Connect from anywhere, anytime

Secure teleconsulting feature that is integrated with the Genamet platform

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Connect from anywhere, anytime

Convenient and flexible

Patient can either book an appointment or can request a timeslot outside the schedule.

Stay engaged with the patient

Connect through mobile, desktop or laptop

Safe, secure and compliant

Data is secure and calls are anonymous

Easy and convenient to collect teleconsulting fees

Integrate with payment gateway and collect fee while booking appointment

Document as you speak

Easy to chart and document even as teleconsulting is in progress


Some Questions Answered

We can integrate a payment gateway of your choice for a fee that allows you to collect payment in advance at the time of appointment booking
Yes, that is possible, We allow patients to send a message to you after making the payment requesting for a teleconsulting appointment at a mutually convenient time.
Our teleconsulting service is safe, secure and HIPAA compliant. You can send an e-prescription to clients/patients availing this appointment.
Absolutely not. All our Clinic Management packages allow unlimited teleconsulting appointments.
You can access this with a mobile, laptop or desktop with video and audio features.

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