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03 Sep 2019 4 min

How To Get The Best Of Your E.H.R?

How To Get The Best Of Your E.H.R?

The execution of an electronic health record system is a substantial investment for a practice. The selection process could be intensive and time-consuming and that’s before the deployment of specific tools, including the EHR along with other nonessential software. Keeping that in mind, the technology leaders in a practice must get the most out of such initiatives in order to maximize employee as well as patient satisfaction.


The critical factor in EHR effectiveness is implementing it into the practice productively. EHRs could make the office staff life easier, provided they take the time to learn. Would a practice be able to transition to a paperless system immediately or would the practice need to do it progressively? These tips could bolster your EHR efficiency.

Improve Expertise Of Your EHR

You would know the EHRs basic features. However, it would be advisable to know the system in and out. Try to find out what the EHR is capable of and what functions would require non-electronic activities.

Adapt The Workflow to EHR

Instead of emphasizing on incorporating the EHR into the existing practice workflow, fine tune the process around the EHR. Providing access to digital data results in several advantages and would make the existing paper-centric practice workflows redundant.

Develop Metrics

In order to measure the EHR’s success, support initiatives to assess the practice’s progress. Analyze the progress month-on-month as well as over a longer period. Any EHR execution is a huge transformation and the impact must be monitored to identify the ROI.

Change Management

Once a new workflow has been set up, map the various ways you implement the EHR and be ready for those practices to change over a period. Adapting to the technology is critical. The performance metrics would enable you to identify any functions that is not working and make the change as appropriate.

Team Management

Diverse staff member would have varying skill sets. Similarly, various EHR systems would have different functions. Your staff may not be happy to complete the tasks through an EHR. It would be prudent to have customized training programs based on each individual’s strength.

Establish A Technology Infrastructure

The biggest factor to an effective EHR deployment is to ensure the technology infrastructure is up to date. Get the best deal possible, but execute the infrastructure that you require so that patients could get the complete value from the software.

Establishing a completely integrated, scalable EHR system helps a practice to achieve value-based care delivery. Genamet helps practices in identifying the most effective EHR. For more details, please visit our website

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