights that can be valuable during patient care as well as for planning future decisions.

Support in revenue management

Any successful practice must be profitable to be operational in the long run. The software helps to monitor the growth of your clinic.

Decrease in the workload of staff  

Automating patient flow management can help reduce administrative costs and also decrease the workload of personnel. The staff can use the time more productively and support patient care.

Greater patient satisfaction

Automated software results in efficient healthcare processes and receiving a data-oriented precision diagnosis improves the patient satisfaction level.

Electronic health record

An electronic health record is a critical feature of the clinic management system and they manage patient data in a digital format. Documents are stored in one place and they can be accessed easily, resulting in improved patient care. Doctors may not be able to make precise and legible records of each procedure performed. This results in errors. Electronic health records have templates that enable doctors to make swift and accurate records. Predictive analytic models in the EHR notify the doctors in real time if their patients are at high risk and alert prompt the doctors to take decisions on the next actions for patient care.

Appointment management system

Booking and handling appointments are two basic issues faced by clinics. A clinic management system supports a doctor through integrated queue management. Once a patient registers for an appointment at the clinic, the patient’s name is included in the daily schedule without impacting the schedule of other patients’ appointments.

Specialised App

An android or an iOS app that is integrated with the software can support the clinic by facilitating appointment bookings online. Patients can make appointments easily at any given time.

Billing and accounting software

A clinic management system monitors the overall treatment of a patient and is more efficient in creating financial records in comparison to stand-alone billing software.

Patient Portal

A patient portal facilitates secure access for providers and patients to an electronic health record. Electronic communication promotes interactive visits, appointments, follow-ups, and empowerment for patients. Doctors use it as a powerful tool for patient management. It strengthens doctor-patient relationships. Integration of video telemedicine into the tool as well as the integration into home monitoring is also feasible.

Mobile devices can link patients at home with doctors and therapists. Presently, doctors are more comfortable with telemedicine and mobility solutions and are using mobile phones to communicate with their patients. Doctors can handle their booking slots online and they can view a patient’s medical history even before the patient’s visit. This supports an automated patient-doctor handling system via an online interface.

In today’s healthcare environment, the need for cost-effective and user-friendly technology is increasing so as to enhance patient-centric services and boost communication among healthcare stakeholders. A clinic management system is a robust tool that is capable of offering improved health assistance. For further details, please get in touch with Genamet. 

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