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Online Web Presence

Building a powerful Web presence

A compelling Web presence is absolutely essential for all clinics/practices. With rapid urbanization and growth of urban and semi-urban clusters, patients increasingly use search engines on the internet (estimated to be 50% of urban population) to find doctors. Migration is another factor driving the use of the Web when the workforce confronts an illness that requires medical intervention. Aiding in all this are the wide prevalence of cell phones and inexpensive mobile data. It is therefore very important for clinics and practices to have a very strong web presence so that patients can reach you.

Web presence

Is it enough for your clinic or practice to be listed by an aggregator?

Our response would be a resounding no. While one can argue that aggregators can direct patient traffic to doctors, there are several downsides to just having the profile of your practice/clinic on aggregator sites. Aggregators could charge excessive fees from doctors for every booked appointment. They end up also controlling the clinics/practices that patients see when they search for doctors, which could mean that they control the flow of appointments to any listed doctor. This could mean fewer appointments. Besides, once the arrangement of paid listings is terminated, patient appointments could diminish very rapidly.

Genamet is an end-to-end solutions provider for your clinic/practice

Genamet’s application solutions suite helps build your clinic’s presence on the Web in addition to the custom E.H.R, practice management and appointments booking module. Genamet recommends that every provider should build their Web presence in a cost optimized and yet effective manner. Genamet provides comprehensive solutions to build and boost Web presence. Build your Web presence, not pay for building the aggregator. With Genamet, there are no recurring charges for every appointment booked online or through the phone. No more constant outflow of money!

Your Website

It is important to build your clinic’s presence on the internet. We specialize in building bespoke mobile responsive Websites that align with your specialty.

  • A professional and search engine optimized Website ensures prominent online visibility for your clinic/practice.
  • You own the domain and the content in your Website which help’s building your own unique brand identity.
  • Patients can obtain authentic and verified information directly from your website.
  • You can engage and connect with your patients as your website represents you and not a listing in an aggregator. Talk more about your practice.
  • Share videos, blogs and articles with your patients.
  • Change and update the content in your website as required, it is all easy to manage.
  • You can add unlimited number of pages.
  • The site can be made available in different languages to address the needs of patients speaking different languages.
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