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Written by Vijay

A doctor’s practice is in constant competition with other healthcare practices in a specific area when it comes to attracting patients online. A doctor must apply innovative methods to ensure the practice stands out amongst the crowd. When new patients do not have any suggestions from family or friends on the healthcare professional to consult, they move online to research the performance of a clinic. They could collect information from various channels, including search engines and social media, verifying its trustworthiness and comprehensiveness. A doctor must boost the clinic’s online presence to ensure potential patients can locate it in their search results. It is key to steering increased traffic to the website. Hence, a doctor without wasting time must list the practice in the appropriate places with the most current and convincing information about the services. In India, the problem with healthcare aggregators is that game search results based on commercial arrangements and not on proximity to the patient, years of experience and patient ratings, if any.

Change is rapid in healthcare

If a doctor depends on a specific channel for new patients, even from various referral sources, it is a risk considering the sureness of change in healthcare. Online visibility would help to maintain and expand the referral stream. 

Patients review through the internet

Even if a known person refers to a clinic, patients usually read reviews about the practice before booking an appointment. If the practice doesn’t have any online presence, then, most certainly, the doctor would be losing business to a competitor. Doctors can address any negative reviews about their clinic instantaneously and avoid any escalation that could be detrimental to their business. Doctors can also connect with other medical practitioners through the online medium and boost their knowledge.

Optimize the website

The most robust platform that acts as the first point of contact between a clinic and a potential patient is the website or landing page. The positive customer experience provided by the website lay’s the foundation for the favourable opinion created on visitors. The website’s landing pages must be navigable and user-friendly. It should also comprise of relevant information that patients would search for while seeking medical assistance. Critical details as a doctor’s profile, timings, and specialities have to be present on the website. Accurate information should form a significant part of driving leads in your medical marketing strategy. Incorporating a template on the website would also help. The template should be accessible and straightforward, while the website should have effective healthcare keywords. It should also be linked to an appointment booking and scheduling module.

Content strategy

Content is the king when it comes to online presence and doctors need to present high-quality content. The content has to be frequently updated for it to be practical concerning online marketing. The content must provide information to the targeted audience through blog posts. Most critically, it should respond to queries from patients about the healthcare domain, which would strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. Useful, incisive and keyword rich content helps confidence an credibility amongst the patients.

24/7 business

The clinic can be accessed by the patients 24/7 through the website. Patients can effectively schedule appointments online and the option of telemedicine will also enhance the value of the practice.


Online presence has an impact on brand building. Patients will be able to identify the doctor or clinic’s name when searching for medical advice. Brand building takes a long time. Hence, doctors must build their online presence even when they launch their practice. Your web presence matters.

International reach

If a clinic goes online, it is accessible not only for patients in the vicinity but also to any individual across the globe. It indicates that referral business is not the only source of getting potential clients. Patients are travelling internationally for medical assistance. An online presence is a must for a doctor. Practices must realize the potential of digitized marketing processes and their capability to transit across geographical boundaries and link with personnel relevant to their market.

Empowering the patients

Patients can support the doctors in building the network for their practice. Empowering them to provide feedback about the quality of patient care through online surveys would be helpful in the long-term. By making sure they feel involved and that their opinion matters, doctors can integrate them into the development of the clinic. Transforming processes based on their feedback will boost the patients' experience with the practice and developing video testimonials would increase the number of visits to the clinic and the revenue.

Technology-oriented service delivery

The opportunities to leverage mobile technology have improved recently with the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users globally. Technology can enhance access to healthcare services, especially for patients with mobility issues. The capabilities of apps have also improved due to developments in technology.

Visibility on social media

There is a lot of interest in social media, but there is immense value in using social media for marketing. It can provide measurable visibility to the website without any additional costs. Creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn page for the clinic would be useful. A significant benefit of the digital environment is that it is incredibly flexible and there is no “one-size-fits-all” marketing.”

Change your patient mix

A doctor can be very busy, but that would guarantee an optimal balance of cases and patients. A clinic must optimize its patient mix to generate business.

A better way to check symptoms

Patients are going online to check their medical conditions. It isn't easy to prevent people from accessing the internet for self-diagnosis. Doctors can provide online consultation to the patient for identifying the symptoms before an actual visit to the clinic.

E-mail communication

E-mail communications is critical for clinics and doctors in improving the image of the practice, communicating with the patients, and managing effective campaigns. Clinics must have accurate data and a specific list of patients.


Online business is a very cost-effective technique for promotion for doctors operating small practices. Online provides an equal opportunity for clinics in comparison to more prominent hospitals to connect with their specific target groups.

Customer service

Online business also is useful for managing customer service requests. A clinic that maintains a robust online presence will be able to attract patients through a positive customer service experience.

Practices must harness the power of online to market their services. Kindly get in touch with us for a free demo on Genamet’s clinic management system.

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