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Genamet Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Module for Practices and Clinics with attached Pharmacy

The Genamet Clinic and Practice Management Application is available with a Pharmacy Module to support doctors and practices with an attached Pharmacy. All the functional requirements of Practices/Clinics having their own in-house Pharmacy are easily met using this feature.

Advantages of the Genamet Integrated Pharmacy Module

Having an integrated EHR and Pharmacy Module has several advantages such as:

  • One stop solution for your clients and patients
  • Operations can be optimized with real time reporting
  • Manage multiple clinics and pharmacies centrally
  • Queue management and workflow management ensures no over-crowding and a pleasant experience for your patients
  • Secure application with patient privacy in place

Sales, Inventory Planning, Purchases and Receivables Management

The Pharmacy Module is seamlessly integrated with the EHR. Providers can easily access information on the drugs available in their Pharmacy in real-time. They can prescribe medication using the e-prescription feature which is available to the Practice’s Pharmacy. Since the EHR is integrated with the pharmacy module, doctors can direct patient e-prescriptions to the in-house Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy has the e-prescription available in their dashboard using which the Pharmacist can use to dispense medicines. Integration with multiple pharmacies, investigation labs in addition to e-pharmacies can be easily done. The entire process is seamless, convenient and eliminates manual errors. Patients can be served faster than ever before. Invoices can be directly generated from e-prescriptions. Orders are auto filled from the e-prescription. Both in-practice and walk-in sales invoicing is supported including returns. It is quick, simple and accurate.

Data on suppliers, purchase pricing information and supplier terms are easily maintained in the module. Purchase orders to suppliers can be easily generated along with payment information. Cash planning and management becomes much simpler. Data on medicines and drugs is easily available for Practices to manage their inventory better. Practices will get alerted when drug inventory becomes low so that they can be ordered on time. Emphasis is on minimizing lost sales opportunities due to non-availability of certain medicines and drugs. Strong focus on receivables management and aging of receivables ensures effective management of bad debts and write-offs.

Genamet is the solution of choice for Practices and Clinics needing an integrated EHR and Pharmacy solution. Why wait. Get in touch with us NOW!

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