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Electronic Health Records

You cannot deny that EHR systems are assuming an extremely important role in patient care among the healthcare community. One advantage is that they make it easy for medical staff to generate patient information in real-time. They are also secure enough to allow only authorized users access to medical health information. In the case of Genamet, we offer EHR software that is easy to use and navigate. As a result, we can help you achieve your ultimate goal of providing safe and effective patient care.

What are electronic health records?

Electronic health records are the digital form of a patient’s health information and medical history. To store and make full use of the data, your medical organization will need a reliable program. In this respect, Genamet offers electronic health record software that provides doctors with critical assistance. It is both intuitive and user-friendly which will enable users to personalize the solutions they need. In addition, the software is fully compliant with the current legal rules and regulations.

Providers who have used the Genamet EHR system love it because they can manage their patients’ health records efficiently, including:

  • Diagnoses
  • Medical histories
  • Medications and treatment plans
  • Immunization details
  • Any known allergies
  • Laboratory and test results
  • Radiology images

The electronic health records system also incorporates tools that can help doctors manage and improve patient care. In addition, the technology can automate and simplify a provider’s workflow.

Genamet’s EHR system enables authorized users to create and manage files, such as electronic medical records. Physicians can then share these health records with other providers and healthcare organizations. Genamet has customized its EHR system to deliver:

  • Speedy operations
  • User-friendly controls
  • Continuous customer support

As a medical provider, you will understand that healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace. For example, it is now possible to obtain appropriate medical treatment from an online service or an app. For this reason, Genamet will shortly release a healthcare app for patients to use in the near future.  

Software Features

Appointment booking and scheduling

With Genamet, healthcare providers will have an assistant that is available 24/7 to make appointments and plan schedules with patients. Moreover, the software will also keep patients’ electronic medical records secure. 

The Genamet system offers patients two easy appointment options: online or face-to-face. Once booked, both the provider and the patient will receive a confirmation email or SMS message. Users can then conveniently check the scheduled appointments on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Genamet’s EHR system also automatically updates your appointments on a variety of digital calendars, such as:

  • Google
  • iCloud
  • Outlook
  • Office365

As mentioned, the software enables providers to send customized email or SMS confirmations to their patients.

Clinics often have to manage the appointments of numerous providers in various locations. There may also be several physicians who treat patients in different areas and at varying times. Genamet provides you with suitable software that can carefully manage these bookings and schedules.

There are times when a patient finds it difficult to schedule an appointment in the traditional way. During busy days they may even waste precious time waiting to see a doctor in his or her clinic. Fortunately, the Genamet healthcare software can spare patients this long and perhaps fruitless ordeal. With the schedule calendar, users can check the available dates instantaneously. People will be able to see which doctors are available as well as check the open dates and times.

The software is convenient for booking appointments as there is no need to log in to the system. In addition, as patients can book their own appointments, they will no longer have to wait in line. The Genamet system will also allow patients to make payments online. Our software is a practice management system that is tailor-made for doctors and medical organizations.

EHR HIPAA-compliant

An electronic health record (EHR) is a classified document that should never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. This is what the Genamet system is all about; helping physicians provide high-quality medical care while ensuring that their patients’ electronic medical records are kept secure and confidential.

The Genamet EHR system enables clinics and providers to store their patients’ electronic health records in a secure place. This can include:

  • Appointment schedules
  • Patients’ medical histories
  • Diagnoses (ICD-10 codes)
  • Treatment plans
  • Drug information
  • Test results

It is essential that authorized physicians and staff have access to all these electronic medical and health records. Genamet software allows both secure and convenient access to authorized users.  Also, physicians can view all that information using a single device, such as a PC or a mobile phone.

Patient Portal

Genamet ensures that every electronic health record (EHR) is secured and confidential. This safeguard allows physicians and doctors to focus on providing comprehensive clinical care. We built our EHR systems in such a way that doctors can easily and securely access every detail of a patient’s medical record.

Meanwhile, Genamet’s software also provides patients with the necessary tools so they can assess and monitor their health. With more freedom and greater involvement, patients will feel assured that the providers are fully compliant with the current healthcare regulations. Other patient benefits include:

  • Safe access to all their electronic health records, such as consultations and medications
  • Appointments can be booked and scheduled with the provider of their choice
  • Convenient online payments
  • Invoices and receipts can be retrieved from their physicians or providers

Practice Management Software

The Genamet software makes it easy for clinics and providers to access essential information. To search the electronic health records (EHR), you only have to enter specific details, such as the patient:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Registration number

Genamet offers a healthcare software that supports the delivery of appropriate practice management, even in multiple locations and at any time. This is possible because every electronic medical record is stored in the cloud. This feature allows clinics and physicians to:

  • Streamline their data entry
  • Add favorites to their operations
  • Use shortcuts for commonly used drugs

One of the best features of our software is its ability to create and use templates. For example, doctors can create a template based on the specific requirements of their specialty. Our EHR system enables clinics to improve their operational efficiency and increase productivity.

We designed our software to simplify the processing and documentation of patient health records. This tool will make practice management much easier for doctors. Medical providers can access a patient’s electronic medical record using any device (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

Reports and analytics data

The Genamet software uses a dashboard that allows doctors and administrative staff to monitor and manage:

  • Patient information
  • Generation of patient health reports

The Genamet system is powered by an AI, thereby enabling the creation and analysis of real-time data. This will help clinics raise their administrative effectiveness and output.

The number of reports and details that the software generates provides the data necessary for medical organizations to operate efficiently. This means that physicians will obtain and apply critical information for enhancing their clinical practice. Meanwhile, medical organizations will have relevant data for improving their financial bottom line.

Clinics can consider the Genamet software an essential administrative tool that can assess a doctor’s performance; for example, their appointment and patient records, diagnoses, and drug/treatment plans are accessible online.

Online Web Presence

Patient healthcare has entered the digital age. People now have the option of seeing a doctor via telemedicine or teleconsultations.

Many people find physically going to clinics for consultation as an inconvenience and a hassle. Fortunately, digital meetings make the process much easier for both patients and physicians. 

Genamet believes that providing high-quality healthcare is a noble undertaking. This is the reason why we provide doctors and clinics with online tools to attract patients. Genamet can assist in this regard as we can help you build a positive online reputation with both current and prospective patients. We can provide you with a website that will outline the following details:

  • Medical organization name
  • Names of doctors
  • Clinical specialties
  • Locations served

Genamet’s website offer is a cost-effective way of optimizing your presence on the internet. It is also a good way of increasing the number of:

  • First-time patients
  • Retentions
  • Referrals


Genamet is available in four (3) pricing tiers:

Genamet Professional Plan

Professional Plan

₹1,200 per month

/Doctor/month billed monthly
  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Standard minisite
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited appointments/month
  • Drug-allergy-food interactions
  • Rs 1,200/month for every additional doctor
Genamet Professional Plan

Premium Plan

₹ 1,400 per month

/Doctor/month billed monthly
  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Minisite with multiple pages
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited appointments/month
  • Drug-allergy-food interactions
  • Rs 1,200/month for every additional doctor
Genamet Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan


  • More then 5 staff accounts
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unilmited sms
  • Unlimited appointments/month
  • Suitable for clinics with multiple doctors with different specialisations
  • New website design and development
  • Drug-allergy-food interactions

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