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Genamet - Provider Staff App to Schedule Appointments

The Doctor’s Secretary/Assistant or the Clinic Front Office/Receptionist uses the app to schedule patient appointments. Patients can simply call the Clinic telephone number and schedule an appointment with the doctor. The Front Office Executive or the Staff has access to the timeslots when the doctor is available for appointments. The Staff can even book overlapping appointments in case of contingencies and emergencies.

The patient can provide details such as name, mobile number and preferred date/timeslot to the staff who can go on to book the appointment. SMS and email appointment confirmations are sent to the patient. Reminder SMS are also sent to patients. Staff can also reschedule and cancel appointments from the app. Appointments to all services offered by the doctor can be booked including teleconsulting and video call.

Why use the genamet provider staff app?

  • The clinic does not need to maintain a clunky computer or laptop to access the Genamet Clinic Software. The clinic staff can simply complete an appointment booking request from their smart phone.
  • Clinic staff can simply book an appointment even out of clinic working hours. In other words the clinic staff can book appointments 24*7.
  • Patients who are not familiar with booking online appointments or do not have access to the internet can simply call the staff and book an appointment.
  • Staff can call patients whose calls have not been attended and book appointments. This cannot be easily accomplished in the case of landlines.
  • In case of emergencies, staff can book overlapping appointments. Appointments for multiple doctors and multiple locations can be booked by one staff member leading to financial gains.


  • Day, weekly and monthly view
  • Multiple doctors and multiple locations
  • Appointment bookings for all services
  • Reschedule and cancel appointments
  • Overlapping appointments
  • Patient person details and service
  • SMS and email confirmations
  • Appointment reminders and many more…..

The app allows the clinic staff to book appointments for patients anytime anywhere. It can be done outside clinic working hours and a single staff can book appointments across multiple doctors and multiple clinic locations.

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