EHR Solutions

An EHR software solution facilitates the integration of a clinic’s electronic health records to enable a doctor to steer the progress of value-based care effectively. With Genamet, doctors can focus on their patients instead of worrying about their EHR. The easy to navigate design of Genamet helps doctors to deliver safe and effective care in a clinic. At Genamet, we believe doctors are already efficient, but we think their EHR must also be productive. With Genamet, better efficiency is a natural process – from more intuitive, user-friendly software. The outcome is more contented doctors with higher job satisfaction since they focus most on caring for their patients. Genamet helps doctors to personalize their EHR solutions, so it works for them, not against them. Genamet’s EHR solutions help doctors comply with regulatory requirements.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Genamet's appointment booking and scheduling software provide online support to doctors, working 24/7 to fill their schedules. It offers fast, easy to use, and reliable support to doctors and patients at the time of appointments booking. Patients will find it easy to book appointments online; they can also call the clinic and schedule an appointment. After scheduling an appointment, the doctor and the patient receive a confirmation via email or SMS. Doctors can check their schedule using their phone or desktop. Also, doctors can automatically update the existing calendar – Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365 by Genamet; they can send their customized confirmations on email/SMS to patients.

Genamet makes it easy to manage appointments across different locations and various doctors. A doctor could be practicing at multiple locations at multiple times of the day. A patient does not have to go through the grind; it just takes one click of the mouse for a patient to access the doctor's calendar. Genamet system ensures patients can quickly and expeditiously confirm the availability of several doctors across many locations, and it facilitates the self-booking of appointments by patients. An option to link bookings to online payment is also present in the Genamet system. Patients can book appointments without having to log into the Genamet system.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

  • Multiple locations and different doctors
  • HIPAA Compliant system – ensures patient data security
  • The system is user friendly (Even a non-tech savvy doctor will find it easy to navigate)
  • AI-powered system enhances usability and efficiency
  • Immediate notification to doctors as well as patients

EHR HIPAA Compliant

Genamet EHR system helps doctors to maintain the integrity of the medical records and to safeguard the confidentiality of information. Doctors’ life is always busy; achieving the objective of comprehensive patient care requires a full spectrum of medical knowledge, effective use of an EHR system, and information about a patient’s life and health. A doctor’s time as a contributing factor to health care costs and as a vital aspect in the patient-doctor relationship is well-established. At Genamet, we understand the big picture, ensuring doctors spend quality time with the patients, and use available resources for conditions that are confirmed to be medically necessary. Genamet EHR software enables doctors to store all data in one place - patient appointments schedule, patient information, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, treatment plans, and drug information; customizing all facets to a doctor’s specialty and practice. The complete array of information is available on a single screen.

Salient Features of the Genamet EHR System

Genamet’s AI-powered set of tools delivers all that is required very fast and most feasibly. Doctors can quickly scan and upload documents. Doctors can access and utilize medical forms and templates that are suitable for the specialty of their clinic.

The Genamet system allows physicians to tag forms and templates as favorites; swiftly completing the entire documentation process is also feasible. Through Genamet, physicians will be able to access patient data at any place and at any time.

  • Developing an efficient workflow for the practice
  • The system is customized for a doctor’s practice
  • Doctors’ do not have to spend much time on documentation
  • An intelligent dashboard
  • Telemedicine feature

The dashboard offers doctors access to clinical data on appointments, financial information, and drug data related to a specific disease.

Patient Portal

Genamet’s patient portal supports doctors in empowering their patients by helping them play a key role in assessing and overseeing their health. Greater involvement by patients in their health would also signify better compliance. Patients can safely retrieve information related to their consultations, medications, and investigations. Genamet’s patient portal enables patients to book appointments; patients will be able to make payments online and retrieve invoices/receipts. With Genamet, patients can easily modify their health status, social & family history, and other personal information, which results in effective time management. Doctors must ask themselves a question, are we doing enough to improve patient relationships? Positive patient experience is critical to attracting new patients. Improved retention and referral rates will help doctors in growing the practice.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

Genamet supports doctors by making patients a dedicated stakeholder in the overall treatment, which results in better patient results. In the long-run, by using the Genamet system, patients show more interest in their wellbeing, since they can access medical records, prescriptions, invoices & receipts, and doctor summaries. Through Genamet, patients can record any information related to history and demographics online.

The Genamet patient portal would have a significant impact on the patients’ health by giving them access to time-saving tools. Trust is the critical factor in a patient-doctor relationship; with active patient engagement, patient trust also improves. Positive patient experience is not limited to the treatment of a medical issue but is concerned with the complete patient journey – appointment booking, diagnostic tests follow-up visits, etc.

