Medical Practice Management

Medical practice management is about doctors across various disciplines of medicine and the staff supporting their practice. Operating a professional clinic is not easy. Doctors working in a clinic should prepare themselves to overcome many challenges to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care. Genamet system helps private practices to handle its work functions efficiently so that the doctor can focus on patient care.

Online Web Presence

The health care domain is making tremendous progress due to advancements in telemedicine and digital technology. Patients are increasingly using online facilities to fulfill their medical needs. Greater online visibility better would be a practice's value, resulting in business improvement.

Listing clinics on an aggregator site may not always offer appropriate outcomes for physicians. Aggregators charge exorbitant fees from physicians for every appointment booking. Also, the termination of the paid listings procedure will lead to a reduction in patient appointments.

Genamet's application solutions suite can be used by physicians to increase their revenue based on a comprehensive online presence for their clinic. Enhanced retention and referrals are feasible if doctors can strategize their online presence cost-effectively.

A model that relies exclusively on aggregators is not only unsustainable in the middle and long term, but also risky. Aggregators base their model like search engines, in displaying or listing search results based on the amount invested by a doctor in the aggregator’s “cost per appointment” model. This means that a doctor receives a patient only as long as he / she continues to invest in buying appointments from a aggregator. While it is a good model to get started, it is not a sustainable one. Use of aggregators to obtain a patient pipeline could mean that referrals / repeat patients might also end up using expensive aggregators to fix an appointment with the doctor.

Salient Features of the Online Web Presence

The biggest handicap of an aggregator only model is the steep decline in bookings once the doctor weans away from an aggregator. The fall in appointment can be drastic. An “aggregator only” approach also means that the doctor simply does not have a sustained web presence that could have perhaps sustained for appointments from sources other than aggregators. Aggregators depend a lot on search engines placing them on a higher rank when potential patients search for doctors. This model is highly flawed and risky as they would be severely impacted if search engines start penalizing aggregators when compared with individual websites, a pattern which we see in the case of jobs search.

There have been widespread complaints from doctors using aggregators that the cost per appointment has gone up over the years, is unfair, does not prioritize experienced doctors and is patently unfair and unethical. At Genamet, we recommend a strategy of using a powerful web presence built by Genamet in conjunction with aggregator use. Over a longer period of time doctors build their own web presence due to which patients come to them directly, bypassing the need for aggregators. Genamet provides you with powerful and credible web presence that is sustainable and builds trust among patients.

One another big disadvantage of using aggregators to book appointments is Chinese investment in some of these aggregators. Personal data could be at jeopardy if they fall in the hands of the Chinese. Genamet is fully owned by Indian entrepreneurs and the data resides within India (Mumbai datacentre of AWS). There are also reports that aggregators solicit drug / medication orders from patients which can be seen by doctors as unethical. Genamet does not sell drugs / pharmaceuticals / medicines.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

The Genamet appointment booking and scheduling system help doctors to confirm their schedule. The doctors and patients can use the Genamet system for any online assistance at the time of the appointment booking process; a confirmation message through email/SMS will be sent to the physicians and patients, highlighting the appointment's details. With time, doctors will get comfortable in handling the system. It becomes easier for them to automatically transform the current calendar - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365; doctors can keep their patients updated with appropriate healthcare information through emails/SMS.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

The process of appointment booking through Genamet is straightforward. All it takes is a click of the mouse for a patient to validate a doctor's availability. Patients can self-confirm appointments; they can complete the entire process without having to log into the system.

  • It is possible for patients to get an insight into multiple clinics based out of several places
  • The system is HIPAA Compliant; hence patient data security is verified
  • Physicians who are not comfortable with technology will also find the system simple to use
  • The system being AI-powered, it bolsters usability and effectiveness
  • Delivering immediate notification to healthcare providers and patients is possible

EHR HIPAA Compliant

With the Genamet EHR system's assistance, doctors can ensure their practice adheres to compliance requirements through the integrity of their medical records. Healthcare providers can easily ensure information confidentiality while using the system. Amidst a hectic schedule, doctors have to find time in maintaining effective patient-doctor relationships, which have a significant bearing on healthcare expenditures. The Genamet system takes into account the bigger picture as well as the minute details; using the system, doctors can judiciously manage resources for essential medical requisite. The Genamet EHR system supports the storage of various patient data in a single location – consultation information, medication plan, patient confirmation, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, among others. Doctors can review the data from a distinct screen.

Salient Features of the Genamet EHR System

A critical advantage of the Genamet suite of tools is that it is AI-powered; retrieval of all necessary information is quick. It is safe to scan and upload documents. Physicians can access different medical forms and templates for working in their clinics.

If required, doctors can tag forms and templates as favorites with the support of the Genamet system. The documentation procedure is uncomplicated. Doctors can retrieve patient data any time, anywhere through the Genamet system; hence, it helps them make evidence-based decisions.

  • A precise procedure for the clinic
  • The system caters to requirements of doctors practicing from a clinic
  • Physicians can use the system to complete any documentation
  • A smart dashboard

Physicians can assess clinical data on appointments, financial information, and medication information for specific illnesses by using the dashboard. Creating reports is also feasible.

