Documenting and charting made easy

Easy, intuitive, and convenient charting with a choice of forms to fit every patient requirement.

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Documenting and charting made easy

One size does not fit all

Custom forms that fit your speciality and needs, at a visit level

Easy access to patient history

Quickly access and review patient visit and treatment history

Save time on documentation

Everything streamlined – Doctor summary, treatment plan, investigations, prescriptions and ICD-10

Label and annotate images as part of charting

Upload photos/images or choose images from the existing library or create your own image library. Annotate, draw, and write notes/comments. Compare “Before” and “After” images.


Machine learning that reduces time and improves accuracy

Machine learning that reduces time and improves accuracy

Learns continuously from the way you chart and adapts itself


Some Questions Answered

Genamet has a powerful machine learning engine that is geared towards reducing the time taken for charting and improving accuracy of documentation leading to better care outcomes Read More
  1. As a provider you want to spend every minute with the patient in the most meaningful manner. Read More

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