Medical Records Software

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital version of medical charts; EMRs consist of comprehensive notes and exact information accumulated by physicians in their clinic. Doctors can effortlessly assess data over a duration, identify patients for preventive consultations, review patients' progress, and deliver outstanding patient care. Doctors practicing in a clinic are more comfortable with cloud-based electronic medical records software such as Genamet, which is not difficult to install and offers substantial cost savings. Genamet’s design caters to a clinic's varied requirements; doctors using the Genamet system can deliver a positive patient experience while boosting productivity. Amidst a hectic professional life, effectively using time is a challenge for any doctor. With the help of Genamet, doctors can focus on their practice, without worrying about their EMR system.The intuitive Genamet system is straightforward to navigate; Genamet helps doctors optimize EMR productivity and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

An appointment booking and scheduling software functions as an online assistant to a healthcare professional; with the help of the Genamet system, doctors can quickly fill their schedules round the clock. The Genamet system has several distinctive features – powerful, user-friendly, immediate assistance to physicians and patients; the complete appointment booking becomes very convenient.

Patients can have a hassle-free appointment through the online booking option; if required, patients can interact with the concerned staff at the clinic. Upon appointment confirmation, doctors and patients will receive the details via email or SMS.

An innovative system such as the Genamet helps physicians automatically make modifications to their existing calendar - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365. Doctors can use the Genamet system to deliver any particular emails/SMS, confirming the availability to the patients.

Through the Genamet system, patients will be able to confirm the availability of several physicians in different areas; the self-booking of appointments is also possible. If patients want to make the online booking through the Genamet system, it is viable. Patients do not have to log into the system to confirm appointments.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

  • Various physicians located in multiple areas
  • It is easier to safeguard patient data through a HIPAA Compliant system
  • Even a doctor who is averse to technology can navigate the system
  • The system is straightforward to use
  • Being an AI-powered system, it boosts efficiency and usability
  • Possible to immediately notify physicians and patients

Health Information Technology

A health care system should be effective in treating diseases, extending lifespan, and safeguarding community wellbeing. A health information technology, such as Genamet, assists doctors in providing excellent patient care at a nominal rate within a safe environment.

Documentation and EMR System

Electronic documentation tools provide many features that enhance clinical documentation, facilitating knowledge transfer within the healthcare community. Doctors practicing in a clinic must make sure the health information documentation is correct, relevant, complete, authentic, and timely. There is a significant increase in demand for electrical health records (EMRs); a loss of documentation integrity will affect patient care. The Genamet system helps maintain the correctness of health records; physicians must establish procedures that ensure billing compliance. Adequate documentation is critical for decision making and analysis of the treatment plan; the insight into the information available through documentation is beneficial; documentation must fulfill a practice’s clinical and operational needs. If doctors operating from a clinic want to continue in business, they have to ensure high-quality and cost-effective care outcomes, which will boost referrals and increase profits.

Cloud Computing Is Having A Significant Impact on the Healthcare Domain

The application of cloud computing in healthcare has had a transformational effect; cloud computing technology will play a more significant role in the healthcare domain; patients will receive cost-effective treatment. Using the Genamet system, physicians can apply innovative cloud competencies to ensure a positive patient experience.

Commercial Advantages of EMR

Using the Genamet EMR system, physicians can decrease the overall expenditure in their clinic. Achieving a positive return on financial investments is feasible. Doctors can also accomplish savings on medications, effective diagnostics, efficient billing process reporting, and negligible billing inaccuracy.

A Positive Patient Experience and EMR

Genamet system helps patients better manage their records; a productive clinic will help a doctor focus on consultation.

Hospital Management

An innovative hospital management system provides immense benefits to hospitals, including high-quality patient care. Genamet plans to bring a robust hospital management system to the table that is in line with a hospital's distinct requirements.

EMR HIPAA Complaint

Doctors must ensure the medical record's integrity as part of the compliance requirement; the Genamet EMR software is very useful in safeguarding information and maintaining confidentiality. If doctors have to stay relevant in the highly competitive healthcare environment, they must leverage various medical expertise, skillfully use an EMR system, and examine patients' wellbeing. A doctor's availability in the clinic has a bearing on the healthcare expenditure; there is also a correlation between a doctor's consultation time and the patient-doctor relationship. Optimal resources use for only medical requisites; the Genamet system has been developed based on an understanding of the big picture. Physicians can spend quality time in taking care of their patients.

