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The rise of information technology has provided several advantages across different domains, including healthcare. Doctors are increasingly focusing on healthcare software systems for patient care. Several doctors are using electronic health record (EHR) software for storing patient information. Using a cloud-based electronic health record system such as Genamet helps healthcare providers to optimize the patient journey while enhancing their clinic’s productivity.

Through Genamet’s EHR system, healthcare providers can attend to their patients’ illness and concentrate on their wellness without getting alarmed about their EHR performance. Genamet is intuitive software while also being user-friendly; navigating it would not be a problem for doctors. Once doctors get proficient with the Genamet system, they can deliver customized EHR solutions while adhering to compliance requirements.

Documentation and EHR System

As the demand for electronic health records increases (EHRs), there is increasing anxiety among the medical community that a loss of documentation integrity could harm patient care. The Genamet system supports the correctness of health records. Doctors must establish procedures in their clinics that ensure billing compliance.

Cloud Computing Is Changing the Healthcare Landscape

The application of cloud computing within a healthcare environment has led to a positive change. Healthcare providers can offer high-quality services to their patients at a reasonable rate. The impact of cloud computing on healthcare outcomes is estimated to be more significant in the coming years. Genamet supports doctors in using practical cloud competencies to deliver outstanding care.


Genamet’s EHR system ensures a clinic’s expenditure month-on-month decreases substantially. The return on financial investments will be positive. Doctors can accomplish savings on medication expenditures, improved diagnostics, better reporting of billing processes, and more accurate billing.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

With Genamet’s appointment booking and scheduling system, doctors can quickly fill their schedules. Genamet offers online support to doctors and patients during the appointment booking procedure. Patients can have a stress-free experience throughout the online appointment bookings if they use the Genamet system. The patient can also confirm an appointment by getting in touch with the staff at the clinic. Doctors and patients will receive an official confirmation about the appointment schedule via email/SMS.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

Once doctors start using the Genamet system, they will get an insight on automatically transforming the existing calendar - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365; healthcare providers can without facing any issue provide accurate information through emails/SMS to patients.

  • Patients can now access various clinics based out of different areas
  • Being a HIPAA Compliant system, it validates patient data security
  • Doctors who do not have much expertise in technology can also easily use the system
  • Since the system is AI-powered, it significantly enhances usability and performance
  • It is easy to send an instantaneous notification to doctors and patients

Another advantage of the Genamet system is, the complete appointment booking process, which covers multiple doctors and locations, is simplified; just a click of the mouse will enable a patient to know a doctor’s availability.

Using the Genamet system, patients can also confirm appointments on their own, and they can do so without having to log into the system.

Hospital Management System

A precise hospital management system facilitates hospitals to boost patient care and deliver a positive patient experience. Genamet is going to launch a comprehensive hospital management system that caters to a hospital’s diverse requirements.

EHR HIPAA Compliant

The Genamet EHR system enables doctors to fulfill their compliance requirements by ensuring the integrity of their medical records; doctors will find the system useful in protecting information confidentiality. Doctors have to find ways to maintain a sufficient work-life balance continually. To boost their performance, they have to deliver collaborative patient care, apply a wide area of healthcare expertise, use an efficient EHR system, and verify patients’ health data's accuracy. A doctor's work life has a lot to do with time management. The doctor's consultation time and healthcare expenditures and patient-doctor relationships are correlated. While designing the Genamet system, we considered the bigger picture and the importance of using resources effectively for critical medical requisite. The Genamet EHR system also facilitates the useful storage of multiple patient data; doctors can easily store various patient data at a single place – visits to the clinic, drug plan, patient availability communication, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, among others. The doctors can collect all the information from a single screen.

Salient Features of the Genamet EHR System

Again, the Genamet suite of tools is AI-powered, which means all mandatory information is available immediately and in a practical manner. Scanning and uploading documents are secure. Doctors can make use of various medical forms and templates for practicing in their clinics.

  • A systematic process for the practice
  • The system is user-friendly; tailor-made for a clinic's unique requirements
  • Doctors can finish the documentation in no time
  • The complete documentation process can be done fast
  • A dashboard which is business savvy

Healthcare providers can also easily tag forms and templates as favorites through the Genamet system. The documentation process is straightforward. Doctors can make an evidence-based decision, since they can access patient data round the clock, across multiple locations using the Genamet software.

