Patient Management System

A healthcare professional’s priority must be caring for patients; various functions such as paperwork, scheduling, and billing can be a hurdle. A medical patient management system indicates an automated system that helps solo practices deliver outstanding patient care. A patient management system is to monitor patient information, diagnoses, drug plans, and encounters. Automated process management streamlines various functions, enabling doctors to focus on patient care. Time and wellbeing are two vital essentials; patient management can have an impact on both. From the time patients enter a doctor’s clinic for treatment, their care management commences.

One can safely say that patient management tools have a link with the complete patient experience. For a medical practice, patients are the customers; a positive patient experience is the main priority. Doctors are continually seeking ways to enhance patient care and maintain relationships between clinic visits. Staffs in a clinic also gain from automation of administrative functions. Patient management is all about that and also saves money in the process.A robust patient management software such as Genamet is very useful in integrating appointment status, patient data, diagnoses, prescriptions, and billing processes; doctors can decrease costs through automation of functions such as appointment scheduling, providing reminders, and billing.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are the digital transformation of medical charts; EMRs contain accurate notes and distinct information accumulated by physicians. EMRs provide great value in comparison to medical records. Healthcare professionals can decipher data, finalize patients for preventive consultation, examine patients, and offer excellent healthcare.

Establishing EMRs in their clinic will help physicians confirm each patient’s health status about medical requirements such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings. Various clinics can retrieve a specific patient’s electronic chart through EMR software.

Doctors functioning from a clinic have a favorable opinion about cloud-based Electronic Medical Record Systems; they are easy to maintain and budget-friendly. Genamet, a cloud-based Electronic Medical Record System, fulfills a clinic’s varied requirements; physicians can maximize patient care and boost productivity. Operating a practice is extremely challenging; time management is critical for success. Genamet enables physicians to focus on healthcare instead of getting anxious about their EMR system.

Applying the Genamet system in a clinic is not difficult; being an intuitive system helps physicians improve their EMR efficiency. Once physicians get a grip on using the system, they can have a more significant impact during patient journeys because of personalized EMR solutions. Genamet supports physicians in achieving compliance goals.

Health Information Technology

An effective healthcare system plays a vital role in the treatment of diseases, prolonging life period, and improving community wellbeing. Health information technology, such as Genamet, supports collaborative patient care at a low-cost.

Documentation and EMR System

Electronic documentation tools boost the effectiveness of clinical documentation, facilitating information sharing within the healthcare community. Doctors practicing in a clinic have to validate if the health information is precise, relevant, complete, authentic, and timely. There is a growth in the demand for electrical medical records (EMRs); at the same time, medical stakeholders are worried about the probable loss of documentation integrity, which can affect patient care. The Genamet system ensures the exactness of health records. Healthcare professionals must establish procedures in their clinics that provide billing compliance.

Advantages of Documentation and EMR System

Proper documentation supports effective decision-making and a review of the treatment plan. The data derived from documentation offers excellent value. However, documentation must fulfill a practice’s clinical and operational needs.

Physicians who achieve optimal clinical and cost-effective care outcomes, outstanding quality assurance results, and excellent patient satisfaction levels will get more referrals and increase profitability.

The Positive Impact of Cloud Computing on the Healthcare Domain

The use of cloud computing technology in health care has lead to a transformation in the healthcare landscape. Physicians can offer excellent and cost-effective treatment to the patients. Cloud computing is undoubtedly going to play a significant role in healthcare in the coming years. Through Genamet, doctors can access robust cloud competencies to deliver a positive patient experience.

Commercial Advantages of EMR

Through Genamet’s EMR system, healthcare professionals can reduce their overall cost of operations and achieve a higher return on financial investments. Doctors can save significantly on medication expenditures, improve diagnostics effectiveness, modify reporting of billing processes, and eliminate billing errors.

Patient Satisfaction and EMR

Genamet software helps patients in accessing medical records. Once a clinic’s effectiveness improves, a physician can concentrate on the continuity of patient care.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

A robust appointment booking and scheduling system function as an online assistant to physicians; Genamet’s system helps fill a doctor’s schedule 24/7. The Genamet system offers several qualities – dynamic, easy to use, swift assistance to physicians and patients, thus, ensuring the appointment booking process is very simple. Patients can take advantage of the online appointment bookings option; they can also interact with the staff at the clinic if required. An appointment confirmation email/SMS will be sent to the doctor and patient. Using Genamet, physicians will easily modify their current calendar automatically - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365. Physicians will be in a position to send exact emails/SMS validating the booking to the patients.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

Through the Genamet software, it is possible to make appointment bookings for different doctors across multiple areas. Based on a single click of the mouse, a patient can view the doctor’s calendar.

