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Healthcare transformations are happening at a startling pace, mainly due to significant innovations and the use of advanced technologies. Doctors must work to the best of their ability to save a human life, maintain health, and alleviate suffering. Most doctors may not be very open to accepting changes. However, there is no going back; they must adapt or perish. Doctors have to work under stressful conditions – creating treatment plans, providing patient care, scheduling administrative work, and staying up-to-date with the latest in medicine. They are the miracle workers and have their hands full at any given time. Doctors must apply software to reduce workload. Stress and health are interconnected. De-stressing must start with a doctor, then convincing a patient on the benefits of de-stressing becomes easy.

Corporate Health Management

Human resources across an organization have a vital role to play, and they must be looked after for the long-term success of an organization. Hence, the corporate sector is increasingly looking at promoting and protecting its employees; a doctor has a unique opportunity to become a trusted partner to a company through knowledge of global health risks and evidence-based mitigation strategies. Through Genamet, doctors can help companies resume their work activities and ensure employees' return to work adhere to strict guidelines – screening, social distancing, personal hygiene, travel policies, and workplace testing.

Healthcare Software Projections in India

Increasing digitization in the healthcare sector and expectations from patients for value-based care is expected to accelerate the growth of the healthcare IT market over the next seven years. Technology can provide a competitive advantage to a doctor. Challenges such as increase in cost, a rise in chronic disease, and demand for easily accessible and affordable healthcare can be surmounted only through technology. With technology at the core of a care model, doctors can achieve the goals of better healthcare operations, improved quality of treatment, adequate security of patient data, easily accessible and nominal healthcare, quicker and more competently than their competitors.

Patient Portal

Patients can access their medical records in the patient portal. They can print prescriptions, receipts and other pertinent information from the comfort of their house. Record keeping from a patient’s perspective becomes that much easier and simpler.

Medical Software and Patient Care

Genamet's medical software provides a seamless and consistent patient care experience, supporting doctors to make knowledge-based decisions. Doctors are increasingly using our software to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare. Our software decreases costs and medical inaccuracies while enhancing the efficiency of clinical processes.

Workflow Optimization for Better Clinical Management

Taking care of patients is a full-time service; doctors have to put up with the long hours of overtime. The work environment influences an individual's performance; for doctors, it is even more critical. Empathy, ability to focus, attention-to-detail are attributes that will have a bearing on human lives and health. With Genamet, optimizing the work environment becomes easy, and a doctor can create a better medical work environment.

Online Doctor Consultation

The healthcare sector must continuously change to accommodate new technology and integrate new treatments. The availability of devices such as mobile phones and tablets has enabled the online delivery of patient care. Genamet has a wide array of features that translate into positive changes for doctors – better access to patients, improved personalization of care to meet each patient's requirements, and less expense.

Cloud Computing is Shaping the Future of Healthcare Sector

The adoption of cloud computing has continuously transformed the way doctors deliver high-quality and affordable services to their patients. The impact of cloud computing on patient care is projected to be more reliable over the next five years. Genamet supports doctors in combining trusted and powerful cloud capabilities to deliver improved experiences, insights, and effective care.

Digital Technology is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Though digital transformation has a significant impact on healthcare, it is not being harnessed effectively across all facets of the domain. Technology can still play an active role in documentation management and communication, along with improving process efficiency. Doctors can now directly save all information in electronic medical records, by using a mobile phone. If used effectively, app technology can ensure the smooth transfer of patient medical history between various healthcare institutions.

Doctor software should be intuitive, easy-to-use and serve the purpose of capturing patient symptoms and clinical notes well.

Best Practices in Healthcare

To provide high-quality care, a doctor's clinic must be efficient and well-operated; it would not be feasible for a doctor to run an unprofitable practice. Genamet helps in hiring, training, and managing personnel; every staff contributes to the overall patient experience. Eliminating waste can decrease costs and improve safety. Increasingly healthcare practices are adopting a customer-centric approach; a positive customer experience will ensure customer loyalty. The Genamet doctor software precisely aims to do that by creating an user interface that is flexible and covers all aspects of the doctor-patient engagement.

Electronic Medical Records

Genamet’s easy and resourceful Electronic Medical Records solution makes documentation of any clinical information a natural process. Doctors can easily view patient summaries, develop detailed case notes using bespoke templates, prescribe medicines, conduct investigation, and many other activities from a specific screen. Genamet offers a totally customizable and comprehensive solution for managing the health records of patients. Providers have the ability to use a custom built form or a standard form to document a clinical interaction. The choice of a standard or a customizable form can be done at a patient level. For example, first time interactions can be documented in a custom form while follow-ups can be noted in a simple form. Providers have access to patient case histories and can chart case notes using any of the forms. Investigations, immunizations and prescriptions can all be documented from the same screen.

