Genamet Platform Features

Genamet Platform

The Genamet platform is designed by doctors to help transform healthcare and help patient outcomes by facilitating adequate and comprehensive documentation, intuitive and user friendly solutions that deliver satisfaction and value, and data analytics of high depth and clarity. Providers can access patient data anywhere and anytime, be it on a desktop, tablet or the mobile

Showcase your practice

Build your own presence on the web at no additional cost and start getting patients directly without depending completely on aggregators. Your own minisite allows you to share blogs, pictures and videos to your patients. Patients can seamlessly book appointments online from your minisite on Genamet or your own website.

Practice Anywhere and Anytime

All data about your patients is available to you at any time. Genamet can be accessed on the cloud and on all devices - desktop, tablet or mobile. Your patient and practice data is safe, secure and fully accessible regardless of the time. You can complete patient documentation and prescribe medication on any of these devices. Communicate securely with patients using the video calling and chat features.

Reduce costs, reduce errors and improve quality of care

Streamlining the practice and transforming it by using a new generation Clinical Software like Genamet is the first step to reducing cost and professionalizing the practice. There is no longer the need to pay referral sites as you build your own presence on the web. Integration with the drug database provides real time data on drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-disease interactions.

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