  • Different physicians based out of many areas
  • Since it is a HIPAA Compliant system, protection of patient data is assured
  • Doctors need not be tech-savvy to use the system
  • AI-powered system has a proven record of boosting performance while being user-friendly
  • Physicians and patients can receive immediate notifications

Patients can tap the Genamet system to validate the consultation time of multiple doctors located in various areas. The system is useful for self-booking of appointments. An online booking option is available through the Genamet system. Patients’ do not have to log into the system to confirm appointments.

EHR HIPAA Compliant

The integrity of the medical record is a crucial compliance requirement; through the Genamet EHR system, healthcare professionals can safeguard information and maintain confidentiality. Physicians work under challenging environments; they must apply a wide array of medical expertise, optimally use an EHR system, and observe patients' health conditions to succeed in their profession. Doctors must be competent in time management to control health care costs and ensure a positive patient-doctor relationship. The Genamet system design is based on a holistic view of healthcare; resource utilization must be for medical requisites. A Genamet system is an excellent option for a doctor focused on effective patient care. While using the Genamet EHR software, doctors will not face any difficulty in storing multiple data in one location – treatment schedule, medication plan, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, patient appointments schedule, and information regarding every patient. Physicians can interpret the information available on a single screen for decision making.

Salient Features of the Genamet EMR System

The AI-powered tools that are an integral aspect of the Genamet system provide all mandatory requirements. Scanning and uploading documents are also possible through the Genamet system. Physicians can utilize medical forms and templates as part of their practice.

If doctors wish to tag forms and templates as favorites, they can do so using the Genamet system. The documentation procedure is not complicated. Doctors can access patient data 24/7 while using the Genamet system.

  • Establishing an effective procedure for the practice
  • The system has been developed to cater to the needs of a physician's operation from a clinic
  • Healthcare professionals can manage the entire documentation procedure
  • A powerful dashboard

With the dashboard's help, physicians can determine clinical data on appointments, financial information, and medication for illnesses.

Online Web Presence

The advancements in telemedicine and digital technology have had a substantial impact on the healthcare sector. Patients are more comfortable with online options for their treatment. Only if physicians have an active online presence will they be able to generate additional business. Any positive feedback about the doctor/clinic will result in a business increase.

Healthcare professionals believe that listing their clinic on aggregator sites will improve the business to the clinic. That is not always the case. Aggregators ask for huge fees from doctors for a given booked appointment; they can also observe the patient’s appointment booking for a specific physician. If paid listings are not present, doctors will have to face a decline in business.

Genamet’s application solutions suite is an excellent option for doctors to boost their clinic’s online presence. Hence, Genamet suggests physicians plan their Web presence cost-effectively; this will increase retention and referrals.

Patient Portal

A patient portal supports patients in evaluating their health records; the Genamet patient portal empowers them to take ownership of their overall health. Patient engagement and compliance outcomes are related. Patients are always anxious about the information leak. With the help of Genamet, patients will find it easy to access information about appointment booking, drugs for a disease, and research. Patients can handle the appointment booking process without difficulty. The Genamet system helps patients make online payments; patients will be able to process invoices/receipts with the system's assistance. Patients can make appropriate modifications to their health status, social & family environment with the aid of the Genamet system. It enables doctors to have better control over their assignments and use resources judiciously. Learning is a constant process in healthcare, just like in other professions. Being a knowledge-based domain, physicians must continuously evaluate their contribution to sustaining the patient-relationships. Hence, for a physician to succeed in the competitive healthcare landscape, effective patient care is necessary for achieving a positive patient experience.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

Patients will also find the intuitive nature of the Genamet system to their advantage. With the system's help, doctors can make sure patients demonstrate a more significant commitment to the overall patient care process. Through the Genamet system, patients can evaluate medical data, medications, invoices & receipts, and physician summaries. Making changes to patients' conditions and demographics online is more accessible through Genamet.

  • Authorizing new appointments by doctors are possible
  • Managing current appointments is easier
  • Future appointments details can be accessed
  • Online payments option is available
  • It is feasible to view and print prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Deciphering data about allergy, personal information, social & family background

Patients must get comfortable with using time-saving tools to enhance their health. Genamet system helps them in this initiative. Trust is the foundation for excellent communication between patient and physician. With increased patient engagement, trust also improves. Patient care is much more than the treatment plan for an illness; it also factors other aspects – doctors' availability, diagnosis, test outcomes, follow-ups, etc.

At the earliest, Genamet will bring in additional features - updates on health, patient confirmation, and information sharing through email/SMS, preventive reminders, and immunization/vaccination alerts; patient outreach will become better over some time.

