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Electronic Health Records

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is also known as Electronic Medical Record (EMR); healthcare professionals believe that the EHR is required to change the health system with a focus on enhancing quality as well as safety.

The EHR is synonymous with quality, effectiveness, and safety. It is an excellent system for physicians. Realizing the real benefits of EHR systems needs the transformation of health care practices through quality improvement procedures, methods, and collaborative patient care.

A significant advantage of Genamet is that it is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record System; using the system, doctors can optimize the patient experience while improving the effectiveness of their practice. A robust EHR system like Genamet supports doctors in spending quality time with their patients; physicians need not be concerned about their EHR's performance. Doctors will find it easy to navigate Genamet. The naturally dynamic system is intuitive, as well as user-friendly. A highly skilled doctor can optimize EHR efficiency. Over a period, as doctors get more familiar with Genamet, they can ensure a positive patient experience through customized EHR solutions. Using Genamet, doctors can make sure their practice complies with regulatory requirements.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Using Genamet's appointment booking and scheduling software, doctors can comfortably fill their schedules; the system provides online support to doctors. Genamet system has many bespoke features – trustworthy, simple, and quick assistance to doctors and patients throughout the appointment booking process.

Patients can enjoy a hassle-free experience while making online appointment bookings using the Genamet system. If needed, patients can also schedule an appointment by communicating with the staff at the clinic. Both doctors and patients will receive a confirmation through email or SMS on the scheduling of an appointment.

Through the Genamet system, doctors can automatically modify the existing calendar - Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office 365; doctors will not have any difficulty providing detailed confirmation through emails/SMS to patients.

Using Genamet, appointments management covering different areas and physicians is an effortless process; all it takes is a single click of the mouse for a patient to view the doctor's calendar.

With the help of Genamet, patients can instantly verify the availability of various doctors located in multiple areas; self-booking of patients' appointments is also feasible through the system. The Genamet system offers the online booking option to its patients; they can confirm appointments without logging into the system.

Salient Features of the Genamet Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

  • Multiple doctors can be accessed located in various areas
  • The system is HIPAA Compliant – ensuring patient data security
  • The system is straightforward to use (Even a doctor who is not tech-savvy can navigate it)
  • AI-powered system is known for boosting usability and efficiency
  • It is possible to send an immediate notification to physicians and patients

Teleconsultation and Video Consultation

At Genamet, Teleconsultation or Video Consultation is a priority given the extraordinary situation arising out of the pandemic. As a concept teleconsultation is not new. Doctors have been seeing patients remotely for a number of years. We also have doctors visiting patients residence to treat them. The earliest teleconsultations were the consultations that doctors provided to patients using landline telephones. The use of legacy video conferencing facility followed by the use of PC's / desktops was also

popular. This has now been replaced by the use of the ubiquitous mobile phone. The rapid spread of mobile phones, falling bandwidth rates and reliable internet have encouraged the use of video consultation using mobile phones. The rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has made teleconsultation even more important for both patients and doctors alike.

Teleconsultation allows patients to discuss their symptoms and medical issues with their healthcare provider. EMR's greatly facilitate the entire process of teleconsultation especially when doctors can monitor readings of patients remotely from the of the clinic to closely keep an eye on the patients condition. Patient care and education can be greatly improved. Teleconsultation does not mean that a patient will have to visit the doctor's clinic. It does make doctor consultation affordable and accessible for patients.


  • Can access doctors remotely.
  • Can connect to doctors even on a mobile phone.
  • Can reduce travel time, is convenient and reduces overall cost of treatment.
  • Can receive quality consultation without the need for physical travel.
  • Can minimize risk of infection.


  • Can practice outside clinic working timings.
  • Can minimise infections from patients.
  • Can save time and improve productivity.
  • Can provide advise to patients anywhere in the world.

Genamet offers a teleconsultation feature that in robust, secure, easy to use and is integrated with the EHR. SMS and email is sent to patients when they book a teleconsultation appointment. Patient can book appointment online for video consulting.

EHR HIPAA Complaint

With the Genamet EHR system, doctors can easily ensure the integrity of their medical records; physicians will not have any problem in protecting information confidentiality. A doctor's workload is usually high; to succeed in delivering compassionate patient care, doctors have to leverage an entire gamut of medical skills, maximize the EHR system productivity, and maintain correct data regarding a patient's health.

Time is of the essence for a doctor; the correlation between a doctor's availability and healthcare costs & patient-doctor relationship is a fact. The Genamet system's design considers the big picture and has a clear understanding of utilizing resources judiciously for critical medical necessity. The Genamet system helps doctors in committing their efforts towards comprehensive patient care.

Through the Genamet EHR system, doctors will not have any issue about storing various patient data at a specific place – treatment schedule, medication plan, patient confirmation schedule, ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, and any other accurate information about a patient. Monitoring all information is possible on a single screen.

Genamet's AI-powered complete suite of tools offers the requirements quickly and systematically. Doctors can scan and upload documents without facing any obstacle; physicians can use medical forms and templates for their practice on a need basis.

Using the Genamet system, doctors can help themselves in tagging forms and templates as favorites; finishing the entire documentation process can be done quickly. If doctors wish to, they can retrieve any patient data 24/7 across multiple areas using the Genamet software.

The dashboard is beneficial to the doctors; they can access clinical data on appointments, financial information, and drug data about any disease.

