EHR Providers

The key to the successful functioning of a clinic is efficient patient care. Healthcare is shifting away from paper charts and progressing towards electronic records and patient portals. Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers maintain various patient charts in the form of a digital file; a centralized database stores information about a patient’s medical history, medications, lab outcomes, treatment plans, and patient billing records. Establishing an EHR practice has been known to improve a clinic’s productivity, the overall quality of patient care, and customer loyalty. One of the main features of an EHR is that health information can be developed and managed by EHR providers in a digital format; they can share with other providers across different health care organizations.

EHRs can enhance operational effectiveness across two broad areas: administrative and clinical. With an improved capability to access, share, and make informed decisions based on data available on an EHR, medical professionals can leverage the opportunity for efficiency gains and an increase in revenue. EHR can also help medical professionals in strategic planning and rectification of problems. Electronic Health Records, combined with practice management abilities, can help take a holistic view of how a clinic functions. However, the benefits depend on a well-planned and implemented EHR strategy. Selecting an EHR vendor is not an easy task. A clinic must look at if an EHR fits within its budget and whether the system design includes functionalities that can accommodate a clinic’s patient volume; this would make the EHR vendor selection easier.

Appointment Booking & Scheduling

Genamet software is an online assistant to doctors, functioning 24/7 to fill their schedules. Doctors practicing medicine at the frontline always have a busy schedule; they need to be alert every minute and be prepared to respond to a probable life or death circumstance. In a healthcare environment always seeking convenience and immediacy, Genamet is the solution that completely automates the tedious wok functions related to handling customer appointments and improves customer engagement through real-time, self-service booking. We are committed to providing patients with real-time availability views and instantly confirmed appointment booking.

Our software replaces the traditional calendar interface with an innovative and interactive appointment booking and scheduling; then, it automates the complete patient-facing process of scheduling appointments; realistically performing the crucial function of a virtual assistant. Doctors who professionalize their appointment booking procedure would realize the immediate and immeasurable benefits that Genamet brings. By combining unparalleled flexibility with user-friendly design, our software fits perfectly into a clinic’s provision of appointment-based services.

Patients can schedule their own appointments 24/7; they will find it easy to book their appointments online, receive email and text message confirmations & reminders. Most importantly, it will save doctors money in administrative costs and substantially decrease “no shows.” By offering the functionality that takes care of appointment-setting, doctors will be able to spend more quality time with patients. Both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy doctors will find our software easy to use.


Genamet provides doctors with the ability to practice from their home or clinic using the telemedicine facility in these times of the pandemic. Telemedicine is useful even in normal times as patients are able to access the doctor remotely. Appointments can be booked for telemedicine, the doctor can collect the fees upfront using any payment gateway of his or her choice. SMS and email, with the link for the HIPAA compliant video call link and password is sent. At the scheduled time patient can connect over video with the doctor securely and the consultation can be done safely and from the comfort of the home.

Benefits of telemedicine for doctors

Both the patient and the doctor gain as there is no travel or loss of time in traveling or waiting. Besides the risk of contracting any disease during travel is eliminated completely. Doctors can evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely without the need for physical presence. Medications and investigations can also be ordered easily.

  • Better revenue as they can reach patients who may not be able to travel for a variety of reasons.
  • They are likely to have lower missed appointments as there would be no travel delays. Besides fees can be collected upfront.
  • Better patient outcomes as there is lesser chance of missing appointments.
  • Keeps the clinic operational even if there is a lockdown for any reason.

Benefits of telemedicine for patients

  • There is no need for the patient to travel, no travel expense.
  • The patient does not have to apply for leave as the call can be scheduled even out of office hours.
  • Nil exposure to infections due to physical proximity.
  • Privacy will be better.

EHR HIPAA Compliant

Genamet’s EHR system would meet a doctor’s requirements and the strict security needs of HIPAA and the healthcare environment. Our product with the accompanying set of complete features would fully integrate with a clinic’s secure environment. The HIPAA security rule needs doctors to evaluate the security of their databases and systems that maintain patient data; specific safeguards must be in place for protecting health information. In a continually transforming digital environment, doctors must frequently analyze their security plan to confirm they have the policies, procedures, and security measures to safeguard patient information and evade expensive regulatory enforcements.

Here are some specific initiatives a clinic should take to ensure the protection of patient information:

Often, doctors do not consider addressing risks to electronic patient data as the main priority, which would be a severe error. The continuous ownership of managing patient data needs an active and well-planned approach to risk management. Clinics must determine what they are doing to safeguard patient data, what they have not done, and what they must do in the future.

As custodians of patient health data, doctors must know the basic features of their IT assets and what security systems are in place. Developing sufficient safeguards does not take place overnight. The main barrier to overcome is starting the process.

  • Commence by creating a weekly routine
  • Ensure policies and procedures comply with HIPAA
  • Restrict access to patient information
  • Create an internal audit process
  • Establish workstation security

Through our system, a doctor can address HIPAA compliance across the clinic, in all processes where patient data is present.