Plans & Pricing

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Video Consulting/Teleconsulting

It is becoming increasingly important for doctors to adopt newer practices while treating patients. The Covid-19 crisis has been an inflexion point and has driven Teleconsulting as an useful tool for doctors to be in touch with their patients. While doctors are taking multiple precautions to overcome the threat of infection at clinics such as the use of thermal thermometers to screen patients, widespread use of sanitisers, insisting on patients wearing masks before entering clinics and maintaining social distancing; there is still widespread hesitation among patients as they fear getting infected. Doctors are similarly reluctant, in many cases they treat only known patients or in some cases keep their clinics closed. Teleconsulting can be a good solution to overcome these challenges.

In Teleconsulting or video consulting, patients connect with doctors over a video call from their mobile phones or computer. At Genamet, patients can book an appointment online for a teleconsulting slot. Doctors can integrate the booking of the appointment with a payment gateway so that the fees can be collected upfront. Patients receive an email as well as a SMS providing the link and password for joining the teleconsulting call. Doctors can chart the patient’s symptoms and treatment plan even as they are in the teleconsulting call. Doctors can email and SMS the prescription and the treatment plan to the patients – all so convenient because patients can purchase the medication without a print of the prescription. Teleconsulting can same significant time and money for patients in terms of travel. It is also very convenient because the patient does not have to take leave from his or her work. Doctors also find it very convenient and flexible. Why wait?

Reports and Analytics Data

The Genamet system helps doctors in viewing basic clinical, operational, and governance parameters. It is also useful for creating multiple reports using the reporting features. Through AI, it is feasible to interpret data and generate valuable reports. Based on the data analysis, it is possible to improve patient results.

Genamet’s entire gamut of reports helps doctors in measuring the clinic’s performance. Data analytics ensure excellent patient care for the members of society other than the patients’ visiting the clinic. Based on the conclusions from data evaluation, it is viable to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Physicians can create various reports about the patients’ health condition using the Genamet system. A user-friendly and robust user interface offers an immediate response. Assessing information on appointments, illness types, medication, collections, receivables, and patient demographics via charts and graphs is viable.

Owners of clinics can assess the progress of a doctor using the Genamet system; it is possible to download reports on appointments, clinical and financial results. If required, retrieving reports from the mailbox is likely based on the schedule.

Practice Management Software

Physicians are continually looking for options to identify a specific patient; using the Genamet practice management software, doctors can do so based on information like registration details, contact number, and patient’s name. Always, cloud-based HIPAA compliant software such as Genamet supports healthcare professionals to reduce data entry, add favorites, and reduce clicks by selecting from a record of usually used encounters, medications, and templates. The online appointment booking option present in Genamet will be useful for patients. Patients will be able to communicate with the clinic staff as and when required. Patients will receive confirmation through email/SMS. Doctors won’t face any issue at the time of personalization of appointments, timings, and locations.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Patients will enjoy an obstacle-free appointment booking procedure; healthcare professionals can easily create invoices and payment receipts. The system also has an option to access invoices & payment receipts online, which can then be viewed and printed by patients. With the help of alerts, to-do-lists, and reminders, personnel can bolster efficiency.

Genamet design takes into consideration the requisites of each physician. Hence, it is possible to personalize the Genamet system for specific clinic’s requirements; through the system, improving the process efficiency is viable. Intuitive software like Genamet enhances documentation and facilitates the retrieval of patient data 24/7, from various areas. Doctors can analyze data for informed decision making.

  • A cloud-based HIPAA compliant software is beneficial for patients
  • Doctors can operate from any location 24/7
  • Any updates about the schedule can be viewed
  • Authentication of availability is feasible
  • Online booking option is available
  • Processing of invoices and payment receipts via the system

Healthcare professionals can retrieve real-time clinical, financial, and appointments information; it results in efficiency improvement and an increase in revenue. The dashboard comprises of features like search and drills down and clinical, financial, and operational metrics. Genamet is useful for doctors in increasing patient visits, controlling cost, and delivering a positive patient experience. Staff at the clinic can use the Genamet staff portal to print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

Hospital Management

As per healthcare stakeholders, a powerful hospital management system is useful for hospitals; it delivers a positive patient experience. Genamet will introduce a robust hospital management system to the market to fulfill a hospital’s distinct requirements.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

App-based service delivery is radically making strides in the healthcare domain; patients can communicate with doctors through smartphones from any location around the clock. Genamet is planning to bring to the table an App-based health care service delivery very soon.

A healthcare professional with a focus on combining advanced technology with patient care cannot get a better time to get started. Kindly communicate with us to book a free demo and confirm how Genamet’s patient management system boosts the patient journey.

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