Charting made easy: what makes charting in Genamet so easy and intuitive?

As a provider you wish to document all facts quickly and easily. We respect the fact that you may want to use a variety of forms relating to your specialization for different patients. You have access to charting forms that you normally use> At Genamet we strongly believe that “one size does not fit all”. You can have your own custom form built that will be accessible only to you as a provider.

It enables doctors to have an accurate insight into a patient’s clinical summary, existing medications, allergies, lab outcomes as graphical charts, medical history, and personal habits. Each doctor’s charting preferences can be unique.

Simply put, our case notes are detailed and quicker than creating a draft. Our templates cover various facets of interaction, such as chief complaints, physical examination, vitals & progress measures, examination, treatment, clinical reminders, diagnosis, and risk evaluation. Every doctor’s workflow varies; they can select from several pre-defined templates or get them customized without any additional cost. Patient’s data is always available to the provider at any time. Patient records can be shared with the patient as deemed fit by the provider.

Prescribing medicines, documenting procedure details, administering immunizations is faster with our system. You can take a demo to get convinced of the actual flexibility and swiftness of the solution. Specific features in the EMR facilitate efficient management of patient follow-ups, be it a single follow-up or part of current care.

Practice Management

Genamet offers a comprehensive practice management solution. We help doctors manage their practice, work, and revenue, supporting them to streamline their health practice.

Our software addresses actual issues to ensure smooth functioning of your practice:

  • Communicate with patients through emails, SMS and mobile apps, using multiple software tools that manage different aspects of your practice
  • Existing software solutions are expensive
  • Non-availability of trained resources
  • Cater to requirements of mobile-centric patient expectations
  • Decrease revenue loss due to a patient not showing up

Genamet offers a cloud-based clinic management system that enables providers with the ability to oversee patient care, enhance the patient experience, and decrease revenue leakage, seamless billing & paperless workflow. Our comprehensive, innovative & cost-effective solution is scalable as your business expands.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Genamet efficiently manages your work with user-friendly appointment scheduling, automatic reminders, bespoke calendar views, color coding, and simple scheduling. Doctors can enjoy minimal paperwork and streamline their day with an intuitive appointment scheduler. The software caters to the requirements of an individual practitioner or a large clinic alike.

Monitor the efficiency of patients' queue and assess patients waiting for their appointment at a glance. Establish procedures for follow up of patients, treatment packages, non-working days, and reschedule results using our innovative software for doctors.

  • Automatic reminders to minimize no-shows
  • Patients receive SMS reminders about their appointment so that no-shows can be minimized.
  • Custom calendar views.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views of calendar is available for providers.
  • Easy appointment booking
  • Genamet’s booking widget is available on the provider’s minisite at all times.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Big Data and Patient Care

With Genamet, doctors can collect health data from various sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging, payor records, pharmaceutical research, and healthcare big data for informed decision making. Over a period, the analysis of evidence-based information will enable doctors to improve efficiency and fine-tune their understanding of the best practices related to any disease, illness, or injury.

Reports & Analytics

Transforming raw data into information, that's what Genamet, does; providing doctors insight on the performance of their clinic in an interactive, powerful, and intelligent way. Our analysis module consists of a robust report creator with several options to describe many types of reports. Reports such as inventory management, financial assessment, employee performance, clinic operations, clinical research, severe illness trends, etc. are available on a unique graphical dashboard.


Genamet’s telemedicine platform enables doctors to provide complete services to OPD patients. We virtualize your overall clinic through our software; a doctor can set up online appointments, oversee time slots, offer consultation to diverse patients through text or video call, and send prescriptions. It would be easier to process all payments and invoices. Operating an OPD is a considerable task, and it needs substantial effort. Our software can be up and running within a day and bolster your OPD capacity and accelerate the process. Telemedicine services, especially during times of pandemic related lockdown, will be an excellent means for patients to benefit from healthcare services without having to visit a clinic or lose valuable time.

Online Web Presence

A minisite provides a doctor with an online presence that does not depend on an aggregator. It is independent and is custom built for every provider or clinic. Providers can opt for a single page minisite or a multiple pages site. The minisite can be multilingual as well and providers doctors with a forum where they can showcase pictures, videos and articles besides write blogs. A search friendly and optimized minisite is the solution to reducing the cost of patient referrals.

Billing Software

Doctors can efficiently automate and streamline their invoice and billing process using Genamet’s billing software. This cloud-based software ensures doctors can access patient data securely from any location, on any connected device.

Telemedicine in healthcare

At present, telemedicine is gaining greater credibility in the healthcare sector; through Genamet, patients can connect with doctors using mobile devices wherever and whenever required. Doctors can remotely monitor a patient’s symptoms via a video chat, diagnose an illness, and prescribe medicines if needed. The entire process is quick, easy, and reliable!

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