Salient Features of the Genamet EHR System

  • Setting up an efficient process for the clinic
  • The system is customized for the specific requirements of a doctor practicing in a clinic
  • Doctors can finish the documentation in no time
  • A dashboard with strong business-acumen

Patient Portal

Doctors can easily handle personal health records by using Genamet’s patient portal; physicians can achieve their goal of empowering patients to play a decisive role in their healthcare. The more patients are involved in their health, the higher will be compliance results. Using Genamet, patients can have easy access to medical appointments, medications, and examinations. With Genamet, the appointment booking process for patients is straightforward; making payments online and retrieving invoices/receipts through the system is secure. Genamet helps patients make relevant updates to their health condition, social & family history, and other information, resulting in better productivity for a doctor.

Doctors must continuously find ways to improve patient relationships. Existing medical information indicates that a reasonable patient journey leads to new business for a clinic. Again, growing retention and referral rates will assist a clinic in attracting new patients. At its core, Genamet is intuitive software; physicians can facilitate more patient engagement in the overall treatment process, which would lead to the positive patient experience. As patients get used to Genamet, they will display more concern in their overall health; quickly accessing medical records, prescriptions, invoices & receipts, and doctor summaries. Modifying any information related to history and demographics online is more accessible through Genamet.

The Genamet system also offers time-saving tools that have a significant bearing on a patient’s wellbeing. A key factor for an excellent patient-doctor relationship is trust; as patient engagement improves, their trust also increases. A patient’s overall health concern is not limited to the treatment plan but also with other aspects – consultation and diagnostic tests monitoring.

In the coming days, Genamet will be offering many other features - health alerts, patient identification, and communicating to them any appropriate information through email/SMS, preventive reminders, and immunization/vaccination alerts; this will result in effective patient outreach. Physicians can provide personalized content on every patient portal; the software enables patients to respond to questionnaires and monitor customized education.

Salient Features of the Genamet Patient Portal

  • Confirming new appointments will become easier for doctors
  • Doctors can handle all existing appointments precisely
  • Any information on forthcoming appointments can be viewed
  • It would be possible to make online payments for appointments through the system
  • The process of viewing and printing prescriptions, investigations, immunizations, and invoices & receipts is simpler
  • Information on allergy, contact information, social & family history can be modified

Practice Management Software

Genamet’s practice management software design is to help doctors identify patients through registration numbers, contact details, an individual's name, etc. Physicians can function from their clinic at any location at any time. Being cloud-based HIPAA compliant software, physicians will be able to significantly reduce the number of data entries, incorporate favorites, and lower clicks by selecting from a list of customarily used encounters, drugs, and templates.

With Genamet, patients will not face any difficulty making online appointment bookings; any clinic correspondence (email/SMS) with patients is also possible. Customization of schedules, availability, locations will be easier for doctors. Therefore, from a patient's viewpoint, the complete appointment booking process will be dynamic and user-friendly. The method of generating invoices and payment receipts by doctors is secure; patients can view and print them online. Alerts, to-do lists, and reminders support staff in improving workflow productivity.

The foundation of Genamet's design is the fact that each doctor's requirement is unique. It will be easy to customize Genamet for any specialty's distinctive needs. Genamet is an innovative system that streamlines the documentation process and supports patients in accessing data 24/7 across locations; physicians can make informed decisions by evaluating the current patient data.

Doctors can monitor clinical, financial, and appointments about data on a real-time basis, laying the foundation for productivity improvement, profitability increase, and excellent patient outcomes. The dashboard consists of features like search and drills down and financial & operational metrics.

Doctors will find the Genamet system useful to enhance patient visits, lessen operating costs, and deliver a positive patient experience. Genamet's staff portal addresses administrative personnel's requirements, allowing them to print receipts & invoices and prescriptions for the patients.

Salient Features of the Genamet Practice Management Software

  • Doctors will derive value from cloud-based HIPAA compliant software
  • Physicians can work from any location and at any time
  • Any schedule specific information can be accessed
  • The system supports online booking
  • Feasible to access invoices and payment receipts

Reports and Analytics Data

The objective of developing the Genamet dashboard is to enable physicians to access basic clinical, operational, and management performance parameters; the reporting features can create customized reports. Through AI, it is viable to access real-time data and generate personalized reports. Interpreting data enables doctors to deliver excellent patient care.

Doctors can make smart decisions using Genamet's broad spectrum of reports; viewing insightful data on the clinic's performance helps doctors improve clinical and financial results. A robust data analytics boosts patient care outcomes across the community other than those visiting the clinic.

Genamet's user interface is intuitive and straightforward to use, supporting doctors in creating reports about patients' wellbeing. Reports on appointments, diseases break-up, drugs use, collections, receivables, and patient demographics can be accessed as easily interpreted charts and graphs.

Genamet delivers doctor's performance reports to an owner; Reports about appointments, clinical and financial efficiency are available. The mailbox will receive reports at regular durations.

Online Web Presence

The healthcare domain is witnessing significant changes due to breakthroughs in telemedicine and digital technology. Patients are increasingly seeking online channels for their medical requirements. By maintaining an impactful online presence, doctors can bolster their clinic's value and ensure visits from new patients.

Listing clinics on an aggregator site does not always result in steering patient traffic. Often, aggregators charge exorbitant fees from physicians for any specific booked appointment. If the paid listings procedure gets terminated, patient visits to the clinic will fall.

Genamet's application solutions suite will support doctors in increasing their revenue through a strategic online presence for their clinic. Increasing retention and referrals is feasible if doctors can achieve cost-effective optimization of their Web presence.

Hospital Management

Genamet is planning to introduce a comprehensive hospital management system that would enable hospitals to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care.

App-based service delivery in healthcare

Genamet is working on an App-based health care service delivery, which would be available to its customers shortly.

If you are a forward-thinking doctor and want to encourage “Buy India”, then please do not waste any time. We are 100% Indian and have no Chinese investment. Call us to book a free demo to understand how Genamet’s Electronic Health Records help a clinic to deliver safer and high-quality patient care to society.

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