Plans & Pricing

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Patient Portal

Genamet's patient portal enables patients to communicate more effectively with their doctors while having greater control over their treatment. Patients can assess lab outcomes, ask for prescription refills, modify insurance information, and handle unpaid balances.

In a patient-centered care environment, doctors must introduce patient portals in their clinic and can save significant time when signing up new clients. Patients can fill out personal information electronically, which ensures lesser errors and irregularities about a patient's file. Doctors need not send lab results by email; patients can view them by logging into their portal. A streamlined workflow would enable doctors to focus on more critical healthcare requirements.

Doctors can schedule patient visits only if necessary, which would enable them to confirm appointments with more patients. Because of patient portals, doctors can offer telemedicine services – any consultation through the messaging system. An appointment for a patient can be kept open for diagnosis and immediate medical care.

By receiving written information from patients, doctors can avoid any misinterpretation of patient requirements and medical issues; this ensures well-informed decision-making.

Doctors can send payment reminders and schedule annual checkups, which help save time and ensure patients are well informed. Through the portals, clinics can provide patients with billing information, consent form, health and awareness materials, and test results, thereby telling them about their health.

Our patient portal is easy to access, well-designed, and user-friendly to navigate; doctors can harness the system's potential to improve the patient experience, monitor compliance, and reduce costs.

Practice Management Software

Genamet's practice management software is unbelievably easy to install and use, customized for clinics' requirements. Our intuitive & straightforward software helps a clinic to improve its efficiency and manage all clinic workflow. Doctors can also leverage the revenue cycle management services to optimize transparency between their business' financial and medical aspects. The complete medical billing process after every patient visit is a breeze. Doctors need consultations to be smooth and quick, which Genamet ensures effectively. With a combined insight into the patient walk-in, call-in, and appointments, our software gives updates on live visit time to patients and doctors' capacity. It decreases unnecessary waiting, enhances efficiency, and ensures an exceptional patient experience. Clinics will be able to provide a paperless experience and digital records to their patients while staying compliant with regulatory requirements. Doctors can reach new patients quickly and expand their business.

Reports and Analytics Data

Human life is too important to allow ordinary medical care. With Genamet’s advanced healthcare dashboard and healthcare analytics, doctors can extrapolate and monitor potentially lifesaving information for follow-up action. They can stay up to date with critical, industry-wide transformations that impact revenue. Genamet provides information on the medications, illness as well as financial information. Genamet has the ability to provide deep data analysis of the clinic’s practice if the client so desires.

Clinics can eliminate excessive waiting times that harm patient-doctor relationships. Using our software would make it easier to identify and balance patients’ requirements and those of the clinic from an operational perspective. Doctors can leverage real-time data for real-life situations and optimize patient care and revenue opportunities.

AI in healthcare facilitates improved clinical performance and correspondingly more effective patient outcomes. Analytics tools alleviate the effect of errors, administratively, financially, and, most importantly, on patient health; it would become easier to avoid readmissions and misdiagnoses. Our software facilitates a decreased operating cost while providing higher quality services without compromising patient safety. Clinics will be able to predict demand for services while preparing for unforeseen circumstances accurately. In other words, analytics ensure better final results: safe and healthy patients, who have a direct bearing on a clinic’s reputation and revenue.

Online Web Presence

Though health care remains mainly offline domain with the majority of services provided during a patient's in-person clinic visits, the advancement of telemedicine and progress made in digital technology are increasingly bringing the area online. As patients and doctors use the internet, smartphones, and social media frequently, research indicates a higher value for doctors to maintain a powerful online presence, focusing on attracting patients, increasing visibility, and sharing appropriate medical information. As Genamet, our clients get an immediate online presence that is optimized for search engines by way of a mini-site where the doctor’s clinic can be showcased effectively. Videos, articles, blogs and photo gallery are normally available in the mini-site which builds credibility amongst patients.

Advantages of Online Web Presence

More and more doctors believe that health apps enhance health results. In contrast, mobile health services, including applications and social media, can decrease patients' overall in-person medical visits to the clinic.

A substantial portion of the patient population depends on the information available online to select doctors and get informed. Demonstrating more attention to reputation and positive reviews of a clinic, patients rely on the web to identify doctors and navigate the health care system; therefore, doctors must maintain a robust and positive online presence. Catering to an increasing patient need for flexibility and ease, doctors are moving appointment scheduling online. We just do not place all reviews on the mini-site but instead the doctor can showcase and curate the ones they would like to showcase.

An online presence will also safeguard patient health in the non-availability of qualified healthcare opinions online. Doctors' advice on social media is preferred by patients to mitigate the negative impact of misinformation and fake medical news. Doctors can share evidence-based information on various social media to help dismiss unscientific information and positively influence patients' health outcomes.

Hospital Management

Robust hospital management software enables hospitals to manage all functions and patient care, improve the patient experience, and reduce revenue loss & stock pilferage, efficient billing & paperless workflow. Genamet is working on a comprehensive, innovative & cost-effective solution that is scalable as a hospital’s business expands. The software should be available to our customers soon.

Why don’t you get started today? Book a free demo to discover how Genamet helps clinics through an innovative, efficiently integrated, and scalable EHR system to achieve value-based care delivery.

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