Salient Features of the Genamet EMR System

Storing information in one place will help a doctor. Using the Genamet EMR system, doctors can maintain various data in a single location – treatment schedule, drug prescriptions, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, patient confirmation details, and background information every patient. Since all the information is available on a specific screen, it is easier for a doctor to access and interpret them.

Another advantage of the Genamet system is the presence of the AI-powered tools offering mandatory requirements; the process of scanning and uploading documents is easy. Doctors in their clinic can use medical forms and templates.

  • Setting up a robust procedure for the practice
  • The system fulfills the requirements of a physician practicing in a clinic
  • Healthcare professionals can oversee the entire documentation
  • A smart dashboard

The Genamet system is useful for physicians in tagging forms and templates as favorites; useful documentation has made the process easier to manage. Physicians can interpret patient data at any time and from any place based on the Genamet software.

The dashboard is useful for physicians in determining clinical data on appointments, financial information, and drugs for diseases.

Online Web Presence

The ingenious progress made on telemedicine and digital technology has had a significant impact on the healthcare sector. Patients are seeking online opportunities for their treatment. Doctors who ignore the online presence may find themselves out of business. A reasonable opinion of a doctor/clinic will also boost revenue for a clinic.

Listing on an aggregator site doesn’t necessarily have to lead to improved business for the practice. Aggregators are known to charge excess fees from doctors for a given booked appointment; they can also possibly view the patient visits to a particular physician. In the absence of paid listings, doctors will not be able to sustain their business.

Genamet’s entire gamut of applications is useful for doctors to establish their practice’s online presence; doctors practicing in a clinic can generate additional revenue. Hence, Genamet advises physicians to create a web presence strategy to enhance retention and referrals.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Reports and Analytics Data

Doctors are always seeking ways to analyze clinical, operational, and governance parameters. Genamet system supports them in this.

The Genamet system is appropriate for creating multiple reports through its reporting features. AI is effective in providing meaningful data and useful reports. Data interpretation will improve patient outcomes.

Genamet’s entire gamut of reports enables doctors to measure the clinic’s performance. Data analytics supports positive care results for society and patients confirming appointments in the clinic. Based on the conclusion from data analysis, doctors can boost clinical and financial outcomes.

Physicians can create several reports related to patients’ health conditions with the help of the Genamet system. The user interface, which is necessary and intuitive, provides quick response times. Interpreting information about doctor’s availability, illness types, medications, collections, receivables, and patient demographics based on charts and graphs is viable.

Owners of clinics are keen to determine the doctor’s performance; the Genamet system provides reports on the doctor’s productivity; reports about appointments, clinical & financial outcomes are also present. The reports available in the mailbox can also be retrieved.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

App-based service delivery has a significant impact on the healthcare domain; patients can use their smartphones to communicate with doctors from any place. Genamet will be releasing an App-based health care service delivery for both Android and Apple devices at the earliest.

Patient Portal

The Genamet patient portal helps patients be empowered while managing their overall health; patients can also tap into the system to examine their health records. The correlation between patient engagement and compliance outcomes in healthcare is known. Patients are mindful of information leaks. While using the Genamet system, patients can get an insight into appointments with a doctor, the medication used for a disease, and investigation. Genamet is also useful for efficiently handling the appointment booking process. Through the Genamet system, online payments are possible. Patients can easily manage invoices/receipts while using the software. Patients can apply the Genamet software for making appropriate modifications to their health status, community & family history. It gives doctors the confidence to manage their schedules effectively along with optimizing resource usage.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

Physicians must continuously upgrade their skills to achieve success professionally. If doctors want to increase patient visits to their clinics, they must initiate measures to sustain patient-relationships. Any increase in retention and referrals also leads to improved profitability. Hence, effective patient care and accompanying patient experience are crucial from a medical perspective for business growth. An intuitive system such as Genamet helps in encouraging patients to have a more significant say in their health. Using the Genamet system, patients can decipher medical data, medications, invoices & receipts, and doctors' summaries. The process of changing information relating to patients' history and demographics online is more accessible through Genamet.