Patient Portal

The Genamet system is very intuitive; doctors can improve retention and referral rates and confirm new business. Patients will display greater engagement in their health while using the Genamet system. Patients can access prescriptions, medical data, doctor summaries, and invoices & receipts. Through the Genamet system, patients can access time-saving tools that will help in improving their overall health. At the core of a positive patient-doctor relationship is trust; the higher the patient engagement, the better the trust. Medical stakeholders must understand that the patients’ concerns about their health are not only to do with the treatment plan; patients give importance to other facets – doctor’s availability and diagnostic assessment.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

  • Confirming new business is feasible
  • Doctors can easily handle existing appointments
  • Any information on upcoming appointments can be received
  • Online payments for booking appointments
  • Possible to print investigations, prescriptions, immunizations, and invoices & receipts
  • Updates on allergies, personal details, social & family history are available

Very soon, Genamet will be releasing other features – health updates, patient confirmation, information sharing through email/SMS, alerts on preventive measures, and immunization/vaccination alerts; this will lead to improved patient outreach. Doctors can deliver specific content on each patient portal; the system provides an option wherein patients can fill questionnaires and oversee customized education.

Plans & Pricing

At Genamet a variety of pricing options are available

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Teleconsulting and Video Consulting

The situation arising out of the outbreak of the Chinese Covid 19 virus means that there needs to be measures in place that ensure minimization of the risks of contracting and transmitting Covid 19 so that patients, visitors, staff and doctors safe. Practicing doctors need to be adequately protected in their clinical practice. Some best practices followed by doctors include:

  • Insisting on wearing of masks by everyone in the clinic.
  • Using sanitizers to disinfect.
  • Measuring temperature before entry to the clinic is permitted.
  • Asking screening questions to patients.
  • Not offering magazines and coffee in the waiting room.
  • Not allowing more than one person to accompany the patient.
  • Disinfecting the clinic frequently.
  • Asking patients to reschedule their appointment if anyone in the family is feeling sick.

While all these measures are essential and critical when a patients visits a clinic for consultation, it is also important for doctors to consider teleconsulting as an option wherever feasible. While Covid 19 is certainly a condition that doctors come across, patients are also afflicted by a variety of lifestyle and communicable diseases in addition to issues affecting mental health, amongst others. These conditions cannot be ignored. Instead these conditions require urgent and immediate treatment as well. Many of these might not need physical consultation but instead could be managed using video consulting appointment.

At Genamet , video consulting is integrated with the EHR. Doctors and patients can book a tele consulting or video consulting appointment. Integrating a payment gateway to the appointment booking feature means that the payment is received before the commencement of the appointment. Patients save transportation costs in addition to saving time on travel. It is also safe as there is no physical proximity or contact. Doctors can chart the patient’s condition simultaneously with the video consulting.

Practice Management Software

A great advantage for doctors using the Genamet practice management software is they can confirm patients identify based on registration numbers, communication details, and patient’s data. A cloud-based HIPAA compliant system such as Genamet helps doctors operate around the clock from their clinics based out of different locations. The system also assists physicians in reducing overall data entries, incorporate favorites, and reduce clicks via selection from a list of frequently used encounters, medications, and templates. Patients can quickly complete the online appointment bookings through the Genamet system; patients can also communicate with the personnel at a clinic via email/SMS. Physicians can oversee customization of schedules, availability, locations easily. Doctors can generate invoices and payment receipts, which can be printed by patients online. Based on alerts, to-do-lists, and reminders, staff can boost productivity.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

Customizing the Genamet system for the specific requirements of practice is possible. Patients can assess data 24/7, and doctors can make accurate judgments about the patients’ wellness through data analysis.

  • The cloud-based HIPAA compliant software is beneficial for physicians
  • Physicians can operate round the clock across different locations
  • Consultations status update is available
  • Online booking is feasible
  • Possible to access invoices and payment receipts

Physicians can swiftly retrieve clinical, financial, and appointment data to boost revenue and ensure positive patient outcomes. The dashboard consists of features like search and drills down and financial & operational metrics.

Reports and Analytics Data

Through the Genamet dashboard, physicians can retrieve appropriate clinical, operational, and management performance parameters; AI supports real-time data and the creation of specific reports.

Physicians can apply data about the practice’s performance to deliver sound medical judgments, and improve their clinical and business results. A sophisticated data analytics enhances patient care outcomes for patients booking appointments and the overall community.

Genamet’s user interface is insightful and straightforward; physicians can easily create reports on patients’ wellbeing. Easy to decipher charts and graphs offer insights on patient visits, disease types, drug usage, collections, receivables, and patient demographics.

A clinic’s owner can tap the Genamet system for analyzing the doctor’s performance; reports related to consultations, clinical, and financial performance are available. The report can be retrieved from the mailbox.

If you are a doctor focused on integrating state-of-the-art technology with patient care, this would be the right time. Please get in touch with us to book a free demo and get an insight into how Genamet's medical practice management software is supporting doctors in delivering patient care.

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