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21 Aug 2019 4 min

How Do Doctors And Patients Gain Through Online Appointment Booking?

How Do Doctors And Patients Gain Through Online Appointment Booking?

As the number of patients keep increasing due to unhealthy lifestyle habits pan India the requirement of doctors are also increasing to a large extent for health issues consultation. However, it is often not feasible for the patients to get doctor appointments at their preferred time and date because of patient queues. In this regard, online appointment booking systems connect patients with their specialized doctors at their expected time and date.

In fact, an increasing number of doctors globally are going online with practice management software for appointments booking/appointments scheduling. There is a greater requirement, at present more than ever, to comprehend why such systems not just function, but possibly benefit the doctors and their patients.

Bookings, cancellations, reminders, other functionalities could now be effortlessly managed online and without all the hassle that is related with manual appointment scheduling systems. Doctors and other healthcare practitioners could select what is best for them from the various choices available online, based on their practice and kind of procedures provided.

Traditional Appointment Scheduling Techniques

Awkward, time-consuming, ineffective, and usually, extremely frustrating. Doctors who have labored through traditional appointment scheduling techniques would identify these problems easily. Errors are unavoidable and information could be missed. This undermines the effectiveness and dependability of the practice. An ineffective appointment schedule could result in unhappy patients.

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling Systems

User Friendly

Online appointment scheduling systems not only save time but also generate income by providing operational convenience, thereby enabling doctors to build better relations with their patients. Patients find it easy to use and quick to access. Doctors are also increasingly using smartphones and medical apps. Therefore, it is only a natural evolution towards going online to support in the most basic healthcare communications – scheduling appointments.

Maintaining A Full Slot

Non-attendance could result in revenue loss, ineffective workflow, increased expenses, and unhappy patients. Online booking would significantly decrease non-attendance.

Round The Clock Accessibility

Online booking systems enable patients to view the doctor’s availability and book appointments, irrespective of whether the facility is open or closed. This makes it convenient for the patients.

Information Management

Patient management is more effective with online systems. Certain online booking systems also have Electronic Health Record management as part of the package. This helps the doctor to manage a patient’s case file effectively.

Patient information and Communication

Patient’s information for scheduling an appointment could consists of contact details. Information and communication campaigns could be facilitated using the contact details, which could result in more visits by current patients or increase in patients through references.

Online Payment

Since all services have a related payment, patients making an online booking and paying charges, are less likely to avoid the appointments.

Resource Optimization

Doctors could decrease documentation and subsequently, the filing needed, using online booking systems.


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