Reports and Analytics data

Reporting and Analytics

Track standard clinical, operational and management performance parameters through our user-friendly dashboards while our advanced reporting capability allows custom reports to be generated. Real time data aided by artificial intelligence facilitated custom reports and analyses that greatly improve patient outcomes while improving efficiency and productivity

Do you have all the data to analyze the performance of your Practice? Our suite of reports are designed to provide the most relevant and important data on your Practice. Genamet is designed to provide detailed data analytics that would help in driving better care outcomes at the population level besides in your practice. Use the power of data to improve clinical and financial results.

Understanding your Practice

Genamet provides you with reports that analyze the health of your patients. The entire user interface is intuitive and friendly with quick response times. Reports on appointments, diseases break-up, drugs use , collections, receivables and patient demographics are available in the form of user friendly charts and graphs. Reports encompass all aspects of the clinical practice

Evaluate the performance of each Provider

As a clinic owner, you would like to evaluate the performance of every provider in the clinic. The reports section in Genamet provides reports on the performance of each Provider separately. Reports on Appointments, clinical and financial performance is available at a Provider level. These reports can also be available in your mailbox on pre-scheduled days.

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