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Written by Balaji R

The spread and use of technology by clinics and practices has not been even. While some doctors use very modern SaaS platforms to store patient health records, some prefer to go semi-digital using software to generate prescription print-outs and yet some still prefer the old fashioned method of writing out prescriptions using pen and paper. There is however a definite trend towards the use of digital technologies to manage clinics, leading to the proliferation in the availability of different Patient Management Software at different price points and with varied features.

Patient Management Software is integral to good patient care. We continue to have doctors who are very comfortable giving out paper prescriptions to patients without either maintaining paper records in files or the data in electronic form. There is increased push by the authorities that doctors need to write prescriptions in capital letters so that Pharmacists can easily decipher what has been written in the prescription. Better still, doctors need to embrace Patient Management Software which will digitize their clinic and will help overcome the problems of dealing with paper. There are several advantages in using a Patient Management Software.

1. Improved Patient Care and Better Outcomes

Information is power. Patient history in most cases is critical to treating a patient. When a doctor has access to critical past history, it can go a long way to understanding the current symptoms and prescribing a treatment plan. Embarking on the correct patient care plan is complex and it is often built on the patient’s medical history. A good Patient Management Software enables quick and instantaneous retrieval of the patient’s health records. The doctor can very quickly size up the patient’s condition and act on that quickly. Reducing doctor reaction times can certainly help patient outcomes. The use of AI and Machine Learning technologies can never replace the doctor but can aid in better decisioning.

2. Improving Patient Experience

Patients would welcome an orderly and methodical doctor waiting room rather than a chaotic one teeming with patients and their attendants. Appointment scheduling is the key to having an efficient patient workflow process. The less the wait for patients before they see the doctor, better the experience. This reduces patient fatigue and leads to a much better patient experience. It supports timely care leading to better patient outcomes. Time and good patient care are the two things that get positively impacted the most when appropriate software to manage the clinic is used. 

3. Eliminates treatment error due to inaccurate and incomplete paper records

One of the critical frontiers that healthcare providers have to surmount are incomplete and inaccurate paper records. Records can be inaccurate simply due to illegible handwriting or could be due to some papers going missing. This is quite common when paper records are not filed accurately. Embracing digital is the way to go – all patient records being available in the Patient Management Software. This can drastically eliminate treatment errors. Accurate Data Drives Better Decisions.

Patient appointments, medical records, charting information, vital trends and billing information are all available in one software application. Using analytical tools and reports, the doctor has sufficient tools at her disposal to look at trends that support clinical decision making. Policies and procedures practiced in the clinic can be changed or altered in line with the data as required.

4. Reduces Staffing Costs

A Patient Management Software can help optimize staffing costs. The need for a front office staff or Receptionist can be eliminated by using this software. On a 24*7 basis the appointment scheduling software is available for patients to book appointments online without the need to talk to a front office person. Chatbots can also be configured for the patients to book appointments by just chatting with the bot. Data entry can be minimized thus minimizing administrative work. No filing of documents is required as all data is available digitally.

5. Streamline Practice Management

Patient Management Software streamlines every process within the clinic. This includes scheduling, charting and billing. Instant access to patient medical records is available. Patient Management Software enhances clinic capacity. The clinic can handle more patients  and give them a better experience as well; all this without compromising care quality. One gets a clutter free and cleaner clinic as well.  Administrative time spent by the doctor goes down. One can link the Patient Management Software to Pharmacies and Labs making the entire process totally digital and error free.


Patient Management Software is no longer optional, it is becoming an essential part of running a clinic efficiently. From patient scheduling to maintaining patient health records, the software helps in the push towards going digital. Some software provides the clinic with an online presence which is critical in building a web presence. Patients increasingly use their computers, laptops and mobiles to search for doctors, being online helps them reach you. At Genamet we provide all this and more. Why wait? Schedule a demo.   

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