Practice Management Software for Doctors

Practice Management

Providers can easily search for patients using name or registration number or telephone number. Patient details are available which makes it very easy to Practice Anywhere Anytime. Minimize data entry, add favourites and reduce clicks by selecting from a list of frequently used encounters, drugs and templates.

Patient can book appointments easily online or by calling your practice and receive and email and sms confirmation. Schedules can be customized by providers, timings and locations which makes the entire process of booking appointments convenient and easy-to-use for patients. Providers , staff and patients have access to real time information on the schedule. Providers can easily generate invoices and payment receipts which are also available online for patients to view and print. Alerts, to-do lists and reminders improve staff efficiency.

Genamet recognizes that the requirements of each Provider is different. Genamet can be customized to meet the unique needs of the specialty. Focus is on improving productivity and efficiency. Our new generation provider centric software provides easy documentation capabilities along with the ability to access patient data anywhere and anytime on a PC, mobile or tablet. The latest complete patient data is available for providers. Genamet is a cloud based HIPAA compliant software application that providers can access anywhere and anytime.

Providers can readily access real time clinical, financial and appointments related practice data setting the stage for gains in productivity & profitability and better patient outcomes. The Provider dashboard comes equipped with search and drill down capabilities on top of clinical, financial and operational metrics. Streamline your patient workflows to lower operating cost while increasing patient satisfaction.

Providers, staff and patients can book appointments. The dashboard and all other features can be accessed on the desktop, tablet and mobile. The Staff Portal is designed for your administrative staff. Your staff can print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for your patients.

Consultation Timeline

A snapshot of the previous visit history of a patient is available to the provider.

Clinic Management

Maximise clinical, operational and financial efficiency of the clinic – patient data digitization, retrieval of patient medical history, charting, billing and reports while ensuring adequate controls through appropriate user management. Providers can easily search for patient records using name or registration number or telephone number. Minimize data entry and clicks while charting. Effortlessly prepare invoices and leverage reports to maximize clinic efficiency. All these while maintaining data access controls.

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