  • Authentication of new appointments by doctors is viable
  • Possible to oversee current appointments correctly
  • New appointments schedule can be accessed
  • The system has an online payments option
  • The system supports viewing and printing prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Making changes to data regarding allergy, patient details, community & family background as required

Patients must get used to handling time-saving tools to enhance their health. Genamet is very helpful in this endeavor. Trust is a critical element of the overall patient care process; patients are not only concerned about the treatment plan, but also with other factors – doctors availability, effective diagnosis, test plans, outcomes, follow-ups, etc.

Shortly, Genamet plans to bring in additional features – health updates, patient availability information, information processing via email/SMS, preventive reminders, and immunization/vaccination alerts; patient outreach will be better over the longer duration. Doctors will be in a better position to provide personalized content for various patients. Through the system, patients can reply to questionnaires and manage customized education.

Practice Management Software

A physician wanting to identify a specific patient based on multiple information, including registration details, contact details, person's name, can use the Genamet practice management software. Cloud-based HIPAA compliant software is beneficial in reducing data entry, supplementing favorites, lessening clicks by choosing from a list of correctly used encounters, medications, and templates. Patients can make online appointment bookings using the Genamet system. Once the appointment is confirmed, patients receive an email/SMS confirming the appointment. Doctors will not have any problem while personalizing appointments, timings, and locations. Creating invoices and payment receipts will become more accessible, as and when required, patients can view and print invoices & payments online. Alerts, to-do-lists, and reminders enable personnel at the clinic to boost efficiency.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Genamet system is customizable; hence, it is not difficult to modify it to suit a specific practice's requirements. Improving documentation efficiency and accessing patient data 24/7 is possible using the Genamet system. Doctors can make an accurate judgment by analyzing data.

  • A cloud-based HIPAA compliant software will always be beneficial to patients
  • Doctors can operate from any location
  • Real-time information regarding the schedule can be retrieved
  • Information verification is viable
  • Online booking feature makes the appointment confirmation easier
  • Invoices and payment receipts can be processed using the software

If doctors want, they can retrieve real-time clinical, financial, and appointment data; the data interpretation can help boost profitability. The dashboard includes attributes like search and drills down along with clinical, commercial, and operational metrics. The Genamet system is perfect for doctors to increase patient visits, control costs, and provide excellent patient care. The personnel working in the clinic can print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients with the Genamet system's support.

Teleconsulting and Video Consulting.

The Covid 19 pandemic could probably change the way patients consult with doctors. In India we have been essentially practicing a model where patients reach out to doctors and meet them face- to –face to seek treatments for their afflictions. Teleconsulting is gaining more and more acceptable amongst doctors and patients alike simply because it is easy and is probably the most optimal way for patients to reach doctors in these times when lockdowns and second and third lockdowns are becoming norm. Teleconsulting is a mechanism where a patient connects to a doctor over a video call on a computer or a mobile phone. This interaction has to be secure to make sure that patient privacy remains protected. There are a number of advantages for all stakeholders when using teleconsulting. There is no need to be physically available which eliminates the risk of any infection in these tough times. Transport cost and travel time is also eliminated. The only real cost is bandwidth that is used- this is relatively inexpensive. At Genamet, teleconsulting is offered as a feature to all EHR users.

Patients can book an appointment for video consulting using the doctor’s book appointment function in the doctor’s website / minisite. Patients can choose a convenient slot and book an appointment. They can also pay for the teleconsultation online as the appointment booking process is integrated with a payment gateway. Unlike aggregators, doctors receive the fees for the appointment with no deduction from Genamet. Once the appointment is booked, the doctor can initiate the video appointment at the given time. The video consulting is carried out securely- the patient receives a link by SMS and email to join the video consulting call. Once the teleconsulting is completed the doctor can email and SMS the prescription and investigations required to the patient. Patients can show the prescription and obtain the prescribed medication. The entire process is seam hen and convenient- truly touchless. Patients can also access there documents by logging in to the patient portal. Patients requiring regular doctor consultations but unable to travel can easily use the teleconsulting mode to talk to their doctors. It is truly easy and convenient.

healthcare professional focused on delivering high-quality and cost-effective treatment, there cannot be a better time to get started. Kindly call us and book a free demo to get an insight into the effectiveness of Genamet’s EMR system in transforming the patient journey.

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