  • Schedule new appointments
  • Existing appointments can be wisely managed
  • Forthcoming appointments information can be viewed
  • Online payments for appointments is feasible
  • Possible to view and print prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Information related to allergy, contact details, and social & family history can be updated

Genamet offers more features – health reminders, selecting patients and sending them appointments related messages (email/SMS), preventive reminders, and immunization/vaccination alerts; this would make patient outreach better. Doctors can provide personalized content on every patient portal soon. Patients will be able to finish questionnaires and access customized education.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Telemedicine and Teleconsultation

The extreme uncertainty caused by the Covi19 pandemic has caused an extraordinary situation as far as medical consultations are concerned. While mobility has been impacted adversely which prevents patients from travelling to meet doctors, there is also increased fear among Practitioners about allowing patients inside their clinics. It is simply not practical or cost effective for doctors to don PPE suits and wear protective face shields. Doctors have always stressed the need for maintaining personal hygiene, they have started sanitizing their premises daily. While the costs of doing this is manageable we have also seen outpatient practices being impacted due to the above reasons. This is where teleconsultation and telemedicine comes into play. Integrating the scheduling application with the ability to pay for the telemedicine consultation and the secure video application is a gamechanger. Talenetic facilitated exactly this. Patients can book appointments online or over the phone and pay for the consultation online. Patients receive a SMS and email with the credentials for the video call.

Online Web Presence

The Healthcare domain has witnessed transformational changes with the development of telemedicine and advancements in digital technology. Patients are increasingly moving online for their medical requirements; doctors must maintain a robust online presence to increase visibility and attract new patients. By sharing appropriate medical information online, doctors can build their online reputation; positive online reviews about a doctor/clinic will result in business expansion. Doctors can alleviate the adverse impact of misinformation or fake medical news by sharing evidence-based information through different social media channels.

Doctors believe that listing their clinic on an aggregator site would be more than enough to direct patient traffic; however, the reality is different. Aggregators usually charge exorbitant fees from doctors for every booked appointment. They can also possibly control the flow of appointments for any given doctor listed on their site. Once the paid listings arrangement gets terminated, doctors will see a reduction in patient appointments.

Genamet’s application solutions suite assists doctors in building their clinic’s strong online presence; doctors will benefit from profitability increase, professional development. Genamet suggests that doctors should cost-effectively optimize their Web presence. Developing your Web presence would increase retention and referrals.

Practice Management Software

Through Genamet practice management software, doctors can identify patients by using specific details such as the name of the person, contact number, or registration number; they will be able to practice at any location and at any time. Genamet is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant software that helps doctors reduce data entry, add favorites, and decrease clicks by selecting from a list of frequently used encounters, drugs, and templates. With Genamet, patients can make online appointment bookings or call the clinic; they will receive an email/SMS confirmation. Doctors can easily customize schedules, timings, and locations, thereby making the complete process of booking appointments suitable and user friendly for patients. Doctors, clinic personnel, and patients can access real-time information about the schedule. Doctors can generate invoices and payment receipts; they can also be accessed by patients online to view and print. Alerts, to-do lists, and reminders enable personnel to improve their efficiency.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Genamet understands that every doctor's requirement varies. It is possible to customize Genamet for a specialty's specific needs; the system aims to enhance productivity and efficiency. Genamet is advanced doctor-oriented software that simplifies documentation and allows access to patient data anywhere and anytime. Doctors can assess the most recent patient data.

  • It is cloud-based HIPAA compliant software
  • Doctors can practice at any location and at any time
  • Real-time information about the schedule is available
  • Online booking is feasible
  • Invoices and payment receipts can be accessed

Doctors can immediately access real-time clinical, financial, and appointments related practice data; establishing the foundation for improvements in productivity and profitability along with excellent patient outcomes. The dashboard consists of features such as search and drills down along with clinical, financial, and operational metrics. Through Genamet, doctors can improve patient workflows efficiency, reducing operating costs, and increasing patient satisfaction. Genamet's staff portal is for administrative personnel; they can print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

Currently, App-based delivery services are changing the healthcare landscape; patients can easily connect with doctors using mobile devices from any location 24/7. Genamet is developing an App-based health care service delivery that would be made available to its customers at the earliest.

Reports and Analytics Data

With Genamet dashboards, doctors can monitor standard clinical, operational, and management performance parameters; its innovative reporting abilities facilitate the generation of specific reports. AI creates real-time data and develops customized reports. Data analysis improves patient outcomes, along with enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Genamet’s complete array of reports will provide a doctor with insightful data on the functioning of the clinic; comprehensive data analytics assists in driving improved care outcomes across the population other than patients visiting the clinic. Physicians can leverage the power of data to enhance clinical and financial results.

With Genamet, doctors can generate reports to assess patients’ health. The intuitive user interface is easy to use with fast response times. Various reports - appointments, diseases break-up, drugs use, collections, receivables, and patient demographics are present in the form of easy to decipher charts and graphs.

An owner would want to assess the performance of a doctor in the clinic. Genamet generates reports on the performance of the doctor; it would be possible to access reports covering appointments, clinical and financial performance. The mailbox will receive the reports on pre-scheduled durations.

Hospital Management

Comprehensive hospital management software enables hospitals to handle various activities, improve patient care, and ensure a positive patient experience. Genamet is coming up with a robust hospital management system in future that would cater to a hospital’s diverse requirements.

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