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iOS app

The Genamet iOS app helps doctors with convenient charting as they treat patients irrespective of whether it is an in-clinic appointment or a remote teleconsulting one. On logging in, the doctor can see all the appointments for the day and as patients come start charting using the Genamet App. Appointment type is also mentioned in the listing page so that the doctor is aware if it is an in-patient consultation or a video consulting. Doctors can access patient records from the convenience of their iOS phone.

The doctor can copy all the information of a previous encounter and use that to begin charting of the current visit. Doctors can update information on treatment advised, investigations, prescriptions and ICD10 codes. One very convenient feature is the ability to take a picture and immediately upload that to the patients EHR. This feature is very useful for doctors as they can visually track progress easily. Doctors can also share summaries, investigations and prescriptions digitally with patients through an email or SMS. e-Prescriptions are very convenient for patients and pharmacists alike.

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