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Written by Vijay

Advancements in IT has impacted every business segment – from the small retail to the conglomerate, key being the integration of information technology into business operations which has revolutionized service delivery. The healthcare sector has also benefited because of the technology revolution. One such notable feature is the convenience of booking an appointment with your doctor. Did this surprise you? Most people consider booking appointments with a hotel reservation for future vacation and flight tickets as the ultimate booking experience. You cannot blame anyone. Even medical practitioners are reluctant to move from the traditional approach to a technology-based consultation that can benefit them.

Doctors are lifesavers and should be connected to those who require healthcare. With an increasing number of patients requiring medical attention, doctors must ensure their services are accessible and available to their clients. Appointment scheduling through a system is one such option.

Medical practitioners have often struggled to enhance outcomes and decrease costs since their patients' connections are not frequent. Doctors will be more efficient in providing healthcare if information flow between patients and the clinic is automatic. Doctors would also be able to use their Healthcare Software optimally.

Customers want convenience

A doctor booking appointment system helps to make your customers happy with your services. They would want to make appointment bookings with your clinic once they realize the simplified booking process. Customer loyalty is impacted by the method of booking. Patients would prefer appointment booking through a system than talking to staff over the phone. They should be able to book appointments after logging in to their account in the Patient Management System.

Patients do not have to wait for longer periods

If your customers are still coming to your clinic to book an appointment, then you have to start looking at using a booking appointment system at the earliest. Patients do not prefer to wait long hours to book an appointment, especially when systems make appointment scheduling fast and stress-free.

Decrease patient no-shows

Patients may, at times, not remember that they have a scheduled doctor’s appointment. A booking appointment system sends reminders and confirmations to patients. It enables your patients to prepare for the consultation in advance.

Efficient time management

Doctors used to rely on their staff to handle the appointment bookings. Now, they do not require the staff to confirm that bookings are completed accurately. Patients can book appointments online and since they fill the information, doctors can be more confident in the accuracy of the information.

It also saves significant time for medical practitioners and their staff, which can improve productivity.

Enables bookings to be made from any place and any time

Patients will be able to book an appointment from any location and at any given time using the mobile devices. It is a crucial advantage of integrating a doctor booking appointment system into a doctor’s consultation. Telephonic booking for an appointment has to be done within the official working hours. On the other hand, a booking appointment system allows patients to log in at any time. Appointment Booking and Scheduling needs to be easy and quick.

Integrating IT with healthcare is the trend

Customers have become tech-savvy and they are increasingly using smartphones and computers to complete their work. For a patient, if the clinic's services are available online, it would indicate that you are in line with the trend. Healthcare is a competitive sector and you must not wait any further.

Effective schedule management

A booking appointment system puts the doctor in control of the schedule and appointments to the clinic. They can organize the work functions and plan for the week without worrying about any cancellations at the last minute. A clinic would regulate the number of persons who can access the booking appointment system and make quick modifications to the schedule.

A competitive edge in the healthcare sector

The booking system's user-friendly nature improves a patient’s experience and both potential and existing patients would prefer a clinic that considers their wellbeing. Once patients understand the appointment booking process and how easy it is to navigate, they would spread the word about your services. Through referral business, doctors can increase their client base.


Doctors can access patient information from any place using a smartphone and if the information on the appointment system is backed up on the cloud, data storage is safer.


Patients can now check-in to their appointment through the system and receive an alert on their mobile once they reach the clinic. This process eliminates any staff interactions and the patients can wait safely outside until called.

Remote service delivery with video appointment

Increasingly clients can also leverage the option of being served remotely through video appointments, which can be accessed via a meeting link.

Resources optimization

Any appointments through phone calls require significant resource usage. Patients may have to go through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and the administrative staff must fill in many forms. The costs can be reduced and the resources utilized optimally through the booking system.

Streamlining the staffing process

Doctors cannot always monitor the staff's time answering phone calls from various clients inquiring about making appointments. The overall patient care improves if they pay more attention to the patients in the clinic.

Establish and retain a viable patient clientele

Without any doubt, a system based appointment scheduling simplifies the patient management process. Clinics can create a single file within the system to store and manage patient information, which can be used to handle the patient’s case file effectively. Medical practitioners can also communicate on a single platform for decision-making and deliver patient care through a collaborative effort.


Patient details such as contact numbers and emails are used for booking through the system. The database of patient information can be used for sending newsletters and the clinic can generate additional revenue.

Online payments

Online payments are safe and clients feel more secure when booking an appointment. Again, it is convenient for patients to make payments through a doctor's appointment app. Some clinics provide discounts as a promotional initiative.

Genamet offers an exclusive Android Mobile App for your staff. Your staff can book appointments online which integrated with your Doctor Software using the app without the need for an expensive computer. They can also book these appointments whenever patients call even outside your clinic working hours.

Medical appointment scheduling through a system makes things convenient for doctors as well as patients. Call us to book a free demo to understand how Genamet’s booking appointment system helps doctors’ increase their profitability.

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