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Written by Laiza

These days, there are all sorts of apps and online tools that help business owners manage their shops or establishments. The same is true for doctors and medical practitioners. You can invest in a wide range of doctor software and clinic management systems that can help you run your practice as easily and efficiently as possible.

When shopping for such software, however, you have to pay close attention. While the specifics of each clinic management system vary from one vendor to another, there are necessary features your chosen software must have. They can help you administer more effective and robust healthcare services that can help improve patient outcomes. Choosing the right software can also help ensure the growth and success of your clinic. 

What Are the Features You Should Look for in Doctor Software?

If you're in the market for clinic management tools and systems, here are some of the most essential doctor software features you should look for. 

1. Appointment booking system

Since many of us have a busy schedule these days, it can be a hassle for many of your patients to call or visit your clinic just to book an appointment with you. For this reason, it makes sense to choose software with a built-in appointment booking and scheduling system.

This way, your patients can schedule their consultation by simply using their phone or computer.  It can also be a huge help for your staff since they don't have to manually create a schedule of patient appointments, thus, saving them time and effort. In addition, it helps prevent scheduling conflicts and missed patient appointments since there is software that will automatically send you and your patients notifications or reminders. 

2. Electronic health records

As the name implies, this feature allows you to automate and digitise your patients' health records. This feature can be quite handy as you can use it to prepare a patient's chart. It can also help you keep track of their health history, prescriptions, test results, and other vital information that can be quite useful when treating their condition.

Since all of your patients' data are stored digitally or in the cloud, you can access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This feature also makes it easier for you to coordinate with other medical practitioners since you can quickly and easily send them the patient's health records or lab results.

A quick reminder, though. When shopping for doctor software with electronic health records, make sure that the vendor provides secured data storage. This is to ensure optimum protection for your patients' personal information. 

3. Online or automated billing

An efficient and convenient billing system is essential to any medical practice. No matter how big or small your clinic may be, you must provide your patients with a way to settle their bills quickly, easily, and securely.

Not only will this benefit your patients tremendously, but it can also make your practice more efficient, productive, and organised as it takes away the need to manually record and manage billings. 

4. Reporting and analytics capabilities

Reporting is an essential part of running a clinic. It helps you monitor the status of your practice, including your income and expenses, patient feedback, and other essential information that could help you make the necessary improvements. However, any doctor or medical practitioner can agree that making reports is often a tedious and time-consuming activity.

A clinic management system with built-in reporting capability can be very useful, especially if you want to ensure the growth and success of your practice. It allows you to create reports in just a few seconds and even control the parameters to use so you can focus on data you want to see. It also enables you to save resources since you don't have to print out hard copies of your report.

More importantly, this feature ensures that your reports are free from errors or discrepancies. Since your reports are software-generated, you can improve their accuracy, which can be very helpful when you need to communicate with stakeholders or insurance companies. 

5. Online video conferencing

Because you'd want to make sure that your patients can reach you when needed, you'd also want medical software with video conferencing capability. This will enable you to practice telemedicine or teleconsulting.

These days, there's a growing need for teleconsulting since many of us aren't able to physically go into a clinic or hospital because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. With this feature, however, you can provide your patients with the services they need right in the comfort of their home. 

6. Electronic prescription

Aside from online booking and teleconsulting, it also helps to have a clinic management platform that allows you to dispense electronic prescriptions. This way, even if your patients cannot visit you in person, you can still prescribe the medicine they need. You can simply send the prescription via SMS or email, which your patients can print out and take to the pharmacy when they need to buy medicine. 

7. Website management

Gone are the days when patients used to scour the yellow pages to find doctors who can help them with their condition. Today, if you need to find a medical professional in your area, you'll consult the Internet. Because the Internet is where many of your potential clients are, it certainly helps for doctors like you to have a substantial online presence.

Most doctors use online aggregator sites to find patients. However, this strategy is often expensive and ineffective. For this reason, it's an advantage to have medical software that allows you to build and manage your website. This can help you establish a stronger online presence, which enables you to attract the attention of prospective patients without the huge expenses. 

Do Your Research Well

When you're in the marketing for clinic management software, it's always important to do your research well. This way, you can easily identify the system with all the features that will help you take your practice to the next level. 

If you're looking for reliable software to help you manage and organise your practice, look no further. At Genamet, we have developed revolutionary software for doctors by doctors. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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