The dashboard maintains clinical data on appointments, financial information, and drug data about any medical condition. Doctors can tap the dashboard to retrieve the report at any time.

Patient Portal

Doctors will not face any difficulty in maintaining health records through the Genamet patient portal; healthcare providers can empower patients to participate in their healthcare actively. Better patient involvement in their wellness would only result in better compliance outcomes. The Genamet system supports patients in retrieving medical consultations, drug prescriptions, and patient data analysis. Again, the Genamet system ensures the complete appointment booking process is simple. Making online payments is possible if required; downloading invoices/receipts from the system is safe. Patients can use the Genamet system to modify their health situation, community & family background, and other related information. The clinic can achieve improved productivity because of the Genamet system.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

By achieving positive patient-relationship, doctors can ensure more visits to the clinic and increase in revenue. Also, increasing retention and referral rates will help a doctor to attract new business. Since Genamet is intuitive software, doctors can use the system to boost patient engagement across the treatment process. It will result in positive patient experience. Patients will increasingly demonstrate active involvement in their health and wellness, once they get comfortable using the Genamet system. Patients will not have any difficulty in retrieving prescriptions, medical records, doctor summaries, and invoices & receipts on a need basis. Making changes to information about history and demographics online is more accessible through Genamet.

  • Authenticating new patient visits to the clinic is possible
  • Physicians will face no issue in managing current appointments correctly
  • Updates on forthcoming appointments can be accessed
  • Possible to confirm appointments through online payments
  • Accessing and printing investigations, prescriptions, immunizations, and invoices & receipts are easier.
  • Any updates about allergies, personal details, social & family history can be done

Through the Genamet system, patients can access time-saving tools that will help in improving their overall health. At the core of a positive patient-doctor relationship is trust; the higher the patient engagement, the better the trust. Medical stakeholders must understand that the patients’ concerns about their health are not restricted to the treatment plan alone; patients give importance to other facets – doctor’s availability and diagnostic assessment.

Very soon, Genamet will be releasing other features – health updates, patient confirmation, information sharing through email/SMS, alerts on preventive measures, and immunization/vaccination alerts; this will lead to improved patient outreach. Doctors can deliver specific content on each patient portal; the system provides an option wherein patients can fill questionnaires and oversee customized education.

Practice Management Software

Genamet’s practice management software design considers doctors’ requirement to identify patients based on registration details, communication details, and patient’s personal information. Using the Genamet system, doctors will not have any problem in working 24/7 from their clinics based out of various places. A cloud-based HIPAA compliant system such as Genamet helps doctors substantially lessen the total data entries, include favorites, and decrease clicks through selection from a list of routinely utilized encounters, medications, and templates. Patients using Genamet can, without any complication, complete the online appointment bookings process; patients can get in touch with the staff at a clinic through email/SMS on a need basis. Doctors can complete personalization of schedules, availability, locations without any difficulty. Patients will realize that the entire appointment booking process is effective and user-friendly. The method of producing invoices and payment receipts by healthcare providers is safe. If required, patients can assess and print invoices & payment receipts online. Based on alerts, to-do lists, and reminders, administrative personnel can enhance process efficiency.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

The development team behind the design of Genamet fully understands that every doctor has a unique need; hence, modifying the Genamet system for the specific requirements of a clinic is viable. Being a pioneering system, Genamet makes the documentation process better and ensures patients can monitor data around the clock across various areas; doctors will be able to make sound judgments about a patient’s health condition by assessing the existing patient data.

  • The cloud-based HIPAA compliant software offers tremendous benefits for doctors
  • Doctors will be able to work 24/7 across multiple areas
  • Information on consultations can be retrieved
  • Online booking is viable
  • Invoices and payment receipts can be retrieved

Doctors can instantaneously access clinical, financial, and appointment data to generate additional revenue and outstanding patient results. The dashboard comprises of features such as search and drills down and financial & operational metrics.

