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11 May 2023 5 min

As a doctor, how to get the best from your website?

A personalised and user friend website rich in imagery is extremely important for a doctor who owns and manages his or her own clinic. The doctor’s website serves as a disseminator of critical medical information for patients who may not be well versed with the management of a medical condition that they suffer from. Patients extensively search and research deeply when they are looking for a doctor who is best suited to consult with for a particular problem at hand. The doctor’s website builds credibility and trust in the doctor, and it is therefore important that the website is designed keeping in mind potential users.


Complete details of practice and consultation

The website should be easy to navigate and complete information about the doctor’s clinic, practice hours, services offered, fees charged and address along with directions should be available in the website. Patients should find it easy to understand the services offered.


Appropriate and high-quality content

Content is king. It is important for the doctor to provide appropriate content about the medical treatments offered so that users can stay-on in the site and read the details. If the content is not to the liking of users, they are likely to get away from that website or bounce, as it is popularly known.
Large number of bounces negatively impact search engine results. Be honest. Place content that is relevant and specific and easy for potential users to understand. Your patients need content that is not full of scientific jargon but content that they can relate to. They should get information about your services as well as “Book Appointments” and “Contact” you with “Call to action” buttons. Focus should be on creating an easy to use connect with the doctor. Content is also marketing collateral. It is important that the content focuses on the advantages for the patient. Address the patient directly. They want to read “what is in it for me?” as the patient. It is also recommended to link your website in Google business listing. Blogs are also vital to improving content.



Relying exclusively on word-of-mouth recommendations is not sufficient. Prospective patients look for testimonials and reviews to make the right choice. In general reviews unless actively solicited are written by dissatisfied patients. As a doctor, you advice patients based on medical needs. Negative reviews in aggregator sites can be damaging. It can be corrected by ensuring patient testimonials and reviews in your site are balanced.  


Mobile friendly website

More than 90% of the global population use mobile devices to go online. Therefore, the site should be mobile friendly and easy to navigate. Website navigation is a very important feature. There should be clear calls to action. Navigating through the content should be easy. Improve engagement using appropriate images. Use a lot of visual content.



Build trust and credibility. Design should convey what you represent and what is different in your practice vis-a-vis the competition. Clear contact information should be provided. The website speed is another factor. The website should open quickly. Content should be easy to understand and should improve engagement using appropriate images.


Appropriate keywords

Use appropriate keywords that are commonly used in your speciality. Online keyword tools can be used to find the best keyboard for your specialty. Incorporate appropriate content in meta title, description, and keywords, and section headers.


Information for referring doctors/physicians

Share information for referring doctors so that they can refer patients as appropriate. Integrate a book appointment feature with your website for maximum benefit. Make sure that Clinic Management Software is also integrated with your website to give a seamless experience.

Do you have a mobile responsive and SEO optimised website to maximise traffic to your website and therefore appointments as well.

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