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Ophthalmic society cautions doctors against online aggregators. Click the link below to know why

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Entrust your association member’s online presence with us at Genamet and leverage its true potential as a key driver of success for your members

Build an extensive audience

for your members by reaching into the community

Boost your membership

with high member conversion rates

Deeper member engagement

with the best online experience

Offer more value

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Grow your revenues

with true world class experience

Be more for your members. Increase the value you offer and become indispensable . Your members should not be paying aggregators. Instead connect patients with your members.

At Genamet, we can help your association connect patients with members

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Build your audience and grow your membership.

Drive more traffic and more consultation to your members

Benefits from data insights

that facilities interactions of patients with your members

Member centric approach

rich feature set, Feature proof your association stay relevant always

Ensure that your members

are provided with a robust security standards

Provide a consistent user experience

to your members

Build even more value relationships

that help you and your members go further, together

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  • 15 February

How can medical societies and associations grow memberships?

  • Balaji
  • 18 February

How should Medical Societies and Associations increase member engagement and stickiness after the pandemic?

  • Balaji
  • 24 February

Promoting Diversity within your Medical Association

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