Another advantage of the Genamet system is, doctors can increase consultations, control operating expenditures, and facilitate a useful patient experience. The staff can use the Genamet system to print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Reports and Analytics Data

While creating the Genamet dashboard, the doctors' requirements for accessing relevant clinical, operational, and management performance parameters are considered. Through the reporting features, the generation of bespoke reports is possible. AI facilitates the retrieval of real-time data and the creation of customized reports. By analyzing patient-related data, physicians can deliver effective patient care.

Doctors can make sound medical judgments through the several reports available on the Genamet system. Data related to the clinic's productivity is available to the doctors, helping them enhance clinical and financial outcomes. An advanced data analytics bolsters patient care results not only for the patients consulting the doctor but also for members of society.

Genamet's user interface is insightful as well as straightforward; doctors can quickly produce reports about patients' medical conditions using the system. Effortlessly interpreted charts and graphs provide details on consultations, illness patterns, medication use, collections, receivables, and patient demographics.

If an office owner wants to use the Genamet system for knowing a doctor's performance report, it is feasible; reports on patient visits, clinical and financial efficiency are present. Reports available in the mailbox can be accessed frequently.

Online Web Presence

The healthcare sector is expanding mainly due to substantial progress in telemedicine and digital technology. Patients are going online to fulfill their healthcare requirements. By improving online visibility, doctors can enhance their clinic's brand value, which will result in more exceptional business. Listing practices on an aggregator site is an option for doctors; however, it doesn't always deliver favorable results. Aggregators are known to charge high fees from doctors for a particular appointment booking. Again, because of the cancellation of the paid listings process, patient appointments will also decline. Genamet's application solutions suite will enable doctors to boost their revenue based on an optimized online presence for their practice. Improved retention and referrals are viable if medical providers can ensure cost-effective optimization of their online presence.


Though the concept of teleconsultation (either through video or phone) has been available for several years, it was not very popular as both patients and doctors preferred to meet face-to-face for medical consultations. Teleconsultation was a concept that only the semi-urban or rural folks used (if the phone or the internet worked) to consult specialist doctors. It was also used to deliver care across the rural hinterland. The pandemic that started in India sometime in early 2020 meant that patients were reluctant to travel to doctor clinics to consult with them. Similarly doctors were apprehensive about the risk of infection from patients even as they came to consult them. The lockdown accelerated the need to use alternate means for consulting with doctors. Telemedicine / video consulting have gained popularity among both doctors and patients as it circumvents the need for patients to travel.There is a number of advantages from using teleconsulting. Providers can reach their regular patients for follow-ups even if either of them are struck in a city or place that is different from their original city of residence. Even if they were in the same city or even in close proximity, video consulting is safer than traveling.

Salient Features of the Teleconsultation

At Genamet, we have integrated the video consulting feature to the EHR. Doctors can initiate video consulting securely at the beginning of the appointment. Video consulting appointments are available online at the book appointment stage which means that patients can actually schedule an appointment for a video consultation. Genamet can customize your patient process such that either an appointments is booked or a request is sent to the doctor and the appointment booking time is managed to suit mutual convenience. Online payments can also be collected upfront before the video consultation is initiated. Doctors can choose their payment gateway and all the fees paid (minus payment gateway deductions) are transferred to the doctor. This is unlike aggregators who deduct a substantial fee. There is also no risk of receiving the payment as the doctor does not take a risk on the aggregator. Doctors can complete the entire cycle of patient consultation using Genamet’s EHR and appointment booking application which is cloud based.

Video consulting is much cheaper for patients as they do not have to spend time or money in travel. Doctors can also reach patients outside their normal regular working hours. The convenience of treating patients anywhere and anytime is truly beneficial to both.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

Currently, App-based delivery services have a significant impact on the health care domain; using smartphones, patients can now contact the doctors from any location 24/7. Genamet will be introducing an App-based health care service delivery that would be beneficial to its customers.

For a compassionate doctor with a focus on service delivery, it would be appropriate to get started. Book a free demo and get a first-hand experience on how Genamet healthcare software is shaping patient care progress. Genamet has no Chinese investment and no fear of patient or doctor data being shared with China. All data is stored in servers in India.

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