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We’ll create a Medical Website that captures what you stand for

No more worries with the site builder. We will design a secure,
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Medical website design for different specialities

We design websites for different medical specializations by tailoring it to meet the specific
needs and expectations of healthcare professionals within that specialization.

What do our clients say about us?

Elevate your online presence with a Medical Website

Does your website represent the
essence of your medical practice?

Our medical website design caters to the unique needs and expectations of healthcare professionals.

Professional and Trustworthy Appearance

Our medical website conveys professionalism and trustworthiness with clean, uncluttered design and a clear layout. We use a professional color scheme and high-quality images to help establish trust with visitors.

HIPAA Compliance

Our Healthcare websites adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations to ensure patient privacy and data security. This involves secure data transmission, proper storage of patient information, and a clear privacy policy.

Patient-Centric Navigation

Our medical website navigation is intuitive to prioritize ease of access to critical information for patients, such as appointment scheduling, contact information, and patient resources.

Online Appointment Booking

Our medical websites provide the ability to schedule appointments online, through a straightforward and user-friendly design.

Patient Education

Our healthcare websites provide the ability to share resources and information to educate patients about various health conditions and treatment options. The designs support the presentation of this content in a user-friendly manner.

Contact Information and Hours

Contact details and office hours are prominently displayed on our medical websites, so patients can connect with the doctor’s office for fixing appointments and save time spent on waiting.


Our healthcare websites are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This involves implementing features like alt text for images and ensuring that the website is compatible with screen readers.

Testimonials and Reviews

Our doctor websites effectively incorporate patient testimonials and reviews as part of the design. This builds trust and credibility.

Multilingual Support

If the doctor serves a diverse patient population, our doctor websites are provided with multilingual support to ensure that information is accessible to all.

Make an impression

We’ll create a website that captures what you stand for.

Make your medical website a living one at no extra cost

We design a custom website that evolves with your practice.

How does it work?

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Signup with Genamet

  • Select one of our templates and share your domain name. If you do not have a domain, we will be happy to purchase one for you.
  • We will try our best to accommodate minor design changes
alarm 1 Business Day

Provide Content

  • We will update the website with content that you provide
  • Upto 6 images that we use on your website are included as part of your subscription
  • Contact our Account Manager if you would like us to preface the content (charges apply)
alarm 3 Business Days

Your website goes live

  • We will send you the link of your website
  • Once you confirm that you are happy, your site goes live
alarm 1 Business Day

Creating your medical website is now easy, with us

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What makes us unique?

Flexible Subscription plans
  • Easy and convenient subscription plans to choose from.
  • No long & complex contracts.
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.
All in one solution for your Medical Practice
  • Integrated with Appointment booking, Payment gateway integration , Clinic management solution & Teleconsulting.
Secure CMS site
  • Secure https site.
  • SEO friendly CMS.
  • Flexible and adaptable for changing needs.
Medical Website that captures what you stand for
  • Custom websites. Tailor-made for what your practice needs.
  • Multiple design, layout and theme options.
  • Easily extend functionalities and features.
Help & Support
  • We work with you in building your medical website.
  • Reliable medical website that is accessible 24/7 for patients to reach you.
  • Site monitoring.
  • Best-in-class site Speed & Performance.
Content Management Support
  • Provide content and we will update your website free of charge.
  • Increase visibility in your local community.
  • Get higher traffic.
  • Implement Best Practices tailored for your medical website.
Customization & Addons
  • Single point for all Integration needs.


Our Account Manager will be in touch with you immediately after you make the payment to understand your requirements. The Account Manager will also help you with the selection of the Medical Website design template that would best fit your requirements. Our team will then go ahead and build the website and share the link with you. In the meantime you would have to provide us with the content. The site will go live only after you review and approve of it. While minor changes would certainly be accommodated, any changes that would involve additional effort would be chargeable.
Once your medical website design template is confirmed we will go ahead and build the site and update it with the content that you provide. We will also ensure that the site load speed is high, and all SEO best practices are implemented. Changes to content will be done free of charge. However, addition of pages, changes to the layout and additional functionality like integrations will be charged. Please feel free to reach out to our Account Manager if you need any of these. Integration with our Appointment Booking Module and Clinic Management Module is also chargeable.
Once you have signed up for the subscription, we would normally take between 2 – 4 weeks to complete your website, as long you provide us the complete content for your website .
Please contact us and we might be able to help you.
We can certainly help you with generation of content, based on your requirements. This facility is chargeable.
We offer attractive packages encompassing aspects of Digital Marketing including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), advanced Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Please contact our Account Manager for details.

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